1. Linc is terrified of Santa Claus. We tried twice this year and it was a full blown screaming nightmare both times. We did not even get close to having him stand by him, let alone sit on his lap.
2. He loves to sit and read books. I love listening to him retell the stories and hear what stood out to him. Sometimes he will "read" to Sophie and it about kills me.
3. He tends to be a little bossy right now. Holding Sophie's hand to make her come to me when I call her, or "shushing" his friends if they are too loud, he very willingly takes his time outs and also enforces Sophie's punishments. 
4. The boy has a big vocabulary and is signing like a champ. He knows all his colors, shapes, can count to five (almost ten except that darn seven!), has several sight words and loves to point out letters as we cruise around the Target.
5. My favorite thing is how much he sings right now. Every night we have to sing at least three songs and he has started to really pick them up. We also taught them Jingle Bells this week and it is awesome. 
6. Stomping. It is here and it doesn't seem to be going away. Whenever he is mad or frustrated or trying to command Soph to do something he stomps his foot at us. He makes me feel like I must be a really mean mom because he can stomp that foot and sound so harsh sometimes. So I am really working on my tone and trying to teach him to be kind.


1. Her little arms have started working together really well. For a long time her left arm would always be behind, or tense, or not stretched out, or just a little weaker. But now from her shoulder to wrist has really been doing well. Now to get those little fingers working for her!
2. Soph signs when she really wants something but she has been in a little bit of a stubborn rut not wanting to use her signs. We are super grateful for our teacher of the deaf that is making sign fun again and helping her get back to communicating.
3. She is OBSESSED with trains right now. Obviously, after I bought all of her gifts she decided it was a thing. Every time they earn a show she always wants to watch the Polar Express. She also raids the bookshelf and brings me all the Thomas the Tank engine books to read. 
4. Soph loves to rough house. All she wants to do is be flung around, held upside down. thrown onto a couch or be chased around the kitchen table. It terrifies me sometimes how fearless she is. When we were at the trampoline park she climbed up one of the platform to try and jump off into a big blow up blob thing. It is 10-12 feet off the ground and she was going full tilt to throw her little body off. I barely made the snatch in time!
5. Finally she decided to get into baby dolls. I bought her a cabbage patch last Christmas and she is just starting to play with it. I love watching her rock the baby and sign "milk" or sleep to it.
6. I think we have hit a record of eight days or so that she has not taken out her hearing aid. No panic attacks. No searching the car seats or couches or coat pockets. I'm grateful!


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