Anne of Avonlea

Danny works at the Utah State Developmental Center with an apartment of guys that are mentally disabled. He loves those guys. I admire him for it because I'm a bad person that has always been a little nervous in those situations. But D, he is a natural because he has so much love in his heart for others. 

Anyway, Danny takes the guys on a trip to the DI every week where the guys get a few dollars to buy something. And lately my sweetie has been hitting gold mines and bringing me the best presents ever. For example, a stack of books I have been wanting for a buck a piece. But a few days ago...he found Anne of Avonlea. 

I am truly obsessed with Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. I used to spend a lot of afternoons in my Nana's big, fluffy, white bed wrapped in one of her silk robes watching Anne. It's funny, I loved Anne but I think her attitude towards her red hair legitimately turned me off red hair. Whenever I played make believe with my friends I was always, always Diana (because she had "raven" hair that both Anne and I adored). 

How funny it is now that I am married to a ginger that is every bit as red as Anne. (I guess if we have red headed kids I will have to consider if I should introduce them to Anne....but I probably will).

p.s. for those of you that read my last blog, the big "surprise" is a gift I bought for D that just arrived in the mail....just sayin'


Dear Monday

Dear Monday, I adore you. Monday is Bachelor night which equals girls night with some of my favorite people. I was kind of a hermit last "semester" and with just a few nights of get togethers this month I feel so much happier. How easily I forget that girl time isn't just fun, it is essential.

Dear Hawaii, I truly cannot wait to see you again. Whenever  I felt sick this week I just closed my eyes and imagined the beach. I can't wait to sip on virgin strawberry daiquiris with the sun beating on my legs.

Dear Tenants, please get your act together. Maintenance this week was cruel and unusual punishment.  I don't know how you live with yourselves.

Dear Downton, WTF.

Dear Surprise, I CAN'T wait to give you away. Seriously, I am so excited. I think about you every ten minutes.*

Dear Daniel, this morning was wonderful. Sometimes running around doing errands and finishing the dishes while listening to Pandora is my very favorite. Best friends for life (and longer).

*update: may I clarify that this is a surprise gift for the husband!


King Kamehameha

Kahala Beach, Hawaii 

Winter is really kicking my butt this year.
I really need the sun in my life.
Only 79 days until I'm on a beach in Hawaii. 
Only 79 days...

Until then, I will be wrapped up indoors. 


Roger Scott Wood

Today was wonderful. We met this handsome guy.

First baby on Danny's side and our second nephew. We couldn't be more in love with all nine pounds of him!


Julia Julia

How great were the Golden Globes? Tina Fey and Amy Poehler killed it (but maybe I'm just too obsessed with Baby Mama). I was very sad that Meryl couldn't be there due to the flu but loved the bit Poehler did on that. And how great to have a surprise appearance of my true love Julia Roberts?  I adore her. Want to be her best friend. 

Anyway, on to the dresses. I'm no fashionista but whatevs, I think I can still pick my favorites even if I do shop at Target and Old Navy...and sometimes Costco (they totally have cute stuff, get over it). So here is the deal, I LOVE all the color on the red carpet lately. Especially the the really bold colors and the neon's coming back but I though the black dresses totally stole the show. Check it out. 


Yep, loved them. Not all the black dresses hit it out of the park but I just loved how they swung from incredibly feminine to very hard rocker. 

Last but certainly not least, I have to give it up for my main squeeze, Tina Fey. Did she not look SMOKIN' all night (minus the scene where she is dressed up as a man up for an award). And yes, I am even going to give her credit for her dress on the Golden Globe commercials. She was stunning. 

So there ya have it, the Golden Globes. All I can say, I can't wait for the Oscars where all the real bling comes out. 


Dear Monday

Dear Monday, I have come to truly adore you thanks to D's work schedule. For us you are the long awaited Friday that holds a weekend of fun in the palm of your hand. Not to mention you also bring around my favorite girls and our guilty pleasure. Please the it be a good episode of The Bach tonight.

Dear Awards Season, I really loved the Golden Globes last night. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are always a delightful combination. I laughed heartily. (Dress review to come tomorrow).

Dear weather, while I don't love the cold or the snow I accept that I live in Utah. But please, just give us a few days between snow storms. Shoveling the entire apartment complex is exhausting work and we could really use a break.

Dear St. George, wait for me.

Dear Blog, I'm sorry I always abandon you. I will try to be better but that is all I can offer. However, I do appreciate you always waiting around for me. I should be more appreciative.

Dear Car, please start. I know you really hate the cold but ya know, we all have to do things we don't like. And we really don't want to spend our tax refund on car repairs, no we would rather spend the fun money are repaying our student loan.

Dear Daniel, date night tomorrow? The Impossible is out and you know I love crying like a small child in public places. Also, you're my bestie.



I took a bit of a media break over the holiday and it was wonderful. 

While I won't recount my 2012 for you in numbers or pictures, nor will I share my list of goals and resolutions, I will share my new mantra for the year. 

I'm predicting 2013 to be a year of change and crazy and joy. And I plan to post this mantra in my home and start each morning reminding myself to truly see. 


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