Wednesday Babies

Welp, time for an update.
A week ago I went in to maternal fetal medicine for my non-stress test. I do these once a week now and I sort of love them. If you haven't done one, they are a new kind of fun for interacting with babies. They strap sensors around your belly to monitor the babies heart rates and your contractions. Then you just sit and watch their little hearts race for 20-30 minutes and make sure they have a high reading and everything looks good.
To set the monitors we did a quick ultrasound to make sure we knew where their little hearts were. During the ultrasound Lincoln cranked his leg back and booted Sophie right in the head. I'm glad to know they love each other already. Stinkin' Lincoln (his nickname that D haaates) was pretty active during the stress test, he had great readings and plenty of high moments to pass the test. Sophie's, my chill child, heart rate looked goes but she didn't have enough spikes so they had to help her out. They but this little buzzer on my stomach where Soph's head is and it vibrates and makes a pretty low noise. It scared her quite a bit and she seemed unhappy for quite a while after that. But it did get her heart rate up and she passed the test with flying colors.
They also noticed my blood pressure was too high. I'm very consistent at having great blood pressure readings so that made me a little worried. I have also had super swollen fingers and a few days before that my face had started swelling at night and would take a few hours to calm down in the morning. These can all be signs of preeclampsia, which really freaked me out. I'm stubborn and pretty determined to wait until July 20th to have babies, because they are my first children and I still tell myself I have control over things. Anyway, they did some tests and everything else looked normal so I didn't get diagnosed but they told me to track my blood pressure everyday and call the doctor if the bottom number got over 90.
The next day I was feeling pretty crappy/lazy so I laid around most of the day. In the evening I took my blood pressure and it was well over 90. I'm not a nurse and I didn't know if our at home machine was accurate or not, so I took the test about 50 more times to make sure it was high. I really don't want to be the idiot that goes to Labor & Delivery over every little thing but it made me nervous so I called the on call doc. Due to a few other symptoms he told me if I was over 90 I needed to go to L&D. I still didn't want to go to the hospital so my madre called a couple friends in the ward that are nurses to come check my blood pressure. (Mom then continued to freak out because she is in Denver with my dad and D is still in Alabama.) They came over and confirmed that I was way over 90 and did, in fact, need to go to the hospital.
Luckily, my siblings are cool and they took me up to the hospital. On the way we realized that if it took a few hours we could get breakfast and midnight and that cheered this pregnant lady up quite a bit.
Long story short, L&D kept me for an hour and a half or so and basically just did a really long stress test and waited for my blood pressure to come down. The monitor revealed some contractions that were more than mild but I couldn't feel them so I guess we don't worry about them. I'm becoming convinced that I am an idiot and until they cut me open I won't realize it is time to have babies. I seriously don't know anything about pregnancy, I was too scared to read the books and now I'm the fool running around like "Oh...it's not normal for my face to be gigantic in the morning...interesting...". Anyway, the nurse seemed a little nervous about my blood pressure so she called Dr.Cardona but once we got my test results back and everything was normal they released me. Dr.Cardona had me in the next day for an ultrasound and babies looked great. I'm still not diagnosed with preeclampsia since all my protein tests come back normal, so we will just wait and see what happens over the next few weeks.
So there is my very long and somewhat boring update. Nothing special. But basically, all is well, the babes are healthy and moving constantly and I am still feeling pretty good and gigantic.
Sidenote: I don't think I have said this directly: if you live in Ogden you need to go to Dr.Cardona for all OB purposes. If you have a doctor already, switch. Seriously, I'm obsessed with her. She is by far my favorite doctor of all time. I had a different OB at first and I really, really, really liked him until I met Dr.Cardona and realized how awesome a doctor could actually be. She is the shiz. I'm pretty traumatized already at the thought of having a different doctor for my next pregnancies...if I ever decide to have more children after twins.


Dear Future Pregnant Self

Welp, I'm like suuuuper pregnant folks! Almost 33 weeks, which is just three weeks from full-term for twins. I feel like I have at least doubled in size in the last three weeks since D has been away. I legit can't see my feet, shave my legs, or sit up by myself. It's awesome. I feel like I have been pretty awful at documenting this pregnancy so I'm going to try to make up a little for it in the end with a few annoying, self indulgent posts. Mostly to remind my future self of things that I shouldn't freak out over. 

Dear Future Pregnant Self,

Be grateful and thankful your first trimester. Food sounds terrible but it is very rare that you will feel sick and you probably won't ever puke. Normally fruit is just ok, but pregnant you freaking loooooves all fruit. Stalk up on those little cups of pears and plan on buying a bag of grapes every few days....or just everyday. 

Turkey. Sandwiches are a major craving mostly because greasy food and meat heavy food sounds nasty. Don't be afraid of turkey. Dr.Cardona reminds you that as long as it is fresh and from a trustworthy site it's totally ok. She ate sushi her whole pregnancy! Eat. it up. Also, you love Diet Coke. I hope future self, you have broken the addiction because it is probably just not healthy in general, but if it is still going strong I have a word on it. Slow your flow but don't worry about going cold turkey. Ignore the self righteous mothers around you, it is your pregnancy and both doctors you went to said there is seriously NO research proving anything about it. Don't be tired and miserable because people are judgmental. You will slowly calm the habit and it will really, really make you happier energy wise and help with the bloating.

You may spot before week twelve. Don't freak. You are a-okay and it is super common. Most of your friends and sisters didn't experience it, but you do so don't sob everyday like you did last time. 

Second trimester is heaven. Food starts to be delicious again and you didn't have any food aversions. The biggest change is you get  lots of your energy back. Plan your projects for the second trimester. Seriously, the SECOND. Don't wait for the third because you disintegrate real quick. 

You are going to get craaazy-A heartburn very early on. Don't torture yourself. Don't try to figure out what your eating that is causing it, I will tell you: everything. Just take a stupid antacid an hour before you go to bed and all will be well (until you are almost done with the third trimester...then there is no cure that has been found yet). 

Third trimester. The biggest complaint is how many naps you require and how freeeeaking hot it is all the time. You will always be 20 degrees hotter than everyone else. Put a fan in the bedroom and take those little plastic ice things that you freeze to church with you (it is the only way you are sitting through a sacrament meeting). Also, your fingers will start to swell like a mother. They will hurt really, really badly at night at in the mornings and later on even in the afternoons but just keep them moving and drink lots of water. 

I think one of the biggest factors you have to worry about for your pregnancy is finding a good doctor. Dr.Cardona is the best. Lets try to get over that now. If you aren't in Utah and you have to go to someone else just realize you won't like them as much as her. She was awesome and amazing and you were lucky to have her for your first pregnancy and especially twins. Find someone good that you trust but don't change doctors a million times because you simply won't find Dr.Cardona on the east coast.

I really don't know how different a singleton pregnancy will be from a twin pregnancy but your pregnancy was awesome and for the most part super easy and enjoyable. Yes, the stretch marks and heartburn stink but you have it soooo much easier than a lot of other moms. Be grateful. And be grateful you married such a great guy that spoils you rotten.

I don't know if you will be in New York or somewhere else in the country next time you are pregnant but you should call your mom and little sister and tell them how much you miss them. They saved your bacon the entire pregnancy and I'm sure it will be just a little bitter crappier not having them around for the second time. 

Mostly, just remember to get pictures, write the silly things down (like Lincoln always kicking Sophie in the head during ultrasounds or how babies get mad when you lay on your belly) and enjoy pregnancy because it is sincerely amazing.

Good Luck!


Wednesday Babies

June 12th is kinda a big day for us. At least it feels that way.

June 12th marks the halfway point of boot camp! Yahooo! I have survived 50% and have only 15 days to go! While it sucks to have D away and missing stuff with the babies, I also think its been good for us both. It's amazing how much he has grown and learned in just two weeks. I think it has also been a good warm up for me. D will leave for med school a month before I head to New York and then, well, he will be in med school. Things are going to be crazy different but this month is helping me believe I will actually survive it. 

June 12th also marks the two month countdown to my due date. With twins this means I could have babies as soon as three weeks...whhhhaaaaaat!? Where did the time go? I told my doctor to plan on July 30th for my due date but we will see how obedient my children are.

Speaking of my cute babes, I had two appointments this week. Lincoln weighed in at 2 lbs 14 oz. (50th% for twins) and Sophie was 2lbs. 11 oz. (42%). Both heart rates were great but the little butts are always hiding their faces. We were going to try a 4D image but unless they get more cooperative that isn't going to happen. Stubborn like their mom as Danny says. Starting next week I begin weekly stress tests at the hospitals and start seeing my doctors every two weeks. It is crazy how time just keeps speeding up when all I want it for it to slow down. 

I'm still knee deep in furniture projects and then I will move on to repacking/condensing all of me and D's stuff before we move. Moving across the country means we really need to only keep what we need...gooo. I'm somewhat of a packrat so we will see how it goes.

Life is crazy. Life is crazy busy. But life is also crazy exciting and I can't wait to meet my sweet babies!


Martha Stewart

While D is away I'm getting ready for the big move across the country while I can still move. I don't know which is worse: the giant belly always in my way (I hit it with doors 24/7 and can't reach the ground well any more or the killllllller heartburn at night. Seriously, I had no idea heartburn could be so painful!). I'm lucky my mother is so amazing and always has a vision for pieces I would never consider. Basically, I make a list of what I have and what I need and she finds a way to make it happen and a way to make it stunning.

Anyway, I may or may not have bitten off more than I can chew...only time will tell. I should have taken "before" pictures of everything put together but these give the general idea. On the list thus far:

- Bookcase makeover

- Master bedroom dresser/mirror, nightstands and case of drawers

- Transforming an old dresser into a media center

- Making this old brass headboard amazing!

- Turning a coffee table into an ottoman (the fabric is GOR-GEOUS!) and fixing up the matching end table

- Reupholstering an old chair Danny got for free at his work. The chair is the really scary project and I'm feeling very intimidated. Luckily, I found fabric I like at Hancock's off the scraps pile so it was only $6 a yard. So if we totally jack it up it only cost about $20 bucks anyway.

My poor mother. Martha has nothing on her.


Donald D. Pritchett

Life just keeps getting crazier.

Danny left for Alabama a week ago. It was a rough first week but he think he will really end up loving being a part of the Air Force. I only get to talk to him for about 10-20 minutes a day which is hard but I'm coping with it. 

Anyway, remember how we went down to Arizona the last week-ish  to find a place to live for med school? Ya, it was great. We had so much fun with my parents and we found the perfect house and the reality of moving started to scare me a little less. All we needed was confirmation that our application had been approved for the house.

Thursday, I got a call letting me know we had been approved and had three days to finish all the paper work and send a deposit and the house was ours. And then suddenly, I felt sick about the house. Was it the right one? Should we be closer to the school? Are we rushing into this decision? I kept rereading the contract but I just couldn't bring myself to sign them. 

The next morning Danny got an email from Albany Medical College letting him know he had been accepted into their Freshman class.

Bring on tears and terror. Danny is a thousand miles away, wouldn't see the email until that night and I know we would have a total of 30 minutes over the course of three days to make the decision. The contract for the house in Arizona and the acceptance letter for New York were both due Sunday night. I spent the day researching everything I could about the school, the city, housing, crime, etc. and spent a good majority of the day freaking out to my sweet and very patient mother. My mom also happened to visit teach one of her ladies, who happens to have a nephew in Albany doing his residency so I got his information and then called and quizzed him. I'm so grateful for the church and the connections all over the world, it brought so much peace to get to talk with him all about Albany.

Anyway, Danny called and the conversation went something like: 
"Hey Ba-"
"Wait, what?"

And then we spent eight of our ten minutes freaking out and being excited and being confused. During the last two minutes we decided to second Saturday praying about it and just really weighing the two options. I'm grateful to be married to a man that stays calm in these situations and immediately reminds me to turn to my Heavenly Father. So we spent Saturday doing just that and then later that evening when D finally called, it was an easy decision.

We are moving to New York. We are moving to New York in August with two brand new babies. We will find a house, somehow, all the way across the country. Then find a way to move all of our stuff all the way across the country. 

Life just gets crazier. But we are so excited to start this adventure! D loved Albany when he visited and I have dreamed of living on the east coast. So ready, or most certainly not, here we come!


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