At one point in my life I was very independent. My Utah State years were liberating and a period of time where I loved solitude. I loved being with roommates and going to activities and all that jazz, but I sincerely came to love the time I spent alone on campus throughout the day. I stopped needing constant companionship and enjoyed long, interrupted chains of thought. Most the time I ate lunch alone out on the quad or made excuses to duck out on people so I could take the long way home. I loved my independence. 

Now, in three days time I have discovered how completely dependent I have become these past three (four-ish) years. And dependent in a way I never knew was possible. It's probably not totally healthy but I think it also makes sense. A husband is something, I guess someone, that almost stops being a someone else and instead becomes an integral part of your very person. I have a best friend and she has been my very best friend since I was young. I adore her, love her, need her, yadda yadda yadda....but seriously. But (and she won't be offended by this because she feels the same way) a husband is a best friend in all the best ways plus a thousand other roles that become hard to distinguish what is you and what is him. 

Maybe I'm the only one that feels this way but being separated makes me realize how utterly dependent I have become on D. For the small things, like laughing at my jokes or rolling our eyes at the same things or always wanting the same fast food. But I mostly miss him for the big things, like feeling safe all the time, feeling like things will work out during this crazy summer and especially about getting excited about the twins. And I realize this separation is only 27 more days (hooray!) and is probably really good for me but I echo Kirby in wanting to be "independent together". I hate being independent all on my own. 

Because in three days I have become absolutely certain that I love my husband more than any other wife loves their husband. But I'm also thankful to know so many of my own family and friends that feel the exact same way. (Even though they are mistaken.)


Cadet Kelly

Danny left for Officer training down in Alabama late last night. It's been less than 24 hours and I feel pathetic how many times I've totally lost it. 

I hope they are teaching him skills like this but I think it will be something about Air Force procedure and boring stuff like that. 

Good news is that on his redeye flight there were a handful of guys from Utah that he seemed to like. It makes me feel more calm, like he is not down there all on his own. I think I should stop expecting the military to be like Hollywood's version. Can't wait to find out more!

29 days to go (almost). 

Until then, my goal is to get out of bed everyday but I make no promises. 


Amy Meyer

I've been so consumed with baby prep these last two weeks that I am far behind on my posts, so forgive me as I back track.

I think it is safe to say I had the best Mother's Day ever. I had both of my baby showers the Saturday before Mother's Day so I think it set pretty unrealistic expectations for the holiday.  It was so wonderful to see so many people I love and to celebrate becoming a mother. Friends and family were beyond generous and were so excited and supportive. 

Like always, I forget to take pictures pre-party when things look perfect and adorable but at least I got a few shots. 

In the morning my two besties (whom I forgot to get a picture with!) had a shower with all my girl friends. It was so fun seeing these gorgeous women from all the different parts of my life. Not to mention I got some seriously fashionable pieces for babies. (Again, kicking myself for not getting pictures with everyone.)


Then later in the afternoon my sister's had a shower themed, "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By Two". It was pretty dang adorable. Maybe my favorite part was the "motherly advice" cards (Amy Meyer getting a shout out for my favorite card). People wrote such beautiful things that made me grateful I know such wonderful mothers. Sophie and Lincoln got seriously spoiled at both showers. My stress level dropped dramatically as I saw things come together and realized I might just survive this whole twins thing. 


Mother's Day then consisted with beautiful blue hydrangeas from husband and a date project the following Tuesday. My sweet husband was so excited about Mother's Day and was so great all weekend. It seems so surreal that I am having two little babies! But I'm slowly reaching the size of a house, reminding me that this is in fact happening. My wave a terror is slowly subsiding and I am getting so excited to meet them!


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