Liberty Ridge Farms

We woke up Saturday ready for some fall festivities. Starting off the day with Dunkin Hot Coco and bagels, we made a stop at the library to return our books. Of course our old Subaru decided to die and leave us stranded. A friend came and picked us up and we made it home to our rental because our van is in the shop. Lucky us! So our festivities started off later than planned but we were committed and headed up to Liberty Ridge anyway.

Liberty Ridge was crazy beautiful! It was a lot bigger than I expected and the kids loved it. We went on a trolley ride, walked through the Bunny Town (a miniature wild west that bunnies live in), went down big canvas slides, played in the corn crib, picked pumpkins, made our way through the corn maze, and ate a half pound of farm fresh french fries. It was really fun day with the family and Liberty Ridge felt like October captured into one perfect space.

A few pics from the Iphone that are poor quality but favorites anyway!


I'm so glad we took the big camera so we got some good quality shot of the twins that move a mile a minute!

The kids went down these slides on their own but they are so fast I didn't dare even try to take a picture, but it was hilarious. Sophie sat up perfectly rigid with a huge grin, and Linc looked like he was competing in the luge. He was a little nervous.

Sophie lost her hearing aid on this trip! I'm so bummed. Her insurance covers one replacement but I was hoping to not have to use that up quite yet. She is usually really good about wearing it until the earpiece starts to get loose. The changing of ear pieces is a tough game because it takes about three weeks to get one back. I think we learned our lesson and will finally give in to the alligator clip and see if she will keep it on. 

This is Linc's favorite pose. For some reason he thinks he is being a puppy and starts panting. Maybe he thinks his hands are puppy ears?

I almost died when I realized Danny had never been in a corn maze! I spent most of my Jr.High life freezing my butt off in corn mazes while trying to act cool so I could walk by my crush and pretend I wasn't scared. The kids thought it was awesome and we only got lost once.

The kids were so happy to get to pick a pumpkin. We will be painting them for FHE tonight so wish us luck. Lincoln HATES when his hands are dirty and Soph wants to roll around in paint whenever we get it out. 

And again, I think hoe grateful I am to live in a world with Octobers!! The east coast leaves are going to be in my heart forever. 

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