C. C. Hobart

Christmas was super special this year. It was Danny's first with my family. We were in Ogden for a little over a week and it was wonderful to spend so much time there. We had a family party with all the Godfreys/Copes which is always one of the best parts of the holiday. We had a blast with all my high school pals at our annual Ugly Sweater Bash. But what I loved most were the in between moments, when we just sat around, munching food and chatting with the fam.

Our family is so lucky that all the in-laws fit in so well. Tara, Bran and Danny are just another part of us. Tara is as much my sister as Nic and Jess. I was probably most excited to see Bran out of anyone. That guy is so funny and so crazy musical that is so fun to have him around picking up random instruments to entertain us with. It was also fun to have little Kate around this Christmas Eve/morning. It was my first Christmas to have a little kid around and it made everything magical. Kate also thought it was hilarious that Santa brought her dad coal. It was hilarious but I don't think Scot thought "Santa" was very funny.

We got wonderful gifts that we are excited to try out and play with. We are so blessed that we have such generous family that spoil us. But I think the best gift given this year has to be the Air Swimmer I got my dad. He was like a 6 year-old boy again. He flew it all over the house for the whole weekend, he even named the shark Pearly. Those things are pretty sweet though because it really does look like they are swimming through the house.

But maybe my very favorite part of Christmas was Christmas Eve. My dad reads scriptures about the Savior's birth from many different scriptures, I love his insight and love for the Savior. Later that night me and D settled in together. I tried to bring him a little bit of home and some of his own traditions for Christmas. I got him a Christmas Box and the book The Three Trees. D's dad reads The Three Trees to the family each year and it is one of D's favorite traditions. Danny reading it to me on Christmas Eve just became one of my new favorite traditions.  D's family also has a Christmas box full of their "Letters to Baby Jesus". Each Christmas Eve they write a Christmas card to Baby Jesus giving him a spiritual gift for the upcoming year. It was really great to spend some time with just D writing letters and making new goals for ourselves and our little family.


Jordan Kennedy

While I have blogged about my love for Canady insanity twice before (seen here and here) here is another. This is the one I have been dreading for some time now. I have come to realize that while I like to consider myself a non emotional, unsentimental, unattached, stable human being; this is simply not the case. And I can largely thank Jord for that. I have avoided the blogging world for 2 weeks because I simply couldn't find the words.

Our job sucked a lot of the time but we also had some really, truly hilarious moments. I say "our" not because we have the same title but because in the office we become interchangeable and extensions of each other.  I came into Provo scared I would never have a friend and I will leave with someone I consider to be a lifelong friend I could go to lunch with in 50 years and still laugh myself hoarse with. I learned not to take myself so seriously and that being a grown up is in part embracing that immature child that never leaves us. I learned really, really intelligent people can know everything about pop culture, watch Family Guy, wear Star Trek T-Shirts, play Sims, memorize HP and that that paradox is what makes them so incredible. Jordyn, never did fit in to any of my stereotypes or boxes or systems or spreadsheets, she simply overflowed them all with her utterly unique sense of self and helped me to expand my way of thinking. There is not much more I could ask for in a friend, and she is one I will cherish for years to come.

So here are just a few things I would never have known without Jordyn Canady (in no particular order).

1. EL GALLO GIRO. This might be the most crucial part of our relationship. Not only have Danny and I spent countless evengings there together, with friends, with family. These will be some of my favorite memories of my time at BYU.

2.Fingernail polish. I truly believe I would never have come to know the joy/addiction of finger nail polish without her. I had three bottles when we met and on the last day at the office I had 27.

3. Lots of really good/crappy TV: PLL. Bachelor Pad. Mad Men. Revenge. Arrested Development.30 Rock clips....and now Felicity.

4. 7 Peaks/ Pass of all Passes. Thanks for being 1 of 2 single people in P-Town that will just chill with me and D. Those dates were some of the best.

5. Celebrities high school pictures

6. Twitter.

7. How to use the word bitchin' like a grown up. Also bonehead, poop and blowhard.

8. Short hair. What in inspiration.

9. The best/worst websites on the internet. Such as...this, this, or this.

10. People at BYU (Zoobies as I use to call them...and ridicule them and talk about how stupid and brain washed they were with all my cool coffee drinking pals in the English department at USU) may be part crazy, but there are plety of the cool people that make up for annoying, self-righteous ones.

I mean, what is a bad cop with out a good cop?

Professor Rudy

Christmas was wonderful and fun and so special this year....but more about that later.

I only have one semester left of college. Crazy. On the one hand I could not be more thrilled as I have been so stressed this past semester and it is just starting to feel never ending. But on the other hand, school has been a huge part of my identity my entire life. I am currently enrolled in 18 credits and have a few friends holding classes because I just can't decide which classes to take for my final semester....

On the other hand I feel like I am ending on a good note. All the time I spent worrying about which major I should pick, if I should switch. if this one was the right decision...it always came down to one thing. Could I close my eyes and picture graduation day and feel like I would be more intelligent, more open minded and more accomplished? Would I be proud to hold the diploma or would I feel like I took the easy way out?

This semester was the most difficult of my life. But I have never felt so blessed nor have I ever worked so hard. My senior thesis was such a pain but in the most addicting way. It was always on my mind. I would be in the middle of a PLL episode and just pull the paper out and rework a sentence that was bugging me. At night I would fill the notebook by my bed with changes I needed to make. I met with my professor several times to talk about the struggles and the successes. And finally I just turned it in. 

My paper has been nominated for the Phi Kappa Phi award as well as a national journal. (I hate when people write blogs about their awesomeness and I don't intend this to be that...there is a point). The point is that I am capable, and that is something I have never let myself accept before. Professor Rudy pushed me and pushed me and encouraged me and opened up this whole world I never dared enter before. I never felt like I was smart enough or interesting enough or observant or several thousand other self deprecating words that could be used. I have surrounded myself with these kind of people, I'm drawn to them but I am always paranoid they will see through me and one day realize that I am not a part of their interesting, intelligent, cultured circle. 

I mean Katie is about the most outgoing person ever with incredible leadership experiences, Danny is brilliant in every sense of the word, Bre is so passionate and works so hard, Syd is so positive, Rafe is just plain intimidating, B is the most cultured person I know, Jordyn is the wittiest person I know and a really incredible writer, Cheryl, Kennedy, Tyler, Matt, Emily, Brit....I could go for ages. 

The point is. For once I can answer myself with honesty and confidence. Graduation day is something that I look forward to because I  finally know the answer to my question. 


Addison Sellers

Trying to get last minute papers done before midnight on the last day of classes makes me feel like this....

This also makes me baby hungry (not the homework, the video). 

Tara the Waitress

It is my sweet husband's birthday today! I can't believe I married to someone that is 24....we are old. 

Anyway, I took the boy out for breakfast because that is his favorite meal of the day. Did you know that Denny's gives you a free Grand Slam on your birthday? Neither did we. What a happy surprise for D! But instead of just getting the free Grand Slam, he ordered an extra Grand Slam and unlimited hot coco as well. Our waitress was shocked. I truly don't think anyone eats as much as D does. He is on the line between impressive and disgusting...but I will go with impressive because it is his birthday. 

Unfortunately, he is flying out to CO for a med school interview today so we don't get to party. But we are going to Cinegrill (where lasagna is a side dish....) with the parents. And then we will party it up on Saturday when he returns! 

Happy Birthday D! I never could have dreamed in my single years that marriage would be this easy, this wonderful, this hilarious or this sweet. I couldn't have asked for a better man, a better husband or a better friend. I never could have dreamed that love would be this way. 
Happy 24th sweetheart!


George Bailey

I have been whining about school a lot lately, I know. But the biggest thing I have been stressing about is the fact I couldn't find my final draft of the research paper I needed to base my capstone on. So the whole semester I have been working of one of my rough drafts, which wasn't a big deal since I had a ton to change anyway. But last week I realized it didn't have a works cited page.....and this paper had a TON of sources. So for the past week I have been frantically searching all of my files. I looked on my desktop, my lap top, Danny's laptop, through all of my email accounts, Google Docs, all my old notebooks for a hard copy....
but notta. 

The paper is due today, so I have been having a bit of a meltdown. I found all the sources a year ago and there was no way I could get that all together this quick. So I almost skipped work today to continue the search/ditch attempts to refind all of my sources. But I went in and did a quick search on the computer to see if I had the files saved on my work computer. This is all I got:

Stupid dog. You are no help at all!!!
But then I noticed the file on my desktop....
how did the little puppy not notice that in its search of every file on the computer?

Anyway, it seems ridiculous that I didn't notice this earlier. But indie that folder I made the weirdest chain of files so it was hard to find what I was looking for. What is it about technology? I always find a way to trick myself. I mean it is next to impossible to answer my own security passwords and I about killed myself with this stress of finding this paper.

John Ramsey - Passwords
JokesJoke of the DayFunny Jokes

George here doesn't even know what a real Christmas miracle is!

Film Research Paper....check.
Senior Capstone....check.
Just two tests, a short paper and a presentation to go!


Brad Pitt

This semester has by far been the hardest of my entire collegiate career. Between my senior capstone, classes with tons of papers, an amazing amount of reading and discussing topics outside of my comfort zone (aka time periods in which men didn't wear tights or wigs...or oppress women) it has been a challenge to say the least. I have written a small novel and read the equivalent of the entire HP series at least.

Yesterday I finished my Film research paper that had been weighing on my shoulders for weeks, so I decided to take a break. I picked D up from campus and we hit the South Market Redbox. Nothing terribly exciting in but we were in the mood for a movie so we went with The Tree of Life. It had an interesting cover, Brad Pitt and Sean Penn in it so it had to be at least semi-good, right? I deserved a treat and what better than my man Brad?

This is possibly the worst decision I have ever made. Danny has revoked my Redbox privileges for the next two weeks. If you can get through the next 7 minutes and 30 seconds and be at all interested, rest assured that you are a hipster.

We actually stopped the movie twice and asked why the heck we were watching it. But I was CERTAIN something was going to happen at some point. They made this film for a reason....of course they did....sure....maybe. No, they didn't. So please comment if you liked this movie so I can mull over why we are friends. Even my super cultured pals (B, I'm looking at you) could not like this movie. Maybe my film class has made me too critical. I mean I sat through Citizen Kane and now it seems as exciting as Inception compared to this movie.

My favorite comment about this movie from IMDB was, "Thsi film made me Agnostic. Because if there was a God he would never have let this movie be produced."

Maybe I'm being dramatic.

No, I'm not. It really was THAT bad. There are two hours of my life I will never get back and more importantly two hours wasted that could have been used on my capstone...



We are alive.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in CO.
And we are more than ready for Christmas break.
In between all the papers and studying we have found a little time for some fun. 

Margo's gorgeous pies and Steve's AMAZING advent calendar he made for each of us!

Us making a Thanksgiving centerpiece and a trip to the CO capitol.

Our floral design Christmas projects.

And a wonderful night in SLC!
 We went to the Nutcracker with the girls and then the boys joined us 
for dinner as Tucci's and a walk around Trolley Square. 

Just two more papers, two presentations, two final exams and Christmas break is here!


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