Dear Daniel

My Dearest D,

You started Valentine's Day incredibly early shoveling mountains of snow so Sophie's therapists could make it to our front door. You bought me flowers in all my favorite shades of purple. You came home from school early so I could go on our date feeling more like a girlfriend and less like a tired mom. You held my hand and put another hand on the small of my back so I wouldn't fall on the black ice on the way into the restaurant. You let me talk your ear off all of dinner while I talked excitedly about my French lessons and painting tutorials. You smiled as I recapped books that have refueled me and talked for far too long about all the things I want for our future. You raced me over to the movies so I could watch a movie away from our couch, and then happily returned our tickets when my cold overwhelmed me and got a Redbox instead. You chased the waitress down in the closed restaurant next to the theater so we could take picture in the old-fashioned booth. You waited up to do the midnight feeding with Sophie so I could go to bed. And you stood in the dark afterwards looking at our sweet babes asleep in their cribs. And at the end of this beautiful night I laid awake thinking, "how is it I get to keep him forever?".

I continue to be blessed and surprised by you. As of late I feel so pushed to achieve more and make more of my time and my life. Your support to dream bigger and commit more to those dreams humbles me beyond words. February tends to be a gift-heavy month for me with my birthday and Valentine's Day being so close together and your thoughtfulness has been eye-opening. I've come away more determined to listen to your heart and put your needs before my own.

Thank you, sweet Valentine, for reminding me what devoted love looks like. 


St. Valentine

A week or so ago one of my best friends came over and we played photo shoot with the twins. She has a super nice camera and I wanted some Valentine pics to send to my mom. Here they are! Happy Valentine's Day, I hope everyone gets spoiled. I know I intend to (are you reading this Danny?)! 

^^^Soph's little hand on Linc's arm!!!!

^^^Only happy once he stole sister's headband


^^^ My personal favorite. Linc is celebrating his first Singles Awareness Day and is obviously not pleased about it



I turned 25 about a week ago. 

It was lovely. We celebrated, and ate yummy foods, and face-timed with my family at home, and I got some beautiful gifts. 

Actually, I got some really gorgeous, life-inspiring gifts. My husband is unbelievably kind and thoughtful and he not only makes me want to be better, he helps me find the path. One of my New Years resolutions was to work on my dreams. Babies are challenging and stretch you and make you better, but its easy to lose sight of those thing that make you - you. So I resolved to focus a little bit each week on those things that make me who I am and try to learn more about those things I've always dreamed about. 

One of the top things on that list is learning French. It seems silly. When am I going to use French? How realistic is that dream? What is the point? But D is always encouraging me and telling me that I'm allowed to dream as big as I want. So for my birthday he got me Rosette Stone. And I have been practicing French every morning since. I'm terrible but I love the way the words feel in my mouth. 

My in-laws (currently living in Saudi Arabia) sent me an Amazon gift card. It was actually a perfect gift and I spent almost the whole thing on a slew of hardback books I have been wanting for ages. But I also bought a watercolor set. I'm no painter but it is something I loved to do the handful of times I got around to it throughout my life. 

My 25 years have been amazing. I got my degree, I moved across the country, I found the love of my life, and had two gorgeous babies that fill my heart. And that doesn't even touch on all the amazing people and thousands of moments that have shaped my life. I couldn't be more blessed. And in all that time I guess I learned that joy comes in a million different packages. Sometimes it is in a book, sometimes it is in the hardest day of your life, sometimes it's at three in the morning when you are rocking a baby on the edge of sleep. But mostly, I think I learned that joy is worth the wait and worth the work. 


Paul Revere

Oh, Boston!

I got D tickets to see Jim Gaffigan in Boston for his birthday in December. I bought the tickets in early November and it was incredibly hard to keep secret. Boston has been a big one on my bucket list. Like, taking up at least ten spots on my bucket list big.
D and I left around one in the afternoon and took a gorgeous two and a half hour drive into Boston. I love driving in New England. Everywhere you go there are beautiful woods and "kills" and the fog! I'm in love with all the fog and moss here. There is fog on the river almost every morning and this winter it has been lasting through the day. During our drive the woods were filled with it. 

We made it to the North End of Boston where Little Italy is around five. We spent our first moments out on a dock looking out at the harbor. It was a big rainy but I loved it instantly.

^^^^ The fog! It was stinkin' thick that night.

^^^ We didn't get to do much of the Freedom Trail. Just a bit in Little Italy where Paul Revere's house is but unfortunately it was closed that day. You win some you lose some. I can't wait to go back in the spring and do all of the trail. 

^^^Little Italy in the rain is maybe one of the most beautiful things ever.

^^^ The birthday boy!

^^^ Mike's Pastry. Do it. D was in heaven. We maybe bought way too many desserts. And I found my favorite tiramisu thus far. 

^^^ The Wilbur Theatre was so beautiful and located in the center of Chine Town. We stopped off for some Chinese (because, why not?) before we left and I cannot wait to make it back. Jim Gaffigan was so hilarious, he did not disappoint. It was so fun to get out and do something besides a movie.

I don't know what it was about Boston but I was completely in love. I enjoyed NYC and there is obviously so much to see there but I would take Boston every, single time. I love the red brick, I love the harbor, I love the fog, I loved Little Italy, I loved China Town, I LOVE the history everywhere. I sincerely hope D and I get to live in Boston for at least a few years of our life. It is beyond beautiful. 


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