Wednesday Babies

Welp, no new news here, but I will share how we announced our pregnancy to our families. Nothing too creative but it is fun getting a group reaction to the news.

We told my family just about a week before Christmas. It always takes some wrangling to get everyone together because of everyone's crazy schedules and I think my brother Brian was a little put out at our insistence because he was super busy that night. Anyway, we ended up at Brian and Tara's house for a "movie night". D and I snuck Porter upstairs and about had a panic attack trying to change him before anyone noticed we were gone. This was a short lesson on how we don't know anything about babies because Port was very unhappy and it was impossible for us to get his pants back on. Anyway, by the time we got back down stairs everyone was in the kitchen wondering why me and Danny were being crazy and trying to kidnap Porter. I handed Port over to Tara and he was dressed in this bad boy:

"World's Best Cousin
ETA Fall 2013"

It took a minute for people to register what was going on but then we got a pretty big reaction. Also, isn't my nephew like the cutest thing ever? We are obsessed with him. Port makes me soooo excited to have babies. Not only will they be adorable playing together but I would do anything for that kid. Seriously, I had no idea how much I would love my nieces and nephews until I met him. 

I couldn't find a for real onsie in time for the big reveal, so I had to hand draw it. Thus the outfit was a little ghetto. The markers swore up and down that they are "permanent" on clothing if you iron over it but as soon as Porter started drooling it was game over. But now the onsie is in my top drawer, slightly smeared and I love it. 

We ended up telling D's family on Christmas Eve because he wanted to tell his parents in person (they live in Colorado). Danny's family has a tradition called Letters to Jesus. Everyone gets a Christmas card and they write down a gift they will give Baby Jesus that year. It is basically a spiritual New Year's Resolution but I think more meaningful. Then anyone that wants to share their new gift can. At the end everyone seals up their envelopes and it goes in the Christmas box. I love this tradition, I think it is a great way to remember Christ at Christmas and to look back over your year and see how you did with the previous goal. Anyway, this year when we shared our new gifts, Danny's shared that he wanted to read the Book of Mormon again before our baby was born in August. (Little did he know it was two babies and he probably needed to get it done by July!)

Again, we got a really fun reaction. I actually think his family reacted more since my parents already knew when we revealed it to my family. Sharing the news with our families was so fun. Not only does it make everything feel more real but I felt like a burden off my shoulders since I am the worst secret keeper ever. 


Jennifer Lawrence

Beginning with a tangent. When did J.Law become a thing? Everyone was tweeting it last night but I find it really confusing. I mean, Jude Law has to have dibs on that nick name right? Anyway...

Oh, the Oscars. I seriously love them. But I just don't understand why Oscar can't get a decent host. I just want to get a show without awkward silences and one liners. I didn't hate Seth MacFarlane but it certainly wasn't as good as the Emmy's. However, the dresses were super beautiful. I feel like the favorite dresses knocked it out of the park and there really isn't much debate over best dressed but here are my top five favorites anyway.


I go back and forth over J.Law and Amy Adams (always the bridesmaid, never the bride) dresses. I adore them both. I also love their swept back hair. Classy women. Also, can I just mention how much I hated everything about Anne Hathaway? Gross.

Lastly, because poor Jennifer fell on the way up to accept her very first Oscar (so sad). But her interview after was really funny. I would really like her to be my best friend in real life.


Dear Monday

Dear Monday, I'm madly in love with you today! Today is Danny's last day at the Utah State Developmental center, which brings us to the end of crazy weekends and weird schedules! Hooray!

Dear Meryl, you were still the best part of the Oscars, and you weren't even nominated. So in theory, J.Law once again, didn't actually beat you.

Dear Babies, you are the size of avocados today. It is 16 weeks and supposedly I will feel you move soon. Dance party?

Dear St.George, I forget how much I love red rock. I will never get over it. It was a lovely weekend and I can't wait to see you again next week!!

Dear Smith's,  thank you for all the boxes! Our house is chuck full of banana and orange boxes and it really looks like we are moving.

Deal El Gallo, I miss you already.

Dear D, I'm so thankful you are my partner in crime. I love having a husband that fishes and watches sports but can also make watching the Oscars soooo much fun. Hooray for the next two weeks of vacation freedom!


Wednesday Babies

We made the six hour haul to St.George last night, which means I am laptop-less. No pictures today but just a little update.

I had my 15 week appointment Tuesday morning and everything went great. We were really hoping to find out genders but the twins were being difficult. One of the babies is sitting really, really low on my back (which explains the numbness in my left leg) so it was hard to get a picture at all. The other baby was moving around and being adorable but as soon as we went to get a picture it flipped over so we could only see its back. Danny thinks that means it is a girl because she doesn't want her picture taken. We will see!

We also confirmed fraternal twins yesterday, as well as two sacks and two placentas! This news put my heart at ease since it drastically cuts down on twin complications. Their hearts looked good, they were both great sizes. And even though we didn't find out genders we were so happy. It's so fun just to see them moving and get to know them a little.

Next appointment is in two weeks (and every two weeks until I move to once a week appointments in May-ish) so keep your fingers crossed we find out genders then!


Dear Monday

Dear Monday, thank you for being President's Day! I love when D gets to stay home with me!

Dear President's,  I adore a whole bunch of you. And for those I adore a little less (I'm lookin' at you Nixon!) I love your office and holiday.

Dear Home Show, I can't wait to see you. I love spending the weekend in St.George, seeing the sun, and looking at beautiful homes with my mom and Aunt Sandy.

Dear Aunt Sandy, I didn't know until recently that when you spell Sandy, you spell it Sandi. It makes me adore you because it echos back to Anne with an e. Also, I have spent these few pregnant months praying that my babies get red hair just like yours. Can't wait to see you in sunny St.George!

Dear House, we have lived here for just over two years now and you have been a good home. I'm sorry to be leaving you. (Though entirely joyful to be leaving the  job commitment behind.)

Dear Downton Abbey, I won't be a spoiler but I hate you. Don't plan on me coming back to you next season.

Dear Daniel, when you lie awake at night because you are so excited to find out the babies genders, I fall in love with you all over again. I can't wait for you to meet them and teach them how to "tap the ice" and "alligator" in baseball.


Thomas Hood

"Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine, love, thou art every day my Valentine!"

This year I did 12 days of Valentines for D and it was so much fun! No one loves surprises like my Danny. Valentine's Day for us is usually pretty generic: dinner, flowers, movie, maybe some chocolate. But this year I wanted to do something special since my first trimester was not a treat for the husband. I was nauseous and stressed out and he was basically in servitude for at least three weeks. So I got some silly things, things he needed and some special surprises.


Day 1- Oreos
Day 2- Pack of socks
Day 3- A beautiful compass (maybe my favorite gift)
Day 4- Puzzle
Day 5- Pack of white T-shirts
Day 6- Donuts (we are really going to miss Provo Bakery)
Day 7- Straight razor (like Sinatra!)
Day 8- Shaving brush, soap and bowl
Day 9- Razor stand
Day 10- Giant Heart Cookie (from Paradise Bakery, delish!)
Day 11- Date Night
Day 12- Cologne (maybe this is more for me), Kenneth Cole "Black" is to die for. 

I got a lot of the ideas from The Art of Manliness, a book that has been floating around my family that D and I read on our way to Arizona. It is such a funny book but has some great things in it. If you are looking for a fun gift for a husband/father/brother, this is a great option.

It was a wonderful Valentine's Day! We celebrated a day early since D has to work tonight (but less than two weeks left at the job!!! yahooooo!). But he did get me breakfast trays for V-Day along with breakfast in bed and gorgeous roses. A good investment for our future and the likely hood I will be in a bed-ridden state this summer and will be eating lots of meals in bed.

Oh, how I adore Valentine's Day!


Wednesday Babies

So I've decided to dedicate just one day a week to keep up with the babies news. 

When D and I were in Arizona for his med school interview the first week of December, I was suspicious that I was pregnant. I was getting car sick really easily and the nausea had started in a bit. I didn't say anything to Danny because I had an idea that if I was pregnant I would keep it a secret and then give him a pregnancy test on Christmas. It would be the most magical Christmas ever!

The next week I took a test early one morning and after it turned positive it was about 3.7 seconds before I was screaming for D. I think I almost gave him a heart attack as he was still asleep when I started yelling. I showed him the test and we immediately starting to get excited. The problem was that the line was reeeeeeeeeeallly light blue. So I wasn't convinced. This lead to about 45 minutes of taking tests and Danny going to the store for more (it was Sunday morning but I think God will forgive me). I think I ended up taking five tests before I let us get really excited about being pregnant.  

The second part of my plan was to tell my whole family in person on Christmas Eve. Again, I waited about 20 minutes after we confirmed it and then called my parents. I'm a little bummed I didn't tell them in person but I seriously could not keep it a secret.

I'm lucky to be married  to such a sweet man. His reaction to being pregnant was perfect. He was seriously so excited and surprised and happier than I have ever seen him. Really, the look on his face looked just like when he saw me in my wedding dress for the first time. He is going to be the best dad. I'm a lucky, lucky girl. 


Dear Monday

Dear Monday, the weekend (tonight!) can't come soon enough! 

Dear Command, I thought your sticky wall hangers were a clever invention. They save me from putting tons of holes in the walls, which is awesome. Unfortunately, when I take you down you rip giant holes in the wall that we now have to plaster and repaint. Thanks for that.

Dear Twins, I can't wait to see you next week! I hope the doc can tell us your genders!!!!

Dear Arizona, wait for me. I've been dreaming of laying out at the pool with Nancy, Mal and babies while the husbands are in school. Dreamy. 

Dear Bachelor Fans, this blog is hilarious. But the pictures of Sean kissing make me gag. Was he too heart broken to watch Emily's season? Didn't the producers show him how sick his kissing looks? I mean a true friend would just tell him how it is. 

Dear Boxes, you are taking over my living room. I forgot how stressful and exhausting moving can be. Lucky we planned ahead this time and have a few weeks to make the move slowly. This summer and moment of living in Ogden will be fun but I can't wait to be settled in a new place for me school. 

Dear D, you are inspiring. You woke up every day for the last two weeks at 7AM and got your booty to the gym. I want to be more like you. Also, I love you madly. 


Nana Joye

Well the last few weeks have been a crazy whirlwind for us. We found out I was prego in early December and then found out about the twins in early January. I can say for both D and I, we have never been more shocked in out lives. I didn't believe the doctor and then once he convinced me I just started bawling. I think Danny laughed the entire time. What a sweetie. 

With med school and babies coming in August we are in a bit of a panic. Thus we are headed up to Ogden to stay with my sweet grandmother for a few months before moving who knows where! We will be packing up the next few weeks and leaving our little house in Provo (along with the stress of apartment managing, hallelujah!!) in just a few short weeks. I'm sad to leave our friends here but it will be a relief to be closer to our doctors (rather than driving to Ogden every two weeks) and closer to our family before moving away. 

I feel completely terrified. I feel totally overwhelmed. But mostly, I just feel joy. I spent a few weeks listing all the hard things about timing and twins and moving and med school and then I saw their heartbeat. And everything else seemed to slip away. I still hated food and felt sick and slept constantly. There are still things to be worked out and decisions to me made but honestly, I feel so much joy. 

We have been blessed with an incredible family and extended family and wonderful friends that have been so supportive and offered all kinds of help. I still laugh when I think about it but the terror is slowly turning into a bubbling excitement in my stomach. I'm keeping my fingers crossed we find out the genders during our next appointment and don't have to wait clear to March! Danny wants boys, my dad wants it to be two girls, my mom/sisters want a boy and a girl and I just want to survive the whole thing. 

On a sidenote, I will try not to turn this whole blog into a baby blog but I can't make any promises. Also, for people in Ogden, if you know of any jobs Danny is on the look out!


Lesley Gore

I love birthdays! It is a fun day but you also get to hear from old friends that you love. I was so happy that a few of my dear friends called and we played catch up. I have some amazing people in my life.

Yesterday was such a fun day. The free grand slam on your birthday at Denny's has become a white trash tradition with us. Yesterday, we were sitting in a booth enjoying our meal and this little old couple cam and sat in a booth next to us. He sat on Danny's side and she sat on our side and we saw our future laid out before us. It was her birthday too.


D got me some beautiful flowers and a Stella & Dot necklace I have been wanting for ages. I'm a spoiled girl. I got so excited when he told me he got the day off work. I really hate when he goes to work. So instead we spent the day together and went to an early dinner. I'm holding out for my official "birthday dinner" until we go to Ogden tomorrow so I can go to my favorite spot. (If you are ever in Ogden, La Ferrovia on 25th street is where it is at!)

I wrapped up my birthday with the weekly Bachelor party with my favorite girlfriends. They came and made scookies with ice cream and gave me a sweet card. I'm seriously going to miss those girls when we move next month. But I'm just not thinking about it right now, I mean how can I when Tierra is acting like such a crazy?

Anyway, it was a wonderful birthday so that you for all the birthday wishes!


The Catts

It's my birthday! Hooray! 
Danny took the whole family to breakfast (all FOUR of us). 
It was wonderful. It's the most wonderful birthday ever!

D surprised me and took the day off, a whole day of celebration!


John Kahrs

I love February. Not just because it contains Birthday Week with my bestie or because of Valentine's Day (thought they do heavily contribute), but because for 28 days I try to keep a one line journal of different kinds of love in action I see in the world. I always end up amazed. 

In honor of the first day of February I am sharing this little video I adore that has been floating around the internet. 

Happy Friday Folks!


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