Dan Liljenquist

I voted! So should you. Seriously. Because we need all the young votes we can get. 

I have a dream....that one day there will be a 85-95% turnout of all voters between the ages of 18-30. Wouldn't that be EPIC! Especially in local elections and elections like today where your votes can really change things. Not many people in my age bracket vote which makes no sense! We are the ones that will deal with all the repercussion of government decisions happening now. The old people that go out faithfully to vote (which I appreciate regardless of age) are almost outta here. We have a huge investment! Vote people, vote! And if you didn't register in time, take the initiative to get registered today so you can vote in November! Home of the free people. Home of the free!


Lennon and Maisy

Check out these little cuties. Only 12 and 8 years old. 
They make me feel bad about myself.

Happy Friday people!



I surprised D with a date to the Drive-In. You can read about it here!

I do a "med school" post and a "life" post each week on Wives, M.D. So I will just post over there on Thursdays and leave the link here because I am a lazy blogger. Sorry. 

But here is a little snippet:

Isn't he adorable?


Steve Jobs

New technology is awesome.

D and I got new IPhones a few weeks ago. When we get in bed at night we spend about 15 minutes catching up on all the games we play with friends. Scramble, Words with Friends, Draw Something, etc. We get caught in a cycle because we are also playing with each other. So we stay up way too late until I finally get too tired to win (okay D always kills me in the word games but remember what our drawings looked like?) and I finally get us to go to sleep to escape my frustration. 

Technology also turns people into pseudo-hipsters. The camera quality in these things is insane. It makes me want to take pictures of everything. Suddenly, everything I see belongs on Instagram. Maybe I will get some chunky glasses and a middle part...but probably not.

Facetime is something we used for the first time this weekend. I went up to Ogden for Father's Day but little Danny had to work so he stayed in Provo. The second night I was gone and we were on the phone and it occurred to us we could Facetime. Here's the thing, you imagine Facetime being like this:

As if you are always made up, sitting up, in great lighting with something holding the phone stable. But in reality (at least our late night chats reality) it is not nearly as attractive. We spent a lot of time trying to find an angle to hold the phone where we didn't have 14 double chins and look like crazy people. We have yet to find that spot. But fugly or not, it is amazing what technology can do. I'm sure apparition will be figured out in no time flat.


Carly Rae Jepsen

Last night was my sister-in-law Cheryl's bridal shower. It was adorable. I should have taken pictures.

Today I am going to SLC with Mal to see my long lost Catho and I could not be more excited!

This weekend I am going to see Julia Roberts in "Mirror, Mirror" with Roseanne. Finally.

It will be my first Sunday working in the nursery. Yes, I call it working.

Lots of awesome things planned.

Happy Friday!

p.s. How awesome is this kid? Adorable!


Shawn Johnson

I love the Olympics. Like really. During the last summer Olympics I spent most days eating Chinese food, playing Olympic Wii and watching Michael Phelps kick China's cheating behind. Whether you like Phelps or not, those were some seriously exciting races to watch. I'm fond of the summer Olympics myself because I love gymnastics, swimming, synchronized diving and soccer. Speaking of, I LOVE the new uniforms for USA.

Gymnastics are definately my favorite part so here are just a few of the very best moments:

I was eight when Kerri fell. I cried like a baby (only to be rivaled by Michelle Kwan's fall in the 1998 Olympics)

This I watched with a few counselors that left Disneyland early with me to catch it. I love Shawn Johnson! I am seriously praying she qualifies this time around.

But the winter Olympics are hold a special place in my heart as well, I mean what is not to love about Shaun White? I love this video.


Sydney Barfuss

So. My blogging world just expanded.

My dear friend Sydney called me about a month ago about a new blog idea. Syd and I have been friends for about four years but we really reconnected when we both got married and ended up in the same married ward. We immediately bonded over our husbands applying to med school. Thus far the med school route has been a really interesting/trying/stressful/wonderful adventure. I have learned a ton about the application process, being flexible, and about following your feet even if you don't see the end result.

While I will still be blogging here about  random things that come to mind which include but are not limited to: Tina Fey, Mumford&Sons, wifery failure, feminist agendas, America, movies and all my beautiful blessings. I will be sharing D and I's medical school journey, moving states (possibly), interviewing, marriage-y things, the Air Force, babies (No, not yet. Sorry to disappoint) and of course whatever else I feel like sharing.

Check us out!

Wives MD


Tina Fey

I am obsessed with Tina Fey. I started reading Bossypants* about a week ago. It is only about 250ish pages long, which I would usually read in a just a few days but:

A. I have been saving it for the evenings just before I go to bed
B. I laugh so hard that I put the book down and kick my feet against the mattress
C. I read every 4th paragraph to D so he can laugh with me (which he does a little but it is a hard thing to share if you aren't reading the whole thing), this also takes a long time because it takes a few attempts to read the selected portion because I start laughing all over again
D. After the laughing fit, I pick up the book again and realize the story wasn't over and I read the last line that is the real kicker and the cycle continues

I am worried about talking this book up but seriously I haven;t laughed so hard in a long time. Which is saying something because we have been watching Parks & Rec pretty consistently, my Bachelorette group is hilarious and my husband is just a really funny guy.

Bossypants also got me thinking about how awesome it is that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are stars of comedy. Not because they are funny women but because they are really, really funny people. Perfect gift: the SNL "Best of" Tina Fey/Amy Poehler (hint, hint Danny Catts or other people that give me gifts). The American Dollar Bill sketch is one of my all time favs but next to impossible to find on the internet. So instead, here just a few of my favorite scenes from these leading ladies.

(start at 1:35)

A classic


I also like, this, this and this.

Last comment. In her book, Tina Fey comments how the rules of improve work in real life and I thought it was awesome. 
"The first rule of improvisation is AGREE. Always agree and SAY YES. When you're improvising, this means you are required to agree with whatever your partner has created. So if we're imrpovising and I say, 'Freeze, I have a gun,' and you say, 'That's not a gun. It's your finger. You're poiting your finger at me,' our improvised scene has ground to a halt. But if I say, 'Freeze, I have a gun!' and you say, 'The gun I gave you for Christmas!'  then we have started a scene because we have AGREED that my finger is in fact a Christmas gun.
Now obviously in real life you're not always going to agree with everything everyone says. But the Rule of Agreement reminds you to 'respect what your partner has created' and to at least start from an open-minded place. Start with a yes and see where that takes you."

*I love this book. There is mild/not so mild language so if you are sensitive to language go ahead and skip this one. 


Josh Weed

I read this article today. It is floating around on Facebook but it touched my heart and widened my understanding, and anything that does that is worth passing forward in any way I can. 

Also, I used to listen to this song a lot while me and D were long distance dating. I've found myself listening to it while he has been working at night recently, because I'm addicted to my husband and having him gone at nights is much harder than a week a part used to be. Pathetic but also so very lucky.

Sleeping To Dream by Jason Mraz on Grooveshark

 I really never dreamed I would be so completely wrapped up in, around and through someone.  Some days it just hits me all over again. For example, the first time it really happened (that feeling, not just the crush or the butterflies but that...yes love, but the consuming moment where it changes something vital to your understanding of love) was at an EFY dance. That sounds stupid but I remember it as vividly as almost any other memory. D was leading his group of youth and singing this song to me from a distance. 

1234 by Plain White T's on Grooveshark

When he got to "There's only one way to say, those three words, that's what I'll do, I love you" I looked away when he got to "I love you" because I'm emotionally stunted. But I was floating the rest of the night. Who knew the Plain White T's could be so romantic?

(this is a picture from that night. Obviously, it is all over my face. 
Thank you Eric D. for capturing this)

And now when I fold down the bed at night and realize he put the extra six inches of blanket on my side or he checks out really embarrassing/girly books at the library or goes in to certain stores before me rather than holding the door because he knows I hate when weird store people try to talk to me....it hits me over and over and over again.

Happy Friday!


Brian Dunne

Happy Friday!

I like these guys. Well I like the guy in the flannel. The piano player seems a little weird, bad call on that jacket. 
But I do like a few of these guys songs. Maybe because I'm a sucker for harmonies+ piano +guitar. 
Throw in a cello or banjo and I will be swooning. 


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