Wednesday Babies

Happy 24th of July! I hope everyone spends the day at parades, BBQs and fireworks because that is what our ancestors would have done...

I, on the other hand, will be spending the day drinking caster oil and jumping on the trampoline. These babies have got to go. My dream is to go into labor tomorrow morning or preferably have my test results come back weird and have Dr.Cardona call in the morning for my C-Section.

I went in for my routine visit with Dr.Cardona on Tuesday and had really high blood pressure. Thus I got sent over to Labor & Delivery. I spent about an hour and a half getting monitored, poked with needles and worst of all cotton swabs (if you've don this you know.what.I.mean.OUCH.). The babies looked super healthy, kicking around with plenty of fluid and great heart rates but mama is going down hill quickly. We get the test results back tomorrow but they are already telling me I'm preeclamptic so now we are just finding out how severe and if we need to take the babies or not. At the very least they have decided that August 3rd is the longest they will let me carry the twins.

I hope we do. I hope we don't. We are in such a weird place with timing in all of this that it is hard to keep perspective. D and I could not have sat down and planned this whole thing any worse. August 3rd is literally the day he should be driving to New York for Med School orientation. Boo. Luckily, Albany Med has been so great working with us so it sounds like he will be okay to miss most of orientation if it comes to that. But it does make me feel sad for D to miss out on such a huge experience and not having the time to get ready and calm before med school starts.

Selfishly, I want the babes to come tomorrow because I am terrified of having a C-Section. I was hoping the littles would turn but it is not going to happen. All things medical make me nervous so I  really don't see me laying on a table calmly as they cut my insides open. Especially if D is not there. Not happening. I mean I want to be awake to meet my sweet babies but they will most definitely have to strap me down and possibly tranquilize me. Deeeeeep breath.

Anyway, I will be keeping my fingers crossed that the twins feel healthy and ready to make their grand debut tomorrow or the next day! We are finishing a few things today (like packing hospital bags....we are on top of this parenting thing) and then we will be ready for whatever comes.

Last call for hospital packing recommendations or C-Section recovery advice!


Deb Cope

I have been pretty terrible at documenting this pregnancy. I think there has just been sooo much going on that I never find the time to get ready, take a picture, and blog about every week of changes. Wish I had but it is what it is. Anyway, my sweet cousin Deb asked me to do a maternity shoot a few weeks back. I have been pretty hesitant because I feel huge like whale that swallowed a house (and that is just talking about my ankles). I was walking out of Costco the other day and looked down and saw my shadow and I about fell over. I cannot believe how HUGE I am. HUGE! Like it startles me every time I see myself in profile. But Danny convinced me I would be really happy in ten years to have pictures documenting my twin pregnancy. 

Anyway, Deb was so cute and let the whole thing be very natural interactions between D and I. She takes beautiful pictures and I'm super glad we did them (and it hasn't even been ten years!). Here are just a few favs from the shoot.

You can check out Deb's photography here.


Dear Monday

Dear Monday, today you feel a lot like a real Monday. The kind I used to dread in school before going to bed on Sunday night. That overwhelming feeling of the week swallowing me whole, paralyzing me and making me even less productive when I clearly need to increase my productivity.

Dear Lists, you keep me sane. I find you in my purses, between the console and the seat in the car, in my nightstand drawers, in the babies crib, on the floor of my closet. This summer you are never ending.

Dear Babies, it would seriously help a mother out if you could give me a hint as to your due date.

Dear October, I sincerely cannot wait to see you. Not only is fall my favorite season and the cooler weather will be welcome but I'm sure my life will be less stressful. I can't wait for normalcy to creep into my life yet again. I spent much of last year complaining that I was at our apartment all the time with nothing to do and now it seems I have everything to do and little capability of doing it.

Dear Lady, your birthing class was a horrible experience and I hope you are nicer to the next group you have. I get you are down on C-Sections but guess what?! Not optional. So be nicer.

Dear Dieter, (you always get the last letter) thank you for your never ending patience. You are my calming presence and continued peace. I don't even know what the world was before you. 


Joyce & Carole

We got a house! I am so excited. And relieved. And about ten times happier than a was a few days ago. 

The last minute switch to New York has been crazy stressful. I had found a house in Arizona, bought furniture and was knee deep in furniture makeovers (coming soon!) when we found out we would be going to the opposite side of the country. I spent weeks online looking up properties and trying to re-figure our budget. New York real estate is not nearly as budget friendly as Arizona. In Arizona I was like "Wow, for the first time in our marriage I might be able to justify buying new clothes". Looks like that is not happening anytime soon. But mostly it was just stressful trying to find a good area, near the school, space for kids and visitors without breaking the bank. The majority of places we found we tinsy, tinsy, tiny and I was having a bit of a meltdown. 

Danny ended up flying out to New York with his madre just after the 4th of July to find us a house. The very first house he looked at was not only perfect but a total anomaly, so much cheaper than it should have been! I fell totally in love with it. A dutch colonial, hard wood floors, french doors, three beds plus a den, one and a half baths, full kitchen, gorgeous molding, right by a park, great area and ward, and only a 20 minute drive to the school. There were also a few other couples looking that day and it was a giant race to get contracts signed.

D looked at a ton of other options and he found a few others that were good options but a little pricier and not nearly as beautiful. I tend to get my heart set on things right away and that makes for a very nervous husband. I had just spent the 4th of July in Labor & Delivery and the stress of finding a house was making everyone around me pretty nervous. So lucky to have sweet in-laws that help out these poor med students. I was so happy D got to spend so much time with his mom before she moves to Saudi Arabia in August. 

Anyway, long story short: we got the house on Tuesday and finished contracts this morning. (After working at the FDL for a few years, I'm pretty specific about what I'm willing to sign so of course I made them change things which was a whole different stressful process.)

Welcome Home Catts Family!

I'm so excited to get over to Albany and put the house together. Its been a little stressful living out of boxes and packing up and trying to make my parents spare bedroom into our entire living space plus nursery. I'm missing the whole "nesting" bit but spending time on furniture and starting on baby prep has helped. 

On a side note, this house is actually in the city of Troy. Fun fact, Troy is the burial place of Uncle Sam thus there are Uncle Sam statues all over the city. Be still my little American heart!


Dear Monday

Dear Monday, I'm starting to love you because you just keep happening to bring me my husband.

Dear Albany, I'm getting excited to meet you. Danny had a lovely time with you this weekend exploring, stumbling on to park theater and trying out new places to eat. You also offer me Panera which is nothing to sniff at.

Dear Brene, I finally ordered your new book yesterday. I cannot wait.

Dear Realtors, pretty, pretty, pretty please let us have the house! I adore it and will be a heartbroken mama if we have to take the second house. Let my colonial, hard wood floors, French door dreams come true!

Dear Sophie, I love you and I always will- but if you could give my ribs like half an inch I would really appreciate it.

Dear Linc, I'm sorry I always call you "stink" but that is just who your mother is. You'll get used to it.

Dear D, lets stay up all night, go to the drive-in, eat Oreos for breakfast and do as many childish things possible in the next week before our babes get here. Let's close this little married chapter of our life in celebration.


Nurse Janna

I love the 4th of July! I love Christmas and Halloween but the 4th has a very special place in my heart. 

D and I went on our very first date on the 4th of July. We met at EFY earlier that week, then spent Saturday morning at a friends making breakfast and met back up with our EFY pals for dinner and fireworks that night. I remember when we were walking to the park D put his hand on the small of my back and switched to the roadside of the walkway. It's a thousand of those small things. After fireworks we lit sparklers at the Riv and laid on the grass and talked for two hours laughing and spilling our guts until the sprinklers came on. He didn't kiss me that night and I was really bugged about it. I guess he has always had higher standards than me! But most importnatly, D read me the Declaration of Independence 

This 4th of July was much different than our first Independence Day spent together but it was special in its own way. We slept in and skipped the parades because I can only be outside in the dun for about ten seconds before I feel like I'm going to puke. But we went to my aunt's pool for the afternoon and it was pure heaven. Just getting the weight of my GIANT belly off my sore muscles was the best thing ever. Then we met up with my two best friends and their husbands for dinner at Red Robin. There hasn't been a 4th of July for ten years that I haven't seen my besties. I love that we all make the time and at least do dinner together (too bad I never remember to take a picture!). We headed back to my parents house since I was dying of heat and not feeling great. 

I guess the back story to this is that I really hadn't been sure that I had felt Lincoln move all day. A few times I was thinking maybe he moved but by the time we got home from dinner I was starting to panic. Linc usually moves like craaaazy and Sophie only wiggles a little in the morning and at night. Linc sits super low and Sophie sits really, really high so their movements are very distinct. Anyway, I started panicking so I called the on call doctor and she sent me up to Labor & Delivery. We ended up being there for almost two hours. I was having contractions (according to the machines but I wasn't feeling much of it) so I had to take some meds to slow them down. They also ran a test to see if I would need to get steroid injections and thankfully that one came back negative. I'm still testing negative for preeclampsia which is great and the babies heartbeats were wonderful. I feel like a crazy mom that goes into L&D too much but I guess it is better safe than sorry. 

 Early in the day. I. AM. HUGE.

We missed the fireworks but we had fun talking about the babies and watching their little hearts beat together. It is crazy that D and I only have a few weeks (?) of just me and him time. I'm beyond excited (and nervous) for our little to show up but it is also the close of a chapter of my life I will always adore. A chapter full of late nights, themed dates, small apartments, lots of cereal, three a day movie Saturdays and a whole lot joy. We have been so lucky and so blessed. 

I met my D four years ago and was completely twitter-patted and nervous the whole night.  And now I spend my time in L&D completely nervous and twitter-patted over my twins. It is nights like those that I'm overwhelmed with gratitude that I married such a patient and loving and calming and hilarious man. I could not have a more perfect match.


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