If a man does not keep pace with his companions, 
perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. 
Let him step to the music which he hears, 
however measured or far away.

- Henry David Thoreau


Srgt. Davis

"Hi...do you know how to use a fire extinguisher? I think our apartment is on fire." 

Not really the words an apartment manager wants to hear. 

So fresh out of the shower, I grab our fire extinguisher and rush over to the apartment. As soon as I turned the corner I could see the smoke billowing out the front door. Luckily, they noticed the two step instructions on the side and put the fire out. We opened all the windows to start letting the apartment air out so we could assess the damage. While we were waiting all the girls just looked at me, totally freaked out and asked me what we should do.

I realized...I was the adult! I was in charge of a fire! Of calling the fire department! Of being calm! These girls are all my age and they were freaking out and expected me to do something.

So I called my dad.

Am I supposed to call 911 if the fire is out? Does this qualify as an emergency? Does the fire department have their own number? What am I supposed to be doing?

Luckily, my dad (the real adult) had all the answers and calmed me down. I googled the Provo Fire Department, called the number, gave them some information and pretended I wasn't even worried. The Fire Department showed up 20 minutes later and the girls excitedly told them all the details of the fire. No one turned the stove on so it just randomly lit itself on fire....or not. The fireman looked at me and we rolled our eyes because we, the responsible, adult parties knew that wasn't the case. 

Luckily, it was just a stove fire and the apartment got away unscathed other than a melted microwave. 

And I was reminded that I am still several stages away from being a real adult. 



Sometimes Pinterest makes me into a crazy person.

I find pictures of furniture/paint/art/clothes/etc and then I spend lots of time googling the said item until I find a really great deal. This time around I fell IN LOVE with a piece of furniture that usually costs $160 during a serious sale. Then a few weeks later (AKA TODAY!) I found the same piece for sale on KSL for only $60....I mean what am I supposed to do? This leads me to a moral dilemma, I mean I should tell them what the piece is and pay at least $100, right? Instead I called my expert brother and he talked them down to $45 (because I always feel guilty low-balling people or I'm just a big chicken). I am going to have to paint it but even with the paint it will be a total steal. Like a Oceans Eleven heist kind of steal.

Pictures to come.


Kevin Richardson

It seems like life always happens in highs and lows. 

I'm sure it is mostly constant, and the highs and lows just make a lasting impression on us. At least for me. Often I'm left forgetting the middle parts and just worrying about the dips and basking in the light of the highs. And sometimes the highs and lows are so connected it becomes too difficult to tell them apart. 

Just a few weeks ago I got some crazy virus that had been passed around my family. I've said before how adorable my husband is when I'm sick but he only gets better with time. This sickness was a three day event and honestly, I haven't been so sick since the Swine Flu of 2009. I won't go in to the details but I was so sick and just felt disgusting and looked worse than I felt and all I wanted was a hot bath. I got in the lukewarm bath (our water heater is the worst) and just started bawling. D heard me from the couch out in the living room (because I was so nauseated it would make me sick when he rolled over in bed) and came to see what was wrong. I cried and cried and he just said all the nice things husbands say when you are being totally ridiculous. Ten minutes later he came back with big pots of hot water to fill my tub to the brim. Highs and lows.

Last week we spent some time having a really difficult conversation and making some "life" decisions. We took a break and while we were cooking together and I started singing "I Want it That Way" to myself. D would pick up where I left off and suddenly we created my favorite rendition of my favorite BKB* song. I never knew he had such a boy band streak in him and we laughed and laughed and suddenly our tough conversations didn't matter nearly as much as singing together did. Highs and lows. 

So maybe I neglect the constants and the middles of parts of my life, and often, I allow myself to wallow in the lows. But this week has reminded me again, that the lows make the highs sweeter because they readjust our focus and remind us of what matters most. Cliche but surprisingly true. 

*E did a special on the top 20 Awesomest Boy Bands Ever and obviously BKB came in at numbero uno. During this special I realized that I always overlooked Kevin...and I shouldn't have. Also, there have been A LOT of boys bands. 


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