Melanie the Cashier

Sometimes I'm like a real wife. Sometimes I'm a lot like a 14-year-old best friend.

"Real Wife" things I did this week:

- I butchered a HUGE pork loin. We bought one of those giant ones from Costco (because we are trying to save money or something) and cut it in to chops and three big loins for shredded tacos, roast and chile verde. I cut all the fat off....with may bare hands....it was raw meat people!

(It was one of the grossest moments of my  life)
- cooked a huge batch of chicken with the intention of making real dinners this week
- ordered a chicken ceasar salad at Costco instead of a huge piece of pizza or gelato 
- bought our cap and gowns for graduation!!!!!!!!

"Fake Wife" things I did this week:

- bought midnight tickets to Hunger Games
- bought Pass of all Passes, because I just can't say no to Groupon
- had cereal for 40% of our meals this week (not that I made 60% of  meals, we just skip breakfast most days...even though we eat so much cereal)
- cleaned up the living room area by throwing my piles of junk in the back bedroom and then got busted the next day


Miss Piggy

I love the Academy Awards. 

They are my Super Bowl. And I have a sweet husband that acts just as excited as I act about the actual Super Bowl. He filled out his guess sheet and even watched the majority of the red carpet with me. I thought this year was a class act (remember how horrible Anne Hathaway and her drunk co-host were?). I loved the throw back to old Hollywood and thought Billy Crystal was surprisingly hilarious. As for "best dressed" I'm not kidding when I say Miss Piggy, check her out! I really hope I have the occasion to do my hair like this one day. 

As for the awards, I didn't do so hot this year. I have killed D the past two years but this year I got a measly five right and D got seven right. I would have done better to just guess the Artist for everything. What I did get right however, was best actress Meryl Streep. Cam and i have this in common:

No matter how much someone is favored (even when it comes to Sandra Bullock whom I love) I will always go with Meryl Streep. How classy was her speech?

Loved it. Anyway I second Jordyn's vote for Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. to host next years award show!

Thoughts on the award show? Who did you think was best dressed?

Sgt. Grant

So here is the deal about the future of the Catts family. We are staying in Provo for one more year.

Had I known this even 2-3 months ago I would have cried my eyes out for weeks but as it stands I'm actually feeling really peaceful about the decision, so that's good.  Some background for you:

When I was at USU I dated this guy who was in the military. I broke up with him for that very fact. I have always had a really negative outlook on the military lifestyle and frankly wanted NOTHING to do with it.

Last fall, say early September, D told me he was interested in some form of military service in order to pay for medical school. I said no immediately. But for the next few weeks it just kept coming up no matter how many times we decided to just take out loans. Finally, Danny said we should just decide to do the military and move forward and see how we felt about it. Well we did and almost immediately we both felt  peaceful and assured about the decision. It was probably the strongest impression D and I have had as a couple.

Since we got that answer, we have moved forward feeling better and better about doing med school through the Air Force. The more we learned about the program the more we liked it and it just felt like such a good fit. So much so that we were getting way ahead of ourselves and looking into full careers with the AF.

Well then the dreaded football game happened. Danny broke his leg, torn his ligaments and ankle and has been in a boot for months. We had talked to recruiters about the situation and they thought things would still be okay and get worked out. We were nervous but still had high hopes and still felt strongly that we needed to do the AF.

 Early last week we found out that there is no way D is getting a Air Force scholarship this year. Thus we were left with the decision to take one of D's acceptances and just take out loans for the first year or to wait a year and do the AF next year. After a lot of prayer and late night conversations we decided to delay a year.

While it is kind of a bummer to not be moving on to med school and starting on that path, we also feel really strongly that waiting is the best decision for us. I guess it is one of those times that you just have to trust the Lord and the impressions you receive no matter how scary it may be. I'm a girl that loves a plan and these past six months have probably been the most trying of my life but I have also seen to many blessings and become so much more connected to my husband and to the Lord.

So here is to another year in Provo and another round of med school applications! But also a year with no school, real life jobs, camping on the weekends, spending time with Britt and Selaina and kicking it with our pass of all passes. But mostly we are excited about spending time with our rapidly changing families (namely PORTER, Ben, Ethan and David!!). Keep your fingers crossed we have better luck next year!


Ian Britt

Things have been crazy.
 It is amazing how a single event can change the course of your life. 
More to come, but for now, happy Friday!

The Shape of Us by Ian Britt on Grooveshark


Lady Mary Crowley

Anyone else absolutely in love with Downton Abbey? Because I absolutely am.

I love Mary despite her flaws; she may be one of my favorite characters on TV. And even though the whole "Cousin" Mathew thing sounds weird, I love them together. I'm sad season three doesn't start until next September. Let's hope Maggie Smith is in good health and can manage a few more seasons because she makes me laugh out loud almost every time she is on screen. Downton Abbey is like this perfect cross over between Pride & Prejudice and Anne of Green Gables (D thinks this is a terrible description because he likes it and he would never watch something with that description). Not to mention I LOVE the early 1900s, the 1920's in particular. Oh, Downton.


Mr. President

Thank you for the holiday. It was beautiful and wonderful and happy.

St.George was beautiful; every time I'm down there I fall more and more in love with the red rock. I think even Danny is convinced we have to live there after med school is over. 

The Home Show was fun but sort of a bust this year. There was only one really huge, insanely cool house and a handful of other houses that were pretty. But even with some seriously tacky design going on, I love to walk through the houses and dream of my future house. Uncle Dave's house is gorgeous and probably my second favorite place on Earth, just right behind the cabin. What would we do without the Copes? 

I love walking through the home shows with Aunt Sandy. I love learning new cooking skills from Uncle Dave. I love staying out in the Casita. I love being surrounded by the gorgeous red mountains. I love late nights of Downton Abbey. I love playing games with the sibs. I love Neilson's strawberry shakes. I love the long drive just talking and laughing with D along the way. 

I can't wait to go back soon.

p.s. These pictures were taken on my dad's Iphone....crazy, right?



We are headed to St.Geezy for the long weekend.
Celebrate the long weekend with this killer.

Halo by Harper Blynn on Grooveshark

We saw Harper Bylnn live last year and they were awesome, this song in particular. 
Happy Friday!



Like I said, I was so excited for Valentine's Day. And it was great. I spent the morning searching all of Utah Valley for Operation only to find out how dumb my future children are going to be.

 I grew up playing on this guy:

You know, the guy with a heart and a funny bone. Maybe the "Charley Horse" is not atomically correct but at least there are bones and things in the right locations. Now a days this is all you can find:

Are you seeing this? Frogs, cell phones, bubbles, goop and a toilet inside this guy. Well I think you get my disgust and I was not about to buy that for D. I then searched EVERYWHERE for Boggle (we used to play this for hours on end when he would come to Logan to visit me). No where to be found. I ended up going with Bananagrams; which is okay because we really love that game and played a huge round at 1:00 AM last night.  

Anyway Valentine's Day was pretty much perfect. Low key and a lot of fun. In my writing class we spent the day writing love poetry which was hilarious. I skipped out on Global Church to go to lunch with my honey and get ready for the night. 

We went to the Macaroni Grill for dinner, which was so good! D was impressed that our waitress could write her name backwards and upside down on the table. We got Baked Prosciutto & Mozzarella and Bruschetta Crostini for our appetizers. Delish. My cute husband ordered a sampler of chicken parmesan, lasagna bolognese, chicken cannelloni so I could order something scary and not be afraid. I got three cheese ravioli with pumpkin seeds, prosciutto, butternut squash and a truffle sauce. It was so good and frankly I was shocked that I loved it so much. Then of course, D ordered me a Tiramisu to go. It is a fun break to go somewhere nice and try new things together. 

Then we went up to Thanksgiving Point to see The Vow. I have heard so many people hating on this movie but it is going to my number one slot for favorite chick flick and number four spot for favorite movies of all time. I loved the ending, I thought it was gorgeous. It broke away from the usual plot line of romance category and became a stand alone movie about what real love is. I won't ruin the ending for those of you who haven't seen it but seriously, go see it regardless of what people are saying about it. It was such good writing. It is like when I hear someone says, "I have the best dad ever!"; ya that is great but it doesn't say as much as another person saying, "My favorite moments were waking up early to cook breakfast with my dad every Saturday." I mean that is real. 

Anyway then we went home to open presents (a few shirts and bananagrams for him; flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, a zester and a garlic press for me!). 

I adore him. I'm convinced that if I lost all my memories, I would fall in love with him all over again. 


Julius Gordon

I'm lucky. More than lucky,  I'm blessed.

I realize that when I take the time to stop and think about it. But sometimes it is the small things that catch me by surprise. The small things that make me weak in the knees. Sundays usually do that to me. I love waking up early to head to church and then speeding home to crawl back in bed together to nap until it is time to make breakfast for dinner. 

President Hinckley said, "I have long felt that happiness in marriage is not so much a matter of romance as it is an anxious concern for the comfort and well-being of one’s companion."

D picked up a Red Box while I was out shopping with my mom. He also cleaned off and sorted through all the papers covering the desk. He had been waiting to see Real Steel  but he picked Breaking Dawn (even though it is the worst movie of all time and we knew to expect that). I'm so blessed to not only have romance in marriage but a husband that always puts my well-being, happiness, desires and even movie selection above his own. 

Someone said, “Love is not blind—it sees more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less”. 

But maybe I'm most blessed because I have a husband who sees more and so chooses to see less. 


Peter Bradley Adams

Celebrate the weekend with this gorgeous song.

The Longer I Run by Peter Bradley Adams on Grooveshark

Happy Friday!


Tim Robbins

I love Valentine's Day. I am almost giddy about it this year. I don't know why. Maybe because I have a lovely surprise for D this year. 

Anyone else notice these things popping up around campus/Provo neighborhoods?

"Love is the ultimate outlaw. It just won't adhere to any rules. The most any of us can do is sign on as its accomplice. instead of vowing to honor and obey, maybe we should swear to aid and abet. That would mean that security is out of the question. The words make and stay become inappropriate. My love for you has no strings attached. I love you for free." —Tim Robbins

Nana Joye

I had a lovely birthday. Spent with family. Much more family than I expected actually.

D and I had made birthday plans far in advance because hey, I like to celebrate birthday week. A tradition that comes from me and my best friend Brittan being born just a few hours apart. So instead of splitting up our birthdays, we would celebrate together every day. Though Britt lives too far away for us to do something every day, Danny makes up for it.

Our plans were changed due to circumstance, Nana had a stroke and scared us all. So we spent the weekend up in Ogden with the family. It was really wonderful the way all of our extended family came out. I haven't seen so many of them at the same time for years. It makes me a little sad. We were all so close when we were young; I don't know why or when that changed. But mostly, I got to spend a lot of time with my Nana Joye

Last year I did this huge project on my Nana's life for my American Folklore class. I asked her a million questions I never would have asked her otherwise. The project was called "American Lipstick". My Nana always has her lipstick on. She bought me the first tube of lipstick I ever owned. Whenever I spent time with Nana when I was young I would flip down the mirror in the car and put the deepest shade of red lipstick in  Nana's purse on. She taught my how to put it on and made me promise to never be a lip gloss girl. It was like this sacred ritual, only for women.  Here are a few snippets from our interviews:

"The first car I ever had my dad bought me and it was a 34 Ford convertible with a rumble seat. Where the trunk is, you would fold that up and they were all leather lined and it seated two more people in the back. There was not really another seat in the back the trunk kind of became the back seat.  That car was so much fun. It was the perfect color of red, it matched my favorite lipstick. But one year we had a really bad winter and I had that car when I married Joe Cope. You talk poor, we were really poor. The snow seemed eight feet deep at the time. You had to drain the radiator every night or it would freeze and crack the block of the car and then the car engine was shot. So one night he failed to drain it and it cracked the block. If I had been smarter then, but remember you couldn't keep a car for 40 years back then, that car would have been worth a fortune today. It was so cute! The perfect red with gorgeous brown leather interior, I was the talk of the town. Every time I see one now or see a picture of one I just go nuts. They wouldn't let you have a rumble seat in the car now because they are too dangerous but boy was that car fun."

"We went to Ogden High School and dad would give us a quarter, maybe a dollar. We would skip school lunch so that we would have enough money to walk down to a little theater on the east side of the street called the Orthium Theater and Dokus candy store was next door to it. They had a record machine and we would go down there and get a Lime Ricky and play a few records like Tommy Dorsey, Stan Kenton and all these big bands from then. We would play that and have our Lime Rickey and then walk home with a little money left over. That was then records were 78”s. There was a music store right in the same area and you could go over there and they would put you in a booth and you could play any record to decide whether or not you wanted to buy it. We had a nice record player at home and mother loves Bing Crosby so we listened to Bing always. Well until Frank Sinatra happened. Dee and I, there were always stacks of dishes because we didn't have a dishwasher, always did the dishes. So after dinner the hip parade would be on, they would go through all the songs that were popular and then pick the ten most favorite songs. And Frank Sinatra sang with that band and Dee and I would swoon into the dish water while we listened to Frank Sinatra sing."

" I remember sitting on the toilet seat while she was getting ready to go and I watched her put on her makeup. She would go downtown every Saturday, that was her day off, and she would meet my aunt and they would go together. By that time Dee and I were old enough so we would be in charge of the Saturday cleaning and looking after the younger kids. I could just see her to this day putting her powder, all the women then wore powder and rouge, they had little buckets of rouge, she never wore dark lipstick but she had this little pinkish one. She had this mass of naturally curly hair, and they always wore hats then too, and she would wear darling suits and hats and meet my aunt. She would tell us if we had our work done when she got home she would bring us a present. Mother would call us when she was at my aunt’s house who lived just a couple of blocks away and when she got there we knew we better have our Saturday work done before she got home so we would tare through it. Dee and I would spread soapy water al around the kitchen floor and then dance in it. We always did and it was so fun.  You can dance so wonderfully on soapy floors. The floors were all linoleum then. When we knew she was at aunt Ine’s we would tare through our work because we knew we only had a half hour before she got home.  They would open everything they bought and look through it al before coming home. When I was younger she would always bring us these little umbrellas from Japan, now I would give anything to buy something that wasn't from China." 


Kristen Bell

So this is probably old news to everyone. I mean I saw this video posted like a hundred times on Facebook this week, but I never took the time to watch it. But I promise, it is worth taking the time to watch. This makes me really want to be friends with Kristen Bell.

Richard Peterson

When I was a Freshman at Utah State we had these really awesome neighbors. The guys would make us dinner a few times a month....and we generally didn't reciprocate because we didn't want to date them. We were mean. Anyway this is one of the recipes they used to make us. I am obsessed with it and we seriously eat this 4-5 times a month. Try it out!

Sweet and Sour Chicken

1 can chunked pineapple
1 C. sugar
2 Tbls. cornstarch
3/4 C. vinegar
1 Tbls. soy sauce
1 Chicken Bouillon Cube
1 Large green pepper cut up
+add cut up chicken breasts already cooked (we usually do 2 chicken breasts)

Drain pineapple juice into a measuring cup., add water to make it to 1 1/4 cups liquid. In sauce pan combine sugar and cornstarch, mix it up well before adding anything else. Add pineapple/water mix and stir. Add the sugar, vinegar, soy sauce and chicken cube. Bring to a boil stirring constantly until thick. Then add in chicken, peppers and pineapple chunks. Serve over rice. 

I also really like to add chunks of onions, carrots and red bell peppers. If you want to add these throw them in a pan and sauté them before adding them to the sauce.


Katia Beauchamp

Is anyone else obsessed with Birchbox? Because I am.

Never heard of it? Let me do you a favor and fill you in. Birchbox is a relatively new company (started in just 2010) that two awesome women at Harvard Business invented during their last semester there. Here is the basic idea:

This is brilliant and I have no idea how no one started this sooner. Do I love new products? Yes. Can I afford to just buy them and hope i love them? No. (I don't know what the deal is with all the questions in this post....) These girls are making revenue on both ends and tapping into this huge market. I mean $10 bucks a months for 4-5 top of line, new products. Totally worth it. They now have almost every notable brand in the business signed up. Not that I am getting it delivered yet, since there is this massive waiting list! But it is my birthday this weekend....anyone want to get me a subscription?


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