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1. Linc is my favorite alarm clock. Sophie likes to rap her little fists on the wooden door when she gets up in the morning, but Linc just roars when he is ready for me.
2. He has decided he only wants to potty on the :big potty" instead of his training potty. Good for when we are out and about, difficult for when we are at home because then both twins have to take a turn flushing. It requires a lot of supervision.
3. Singing! It kills me! Linc has started singing along to his favorite songs (IE Daniel Tiger, "Touch 'em All Kirby Pucket", his potty song, and Popcorn Tree) and it melts my heart.
4. Has discovered that pulling a grumpy face when we ask him for a happy face is pretty funny.
5. Can't close his eyes on command. This is maybe my favorite thing right now. The face he pulls when we ask him to "go to sleep" is hilarious. It's like he is trying to get his eyebrows to cover his eyes instead of his eyelids.
6. Big Hero 6 is currently his favorite movie and he asks for it the minute he wakes up from his nap.
7. Walks in to a room I'm sitting in and just says "Hi Mom" and walks back out. Just checking up on me I guess.
8. Has taken to "slimming" aka swimming all over the floors. He lays on his belly and strokes his arms while his feet propel him.


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1. Lost her hearing aid last weekend so her attention span has been a little off this week. But her signs are still coming along beautifully.
2. Has had a bit of a cold and has been a super snuggly babe this week, which makes for a happy mom.
3. Is always cold. She is a skinny, little thing so she is always layered up while Linc runs around in a t-shirt and underwear.
4. Has started undressing herself. I will leave the room with a fully clothed Sophie and when I come back she is 100% naked.
5. Loves to try on all her therapists shoes when they aren't looking. She also brings them their shoes when it's time to go, walks them to the door, and them stands at the glass door and waves to all her pumpkins before we can close it.
6. Loves the new Cinderella and gets so happy during the ball. She also chases her brother down to try and get him to dance with her.
7. Sophie loves to paint. She would be covered in paint at all times if I would allow it.

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