Potty Training

General Conference weekend was a stressful one. We decided to potty train the kids since we would be home all weekend, genius right? Oh, wait. That means every 20 minutes you have to go through the whole "potty" routine with stickers, treats, singing, timing, and cleaning up messes. Not the most conducive environment to hearing the words of the prophets. 

The first day Sophie did pretty good. She has a will of iron and by day two she was very much over doing what we wanted. I gave up on her mid-afternoon Monday. Linc had a rougher time the first day but continued to progress and today he is back fully clothed with no accidents! (We used the naked three day weekend approach.) Let's hope this holds up. I'm actually grateful for the way it worked out. I've been really stressed at the idea of trying to take the twins anywhere with both of them newly potty trained. So now I will be able to just focus and worry about Lincoln and then try again with Soph over Christmas break. I'm not worried about it and I figure it was a good introduction for her.

Potty Training is really a weird thing for me. I can't believe the kids are old enough to be in this stage of life but I REALLY can't believe that I am. Using words like "potty" and "pee pee" and singing "potty songs" makes me feel like a peppy Barney mom. They feel as foreign to me as Mandarin Chinese, they just don't feel right in my mouth. But we do what we have to, don't we?

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