Weekend Update: Salem, Plymouth & Cape Cod

A few weekends ago we took advantage of the last of the good weather. Last minute we booked a hotel and decide to go check some places off of our "to see" list. This included Salem, Plymouth, and Cape Cod.

We started off with Dunkin Hot Coco (the BEST!) which is basically a rule in the Catts house as soon as October 1st hits. Salem has been one of the big items on my list. The drive was crazy beautiful, the leaves on the east coast kill me every year. Salem was so much fun. It was like being in the movie "Halloween Town", everyone was dressed up and the town spent like pumpkin spice. Even the houses in the surrounding neighborhoods of the tourist area had their houses spooked out.

The Salem Cemetery and the memorial for the women burnt as witches. Most people find this place a little creepy but I LOVED IT. My senior thesis was on Puritan women and this place spoke to me.


This ship was a replica of a 17th century boat. Linc loved it and was running full tilt around the place. Sophie on the other hand just wanted to jump off the side into the water. She made my heart drop a couple of times, she is a fast little bug. 

The House of the Seven Gables was so pretty! I'm sad we didn't get to .o the tour but it was over an hour wait just to start the tour and the littles were never going to hang out in line for that long. So we did a little wiki research and took a walk around the outside. Next time!

We spent all of Saturday morning and afternoon exploring Salem and then headed to Cape Cod. We didn't have any specific plans for the Cape, other than seeing than Ocean and eating clam chowder. But as we were leaving the hotel Sunday morning Danny picked up a lighthouse map and our new plan formed. Lighthouse chasing.

We started in Sandwich at our hotel and followed the south coast all the way up to Provincetown, catching several lighthouses (and a couple of windmills) on the way. Our first windmill was in Chatham and the kids had fallen asleep. So me and D snuck out of the car to stand on the sand and breath in the ocean air. There is something really amazing about the ocean in the fall when the air is cold. It was one of those moments that will be in my memory for a very long time.


Our last stop in the Cape was Province town. And it was our favorite. It was exactly what you would imagine Cape Cod to be. Beautiful beaches, long docks, lighthouses, colorful beach houses, white churches, sail boats, small shops, and fresh sea food. We had such a great time just wandering the streets and popping in and out of shops. We also stopped for lunch and got THE BEST clam chowder I have ever had, while Danny had a lobster roll. Delish. 

My MIL collects the most beautiful things on her world travels. She just picks things she loves whether they fit her house or her style or whatever. It is a method that rings true to me so in that same fashion I bought some gorgeous sea glass balls hanging in sailor knots. I have no idea where I will hang them but I know I will always love them and think of that morning on the beach with my little family.

Our last stop was in Plymouth, which I have been soooo excited to do since the moment we arrived in New York. And it did not disappoint. We only spent a few hours there but it was honestly so powerful to me. It really is an insane feeling to walk around the town where America started. I was overwhelmed. We stopped and saw Plymouth Rock, the Mayflower (Replica), and then walked around the central part of town where every building has a memorial or historical placer to tell the history of the town. 

Our last stop in Plymouth and our trip was to this church. It was so amazing. This was the first Christian church in America. This church was the very reason the Puritan's crossed the ocean in the first place. It made me feel very grateful and very small as we wandered around it and the graveyard on the hill behind it. You climb a steep set of stone steps to get to the top of the graveyard and it is beautiful. It has a beautiful view of the bay and was beautiful with the leaves all on fire.

The east coast in the fall will always have my heart. 

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