Five Months

The littles turn five months old tomorrow. I don't think time has ever passed so quickly. 

The first month was a level of exhaustion I had never experienced and honestly caught me of guard. The second month was spent in a state of shock and despair as my future was entirely redefined. The third month hope slowly reappeared and gently coaxed me into day to day living again. The fourth month routines set in and for the first time I felt as if I could handle being a mother. 

The fifth month. Oh, the fifth month! The past 30 days have been full of so much joy. My littles personalities have become more and more apparent. Sophie does these great belly laughs that radiate out to her toes. The girl is always smiling and always laughing. Linc is completely taken with the world, he would sit and stare out the windows for hours if his sister would let him. The twin communication has officially begun and I adore how much they love each other.

In the past five month I have learned so much. I have learned so much about trials. And those trials have taught me so much about faith, about myself, about my marriage, about what family really means, what unconditional love means, but maybe most of all it has taught me about empathy.

Brene Brown (whom I have written about here and here.) who constantly makes me rethink my life and the way I approach it, explains the difference between sympathy and empathy so beautifully. This two minute cartoon to one of her TED talks is so perfect! And because I could not say it better than Brene, I will just share the video instead. 

What I will say is that for all the sympathy we have received (which I understand people just don't know what to say when they learn about Sophie) the interactions of Christlike empathy has moved me so much. So many generous people have been so willing to share their tender hearts, their heartaches, their tears, to get down in that hole with us and just say "this is really hard".

In the Book of Mormon the people that wish to be called God's people are told to mourn with those who mourn and comfort those who stand in need of comfort. And all I can say is that in the end that is what empathy is, and I have met many of God's children these past five months.


Four Months

The babes are just over four months old. I can't believe how time flies! We head to Utah in just three days for Christmas break (D follows us a week and a half later). It feels like we just got off the plane from Utah with tiny, little babies in our arms that ate all the time and never slept. But it also feels like we have been here much longer than just three months. 

New York feels like home. I love it here. I love this yellow house and the way the wood floors creak. I love skipping steps on the way downstairs so I don't wake up the babies. I love flipping on the fireplace and letting the brick surrounding it warm up my toes in the morning. I love the reflection of the Christmas tree in the pane-glass doors of the living room. I love the deep chime of the brass pipes that act as our doorbell. But most of all I love the little section of the living room where the babies grow and play.

The month of November has been so much fun with the babies! Their personalities continue to become more defined and as they develop more skills play time becomes more and more fun. 

(the closest we have ever come to two smiling babies! But always fuzzzz)

Four Months Old

Sophie had her first laugh in October but in November it really took off. Now you can get her rolling with laughter for several minutes at a time and it just about kills me. Sometimes I will be cleaning the house and Soph will just be laying on her play mat and suddenly she just starts to laugh. She is such a happy baby. Lincoln will laugh for us but you really have to work for it. He will grin and grin and be on the verge of laughter but he hasn't quite decided to just go for it. I adore that boy. Linc has the most expressive eyes, they just illuminate when he is happy (which is most of the time because he is such a chill little guy). 

Both babies spend a lot of time rolling on their sides but neither of them has made the full turn yet. It is neck in neck for who will roll first (my money is on Linc, he tends to be ahead in physical activity and behin in vocal). But both of them wiggle all over the place. You put them on the mat and two minutes later they will be across the floor in a totally new direction. I love it when they wiggle and block each other. They get trapped in and just kick and head butt each other until they finally get too frustrated and yell for me to come move one out of the way. 

They are also becoming much more aware of each other. Sometimes we sit them up and just let them stare at each other. Sophie will usually laugh when she sees Linc and Linc either gets a huge smile on his face or gets really serious and just stares at her for a really long time. I'm starting to recognize that bond between them and I'm excited to watch it grow.

Both the babies are really good at sitting up by themselves (you have to keep your hands close because they get tired and just fall over). Linc has also started reaching out for toys and bringing them back to him when he is on his belly. I love this because now he tolerates tummy time so much better now. The boy always wants something in his mouth and he doesn't care if it is a toy or just his fingers. So if you want him to practice picking things up you have to really get his attention to coax whatever it is out of his mouth. Linc loves to stare at peoples faces. He will give them big smiles but he is slow to coo or chatter very much. He is definitely shy and content to just listen to his sister gab away. 

Sophie has started opening up her hands a lot more and grabbing on to toys and bringing them to her mouth. This is a big improvement and largely attributed to her awesome physical therapist. Soph has too much tone (her muscles are always somewhat contracted) so we are working on getting her loosened up. But her hands are opening up and she is even holding two toys at once for extended periods of time. The blue maracas are her favorite. Sophie is a little chatter box. She will talk to everyone and she loves to coo and gab, especially when people talk back to her. Sophie has also discovered her best friend in herself. That girl looooves a mirror. She spends a lot of her time just talking to herself and laughing. They have a great time together. 

Both babes are still doing great sleeping through the nights and they both take three naps a day (an hour to two hours at a time). Linc eates eight ounces of formula plus rice cereal four times a day. Sophie is not as great of an eater and she eats 3-6 ounces five times a day. Both the babes are really healthy and happy and both are on their own growth curves and gaining properly.

 weight: 11 lbs. 10 oz. height: 24 inches 

weight: 14 lbs. 9 oz. height: 25.5 inches

(that little half smile he does is my favorite thing ever)


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