Dear "Marriage" Monday

Dear Monday, today you are the most special Monday of the entire year. Today I have been married to my sweet D for three whole years (a mission and a half as he puts it)!

There are no words. No words for how special this day was three years ago, or how wonderful every day has been since. So instead, I will share a bit of our wedding video.

Dear Daniel "Sigh" Catts, I love you. Simply and in the best way I know how, I love you. And I am better for it everyday of my life. Happy Anniversary sweetheart!



There seems to be something about vacation that makes me more aware. More aware of the gorgeousness of the Earth and more aware of the gorgeousness of people. Maybe vacation makes my mind quiet so I'm not distracted by the unimportant. 

Last year in Kona, I had a moment. It stayed with me for a long time, this particular moment, and sometimes I close my eyes and try to remember it in detail.

This year's vacation has come and gone, and while the worries of medical school and babies didn't allow my mind the same break, there were still some very beautiful moments. 

A simple act of kindness. I was in the back of the rental car, waiting for our turn to pump gas, being impatient about getting to the beach. A car door ahead of us opened and a man with crutches was trying to work his way out of his car to get gas. The man didn't even have time to get out of his car before another man, dressed in his Air Force uniform, jumped out to pump it for him. It was beautiful. I was so struck I got out of the car and moved ahead to where my parents were parked to try and sneak a picture. There I met my brother who had also seen this simple act of kindness, and also had gotten out of his car to try and sneak a picture. My brother got the better picture (below) and both men pulled away in their cars. 

My family headed to the beach but that small moment stuck with me through out the day. Not only was it this beautiful moment of kindness that I was blessed to witness but I realized how far humanity reaches. How many others saw this kindness and tried to sneak pictures, or turned to a friend in the car to look, or recounted that experience later in the evening to a spouse, or better yet passed it forward? 

We are so small and most of us do ordinary things but how big the effect, we will never know. 
The gorgeousness of people. 


Wednesday Babies


Sadly, I am back from the beautiful land of Oahu. We had a really amazing time but that is a post for another day. 

Today I am 24 weeks and 2 days pregnant. What the!?! Remember how full term for twins is 37 weeks...uuuhhh. Wow. Time flies. I don't know when I got to the six month mark but I really can't get over how fast time is passing. 

Appointment with my OB was great yesterday. It was my first appointment without Danny (sad!) and I was like a real grown up. The babes looked great and were moving around like crazy. But what I really got out of the appointment is how many decisions I still need to make/think through. We have basic nursery stuff kind of figured out, baby showers planned, and a few classes signed up for. 

To Do:
- Register for baby showers
- Finish/Start DIY nursery projects (this is list just keeps getting longer)
- Make a birth plan (apparently this should be more detailed than "have babies")
- Organize baby stuff in boxes so I can find it after the move
- Oh ya, find somewhere to live

Those are just a few priorities that cross my mind every 20 minutes. Anyway, as I prepare to register (I'm thinking Target and Amazon) I realize I have no idea what to register for. People have been suuuuper generous, so we have a lot of basics like bumbo seats, strollers, car seats, etc. but we still have all the small stuff. 

So with that said, I would love some shout outs of things you love for your baby! Any ideas or opinions are certainly welcome. There are like 12 baby tubs to choose from and millions of bottles. Goo. 

Sorry babies, your mama has no idea what she is doing. But I sure do like you! Even if you are stubborn and won't kick when I want you to so papa can feel you move. But then, you are my children.


Dear Monday

Dear Monday, you are the last Monday before Hawaii! T-minus five days people!

Dear Oahu Vacationers, have any of you gone to Pearl Harbor? I can't decide if it is worth the time if we will only be there for one week....thoughts?

Dear GC, you were wonderful and refreshing as usual. I can't pick which talk was my favorite but the release of Sister Dalton is pretty heart breaking.

Dear Padre, no one makes aebleskivers quite like you (except for maybe mom).

Dear Babes, I thought of you a lot during conference. I can't wait to meet you. Nothing makes me as happy as when you move around. I can't wait for Danny to feel you!

Dear Readers, any book recommendations for my vacation? I feel very out of the literary loop right now and have no idea what to get. Help!

Dear D, I'm already dreading your month long absence in June. I hate it, hate it, hate it. 


Sheri Dew

I have many dear friends that I respect and adore all asking the same questions this conference season: Will women pray? Can women hold the priesthood? And while I read their blogs and listen to their thoughts I have yet to actively participate in giving out my own opinions. 

These are questions that touch my heart and I understand why many women are asking them. But I don't have an answer for them. I don't know the answers and I don't know yet that I necessarily agree with the questions. I can admit that I just do not know. But after many restless nights and lots of pestering discussions with my sweet husband late in to the night, the only conclusions I have come to are what I do know. 

I know that God loves all of His children. He loves them unconditionally and He certainly loves them equally. I know that as a woman in His church I have a great deal more blessings than a woman yet to participate in the church does. I know that I have every blessing that my dear husband does. I know that God has called a living prophet to lead and guide His children. And I also know that both God and His prophet know the worries and concerns of the women in this church. I know that God gives revelation, and that He gives it in His own time. 

So while I don't know all the answers and I don't know all the whys, I know enough. I know enough to let faith and time and patience lead the way. And though I'm not dismissing the questions nor a woman's right to ask them, I'm also finding peace. Because I do know that this is a living church because Jesus Christ continues to live today; and what greater proof of love can we have from our Father in Heaven?


Wednesday Babies

So babies. I like them. Most of the time.

I had my "20 week" appointment yesterday. I use the quotes because at my high-risk appointment on March 19th we found out I was about a week and a half behind my original due date. Bummer! Timing this summer is kind of crummy but we will just keep our fingers crossed everything works out. But babies are healthy and adorable so that is good news.

Anyway, I realized that we leave for Hawaii next Saturday(!!!!!) meaning my madre won't be back in Utah until the end of April. This leaves me May for all my baby preparation and hopefully June if I don't end up on bed rest. So I decided (AKA my mom decided) to take some initiative and start planning out my nursery and life. We are on a tight budget considering baby #2 ate all of our decoration funds, so nothing extravagant for Babies Catts. 

I fell in love with this colorful print on Pinterest a while back and so the nursery items are based on this color pallete. 

Decorating a room for a girl and boy is pretty hard. All the pre-made girl stuff is basically disgusting to me and all the boy stuff is really loud with big prints and there is no way to put the two sides together. So basically I'm just focusing on bright color accents on a neutral bedding/furniture. I also fell in love with these colorful lights (below), unfortunately they have be flown in from France and cost a pretty penny. I have a DIY project replacement but I'm a little nervous to see how it turns out. 

Yesterday me and my mom went to a few fabric stores and started on the baby quilts. I was happily surprised that the quilts will not be nearly as pricey as I originally thought imagined. After a few (4 1/2!) hours, we got all the fabrics for baby girl and 80% of the fabrics for baby boy. I'm pretty in love with what we found, too bad it is me making them. I am the worst seamstress in the world! But I do feel like I should make at least one thing for the babies but I'm skipping out on all clothes, receiving blankets, crochet project, burp rags, etc. I just do not have it in me!

I'm still missing four fabrics for baby boy that will go into a deeper blue. 

Enough baby speak, but I do have one question. I know crib bumpers are basically child suffocaters according to lots of sources (both people & Google) so....why the heck do people buy/make them? Are they just to be cute? If you have one do you just take it out every time baby takes a nap? That seems like a lot of trouble for no reason. Anyway, if you have an opinion please share.


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