Sometimes only pictures keep me sane.

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paris   those windows
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Paris   Romantic

Words from really beautiful books make me feel physically ill on days like today. 


Hugh Jackman

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uhhhhhhh. This looks good.

Even though I hate Anne Hathaway and bug eye girl with a passion. I truly do not understand how Amanda Seyfried keeps getting major roles. And after Hathaway's performance at the Oscars I think Hollywood should ostracize her. 

But I do love Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe so maybe they will even things out. Either way, I'm excited about this.


John Logan

The history of Memorial Day is pretty interesting to me. No one seems to really know exactly when it started. Some folklore would say it started happening as early as July 4, 1777. when women decorated the graves of Revolution soldiers. But history lends it self most to the Civil War area and southerners honoring their fallen confederates. It was an official state holiday in the south long before it was adopted in the north and even longer before the nation adopted it. When it was adopted by Congress, it was also moved from its traditional day to the last Monday in May to create a three day weekend. Which is maybe why Memorial day is often more associated with the kick off of the summer season, hot dogs and camping. Congress shifted focus from the traditional day to the convenience of a weekend (again the states get it right and the feds stumble around...ya ya political statement, forgive me). 

I was thinking about the history of this when I was taking full part in the commercialism of the holiday. Out on the golf course around 7PM when I saw the flag was at half mast and it seemed strange to me. I always considered Memorial Day more of a celebrate than a day of mourning. But then I looked up the actual law and here is what I found. "On Memorial Day the flag should be flown at half-staff until noon only, then raised to the top of the staff." I like that. Half the day in remembrance and then half the day in celebration.

D and I didn't go out of town or make big plans but it ended up being a really great day. We spent the morning with sister Cheryl and her two cute soon-to-be-sons. I get such a kick out of them. We went to the park and played baseball for a while, then went to play games at the apartment and then finished up feeding the ducks at the BYU pond. Ethan saw me and D's drawings (when he saw mine he said it made him feel yucky inside and made him want to throw up, good to have that confirmed) so he did a portrait of us. It was awesome.

Then D and I hit the park and laid out on a blanket and read and chatted and laughed for a few hours (I LOVE these kinds of days). Then we hit the snowshack across from Helaman Halls with our friends Mal&Paul (DO NOT GO THERE. Not worth it. I admit they are good but we waited over an hour for a stupid snow cone). After our treat we went to the golf course and played a round (i.e. Mal, Paul and D played while I was the flag girl. My game is not up to their level yet...) which was super relaxing. The weather was perfect, the course was basically empty and we had a blast hanging out together.

Then finally we wrapped up with the girls at the apartment with a few more friends for Bachelorette (we are Team Arie all the way!) while the boys went to Iggy's to catch a game of some sort. It was a good, good day and I needed one of those. I loved every minute of it (which was a lot of minutes because I stayed up until 3:30 AM reading a guilty pleasure book). Memorial Day made it in to my top ten favs this time around (which is impressive because American holidays are close to my heart, thus I celebrate a lot of holidays).



Sometimes I wonder what my children will be like. Tall? Red hair, brown hair? I would guess our kids would be on the tall end, I'm sure we will get a mix of hair (or dark hair because according to D my genes are all stubborn)  and a few will have freckles.

I bet our kids will be pretty athletic. D is naturally athletic and was very competitive in baseball pretty much from day one. I've never been a major athlete but I could always keep up with the kids on my rec teams and no one ever gawked at me like I was an idiot. They will probably be a bit shy since I think both D and I are a bit shy in large/new groups. I'm social and have always had good friends but I was always nervous at big parties and intimidated by the really beautiful girls. And D was a bit of a wallflower from what I gather. Some will be sweet like D and others will be sassy like me. Hopefully they are crazy smart like Danny or at least determined to do well in school like I was. But I know one thing for sure....they will NOT be artistic.

These pictures were drawn last night (not in the 3rd grade as many of you supposed). We had an "Inner Artist" themed date night last night. These portraits of each other were my personal favorite but there was also a great drawing of  a lamp, rolling hills, graffiti marks and a few others that were pretty impressive. Personally, I like that we used different base colors. I went with the really light pink and D chose a light brown, so we look like totally different races. Also I thought it was nice how he first had my hair in a really smooth ponytail but then realized my hair was actually really messy and so he threw in some stray hairs. He is a sweet man. (For those of you worried, my husband is actually attracted to me regardless of what his drawing suggests). And the glasses....the glasses are dead on. As for mine, it is sad as well. I realized freckles are a hard thing to capture. Markers really are a difficult medium. I'm sure that was the problem.

Themed date nights. I have missed those, I'm preparing for a serious resurgence this summer.

Oh, and while we were at it we made a 10 year plan. I'm glad we got that out of the way.


Mary Murphy

In honor of SYTYCD's (in case any of you crazies out there don't watch it, I mean So You Think You Can Dance) return, today's "song" is actually a video. 

I hope this is a good season, but I doubt I will love any season as much as I did last season because Melanie is my all time favorite. And I didn't see anyone I liked yesterday, but we will wait and see.

On another note, I really love my ward. This week has been really great reconnecting with people and hanging out with friends. We had the Bachelor group over on Monday, Book Group on Tuesday and then a surprise marshmallow war/movie with the Bick's last night. So fun, it made my day.

Well that's it for me, back to work on doing med school prep while D is working!
Happy Friday!




I have been a lazy blogger ever since I went to Hawaii (post to come). But life is changing and I am adjusting to a new schedule. The thing is for the last five years I have been a full-time college kid, had a job and basically been busy 24/7. This last year was pure insanity with a husband, five jobs between us, med school stuff, both of us full-time at BYU and church callings, not to mention all our weird medical crap. I always felt like there was something to do (usually cleaning/dishes/wifery that always ended up being the thing that suffered most from a busy schedule) and never a spare minute.

Now, I don't know what to do with myself.

Danny started his new full-time job in American Fork at a....I don't know what to call it or how to be politically correct.....basically a hospital for mentally ill citizens who require treatment in a more structured setting. This week he is just in training so he is working 8-4 but next week his real shifts start which is 1-10 PM. Boooooo! And to make it worse, he works every single weekend and then gets like Tuesday/Wednesday off. I'm trying to be positive about it but that has never really been my strong suit. 

Anyway with D working full-time and me working from home (apartments and data entry) my world has been rocked. Suddenly, I have free time....a lot of free time....way too much free time. I made myself a schedule but I greatly over estimated how much time things actually take. This week has pretty much gone like this:

7:00 - wake up
7:30 - go running
8:15 - read scriptures
9:00 - eat breakfast
9:10 - pick up/clean the house (this used to take hours because I was cleaning a months worth of mess, not anymore)
9:30 - write
10:00 - work on my French
11:00 - read a book
12:00 - eat lunch
12:15 -4:00 - look out the window and stare at the road hoping Danny suddenly shows up to entertain me


In the course of three days I have decided I might not actually be able to be a stay at home mom. Okay, that was dramatic, I would probably love this schedule if I had an adorable baby to watch and play with and go to our ward mommy thing that happens in the afternoons. Sigh.

I am quickly realizing I need to make more friends. 

Oh, and EFY started. Weird. I guess I will actually enjoy Memorial Day for the first time in four years!!


Dive Master Keller

It is still Friday here in Kona, Hawaii. Also I just got finished with a two tank dive (also my first night dive). More to come but we saw four mantas that were between 10-14 feet from tip to tip and three bottle-nose dolphins!!! Dolphins down in the ocean so close I could reach out and touch them. Epic night. E.P.I.C.!!!

Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band on Grooveshark

Happy Friday!


Dear Brene

Today on the beach I was struck. To tears.

On the way to California I read "The Gifts of Imperfection" out loud and D and I discussed it along the way. It made the twelve hour drive seem more like two. (This book will be mentioned in the next 3 to1500 blogs, so save yourself the time and actually just buy the book and read it and devour it and savor it like I am going to.) Anyway a phrase about gratitude's relationship with joy stood out to me.

"It makes total sense to me why we're a nation hungry for more joy: because we are starving from lack of gratitude."

Today while I was laying on the beach I was between two groups. 

To my left was a group of six really-loud-somewhat-plump-jersey-accented-middle-aged women. They were on a cruise or a group tour or something to that effect. They had traveled a great distance to experience Hawaii and escape the "hell hole" they were used to living in, wherever that may be. While setting up camp the women had been bickering with each other about where to sit, and if their chosen spot was actually the best location, and about some rule their group tour had about liquor on the bus. All of their backs away from the ocean. After settling in; chairs at the right angle, umbrellas up, towels out, bags sorted, lotions applied---a gust of wind blew sand across the beach. The women were furious and started cursing. I held up my notebook to guard my face and sank my heels down to keep my own towel from twisting and getting full of sand, when I saw her. 

To my right and some what in front of me an old woman stood alone facing the ocean. When the wind blew and her sagging skin was peppered by the sand, she held out her arms. As if she was flying. As if this gust of pesky wind was hugging her and wrapping its arms around her and bringing her an intense sensation of joy. 

The wind stopped and the somewhat-plump-jersey women went back to bickering and cursing and fixing their now wind-blown, sand-filled oasis. The woman sitting closest to me with a dark plaited braid down her back said to the group, "Ug, this sand. I hate this damn sand." 

And then it hit me. These women were starving from lack of gratitude. 

I wish I had a picture so you could see the scene. I was sitting on a gorgeous white sand beach, with the ocean rolling in just steps away. Behind me was a deep green jungle full of flowers and palm trees and beautiful formations of lava rock. The sun was coming down and warming my skin that has been softened by the humidity here. But beyond that, most people come to this beach because of the beautifully white, soft sand. And yet, the sand is what was upsetting everyone.

I continued to watch the old woman in from of me with her silver hair carefully twisted in a knot. She didn't put on sunglasses and just lay and relax and sunbath or even read a book. This was wondered across the beach. She smiled at the children she passed. She meandered down to the water and let the waves wash up to her shins for an extraordinary amount of time. And I understood. I understood what the relationship between gratitude and joy is. The old woman on the beach was full to the brim with gratitude and so her joy ran over...and it was visible to me. And before the day was over her gratitude seeped its way in to me until the tears of joy ran down my salty, sandy, wind-blown cheeks. 


Colbie Caillat

If I never have a day that I don't have remnants of salt or sand some where on me, I won't be sorry.

Happy Friday from Kona!


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