Drew Barrymore

Because I can't go a single night without him. Even if he is just in Salt Lake for a single night.

5. Singing really terrible duets in the kitchen which inevitably leads to a fight about whether Drew Barrymore is pretty or not (which she totally is, especially in this movie).

4. For heating up the blanket when it is freezing and then letting me have it just to start the process over with the next one.

3. Pizza is not only a totally desirable dinner, it is a lifestyle.

2. You let me decorate for the next season way too far in advance and you always say my hair is prettier than Zoey's

1. When all the cool kids are getting 711 hot coco, you convince me to go for the Double Gulp

So I guess I will just watch Pocahontas until I fall asleep to my favorite duet :)


Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been relatively good this year. Our house is pretty clean, I was nice to Bessi most of the time, I didn't hit Danny AND I didn't drop out of school. I admit I didn't do 90% of my assigned reading but I did all of the assignments! And I only intentionally skipped class twice...this semester. I go to work and only watch an episode or two on Netflix while I am there, but I go home before episode three (excluding PLL but can you really blame me for that?). Danny didn't miss a single month of Home Teaching and I really like my girls...but I found my own subs for RS teaching! We went home to Ogden to help my madre with some parties and we cleaned like crazy. I wrote several thank you notes that were less than three months late. So taking all of this into consideration here are some things I would like this Christmas:

Pinned Image KitchenAid KSM150PSPT Pistachio Artisan Series 5-quart Stand Mixer
                                                              Pinned Image Pinned Image

The HP series
Little Women
The Chronicles of Narnia (as separates)
B&N classics

Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Avonlea
Modern Family
Gilmore Girls
How to Train Your Dragon
Little Women

a gold watch
digital camera
Flip recorder
pea coat
HP mug
nail polish

Kitchen aid mixer
garlic press
wilton cake decorator
cookie sheets/cooling racks
mini muffin tins

several more med school acceptance letters
med school scholarship
Leather Boots
Burbury bag

and a baby.

                Love Always,



It's 5:34 AM. I can't sleep.*

No, I did not go see Breaking Dawn thank you very much. Speaking of, if you haven't read the blog Verbal Vomit you should. Her most recent blog about Twilight is hilarious and brings up some valid questions (outside o the whole vamp thing).

We watched Hannah tonight and it was lame but apparently freaky enough to give me weirdo nightmares. Ya, I'm a grown up. D is impossible to wake and quite frankly a little terrifying if he does wake up. Funny that such a sweet boy turns into a freaky zombie that I'm pretty confident would smother me on accident if I woke him up at the wrong hour of the night. Or maybe that's just the night terrors talking and his loud waking up yawns are scary to the paranoid version of myself.

Good thing I have blogger and an Iphone. So instead of waking up D I look up peoples blogs, particularly the ones with cute babies. Okay usually just rockstar diaries and my friend Annie's blog. She just had a baby and she posts the most hilarious things about baby Ella.

I also become irrational with these nighares. Our house is burning hot and I need to turn the thermostat down but obviously someone is out in the kitchen that will kill me before I get to the living room. I also almost called my little sister three times already because I'm pretty sure she is dead. I don't think I will ever get over that. Ever since I was 7 I started planning the escape route for me and Bessi in case of a fire/earthquake/murder. But that's hard now that I'm in Provo and she is in Ogden but I still feel responsible to rescue her. This post is getting weird.

The other thing I usually do cure night terrors is look up Harry Potter spells. Tonight when I opened the internet tabs on my phone there were four HP tabs open already. It must have been a real bad dream last time. But I never remember having them or what they were about. Good thing this one will have a post and live on and be imortalized on the internet forever! Or maybe just until morning when I realize how I sound like a lunatic.

No more Walking Dead for Michelle.

*I have now read this blog while awake and while it is still crazy I have at least fixed the words with way too many letters in them. Ex: uasuualley. Apparently I can't sleep or spell at 5 AM


Kerry Mortenson

And finally after all of the pouring rain of bad luck....

We got our first medical school acceptance!!

Basically, we are really, really, really excited.
Thank you Midwestern for making this morning awesome!

Thanksgiving break is in just 5 days.
We have tickets to Savior of the World this Friday.
My capstone paper is finally under control.
D gets put in a walking boot tomorrow.
Girls lunch at El Giro commences in 30 minutes.
And my husband is amazing!!!

It is a good, good day.


Frank Maroney

Sometimes things are hard. So I listen to mash-ups.

I wish this video was up for grabs now but unfortunately only the link is. 
I don't love Glee but I did love this. 

Everyone may be over Adele or whatever but she makes my heart ache.


Primrose Everdeen

Can't wait. Now, on to writing 35 pages this week....

p.s. When I attend this midnight movie, I will only have one more month until graduation! Yahooooo!



Sometimes I desperately miss having girl roommates/girl friends that I hang out with all the time.
Mostly on Saturdays.

My coworker was telling me how she had to watch two football games with her fiance last Saturday and how it felt like torture. We discussed why football is boring and how it doesn't make sense that boys want to watch it all day. My other coworker then chimed in, "add a trip to Home Depot and that is torture". They laughed and laughed. I did not.

Last Saturday I had two trips to Home Depot and watched at least five football games. I wish I could say this was a rare event but unfortunately this has become a trend of the last several months. Danny, Evan, me and triple meat pizza. What has my life become?

I sulked over this loss of chick flicks, BDPs, ice cream runs, 7/11 hot chocolate, making wishes at 11:11, trips to Vegas and shopping on the weekends for a couple of days. But then last night as I was watching Grey's (seriously!!! what the heck are the writer's thinking??) and painting my nails while Evan  and D did the study guide for floral design and then went to get a few pints of Ben & Jerry's I realized how lucky I am.

I seriously have the two best friends in the world; even if that means giving up my Saturdays so they can refuel their manliness tanks.


Dan, in Real Life

I'm a planner. I make plans. That is what I do. It's my self medication for my wacko problems.

The only way I could deal in high school was to color code my life. I wonder how much money my mom spent on coordinating pens, highlighters, notebooks, binders, sticky notes, planners, etc. And this went way beyond school. It included church activities/responsibilities, goals, scholarship applications, volunteer stuff, dances, friends gifts, party plans, prom and the whole nine yards.

The color code system led me to my five year plan chart. I have known every class I was going to take since before I got accepted into college (I plan for various results). I had a folder for if I went to Utah State, one for BYU-I, one for Weber and none for BYU because I did't even apply because I would never go there.....

Before I changed majors I did extensive research on classes, schedules, graduate schools, jobs, etc. A complete five year plan for the new major. Because obviously a few factors would change but the basics would always remain in place. I could change the means as long as I was left with the same ends.

For the past few months I have been making files on my laptop that include several life plans. One for if we don't get into medical school and one for each of my top five choices of medical schools. They extend to apartment information, LDS statistics, cultural information, favorite stores and restaurants, jobs possibilities, future residencies, etc.

Now. I have no plans.  It makes me shudder to even think that. The life I lead refuses to let me makes plans. It was a really hard week and basically one of the main foundations I have been building the current five year plans on has been shattered. So....what do I do now?

I plan to be surprised.
And learn to live with it.


Courtney and Ryan Child

We may or may not have been googling ourselves tonight....

Remember when this happened?
D is looking good and my Utah hair is rockin'. 
(if anyone knows these people...don't show them this blog)

Here is a video for your entertainment: How google is killing people.

Aziz Ansari - Willow Related Death
Aziz AnsariComediansStand-Up


Stefan Salvatore

I have always had a somewhat addictive personality. 
And I think it is a real problem.

When I get a great/good/even slightly crappy book series (Harry Potter, The Help, Twilight, Hunger Games) I do NOTHING else. I once skipped a week of class so I could finish a series. I missed one of my best friend's birthday party in middle school to read. I faked illness in elementary to read the Hardy Boys. Okay, so maybe this addictive personality is paired with some other really terrible traits....another thing for me to consider.

I am obsessed with a few baking items. Making a really, perfectly beautiful fondant cake. I dedicated about 5 months to this effort, reading books, blogs, websites and randomly stopping in bakeries to look at them. I also recorded about every episode of TV that had anything to do with cake for about two years. Learning to make deliciously flawless macaroons. This has been on the back burners for awhile because I'm so intimidated. But with a two inch binder full of all the good websites/tips/tricks printed out I think I will finally give it a whirl this December.

TV. A real problem. I have watched way more TV than I am proud to admit. It is just all this stupid technology like Netflix and Hulu  makes watching entire series so easy. It began with the USU girls (minus party pooper Mal) obsessing over the O.C.* my sophomore year. I never watched it in high school like all the cool people so I was hooked. Again, I missed a lot of school. I have also watched every episode of Grey's Anatomy (twice), Pretty Little Liars, Mad Men, Gilmore Girls The Walking Dead.....I will stop before we get to my really embarrassing shows AKA Secret Life of the American Teenager and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

For sake of time, class starts in 20 minutes I will forgo the addictive topics of game shows, the American Revolution, celeb gossip, blogging, movies and Johnny Depp. But there is a point to this post other than me realizing I have a problem and should probably change my habits and trade them for better ones....

I'm thankful for having an awesome husband who will spend his weekend watching Vampire Diaries 
from early in the morning to very late at night because even though it s a crappy series.....

*you know you have a real TV watching problem when there are too many overlap characters to deal with. Example: Julie Cooper showed up on Vampire Diaries last night and it wigged me out. Lorelei Gilmore is the same character on Parenthood but with a crappy daughter this time around. Ephram Brown is the wimpy cop on Rookie Blue and this one seriously bugs me. I spend the first few episodes just trying to sort out which characters belong where....


"Ham" Porter

So a friend of mine was checking out her blog stats
and looking up the key words that send people to her blog.
It made me curious about my own little blog so I checked it out. 
What is the number one phrase that sends people to my blog?

chubby redheads

Not only is that the number one phrase, it had 51 hits on it.
bahahaha I think that is hilarious! 

I think we will watch Sandlot tonight and dream about our future chubby redheads.

Also, have I mentioned how excited I am for Thanksgiving? Because seriously, I am so excited!


Jimmy Kimmel

I love Halloween! We went up to my parents house and made a sweet haunted house with all my sibs. I love that the Godfrey children just might never grow up. And I love all the in-laws for jumping in with both hands. We did have some seriously hilarious reactions (not including one girl punching Nicole in the face...okay maybe that was hilarious too). Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so I have no video or pictures of our night.

One of my favorite parts was the dads making their kids go through our haunted house. "Go! This is what Halloween is all about", "Come on. two-year olds are going through you baby!" haha. The parents were standing outside laughing their heads off at their kids. Love it.

But don't worry. Jimmy Kimmel has my back and made this hilarious video in the spirit of kids being hilarious on Halloween.Watch the whole thing, the kids at the end are my favorite part.

I plan on doing this to each of my kids separately so I can enjoy it multiple times.


Here's the thing about that place called Hades, outer darkness, perdition, Inferno,
 the great pit,  the dreaded underworld or as I like to call it Hell. 

Most people imagine this:

But I disagree. 
It's a place that is freezing cold, where you can't get Mexican food 
and I will be stuck with a '93 dial up computer 
doing annotated bibliographies for all time!!

Obviously, research paper time has arrived.
Welcome November. 

On a completely different note, I found this really, really awesome radio station in our rental car in Chicago. I drove around wondering why Utah radio sucks so bad because I love every single song on this station. Granted, I was in a foreign place driving around distractedly so I wan't really listening to the lyrics but just tapping my thumbs to the awesome music. Come to find out....it was a gospel rock station. So sue me. Apparently, i won't be banned to the underworld. 


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