Jonathan Perry


Sometimes getting away for just a couple days is all you need. We flew out on Thursday at 4ish in the afternoon (almost missing our flight because we just HAD to stop for Chipotle) and got in to Chicago around 8ish. Luckily, D is broken so he got wheeled around the airport, we got to skip all the security lines and we got to sit on the very front row of the plane, woot woot! Once we got there we went to get our rental car (which was awesome) and I had a minor melt down about how huge the city was and how much traffic there was and how I was sure we would die or be lost for days. To which my husband responded, "get it together Beverley". Classic. Anyway we made it to the hotel which was beautiful dropped our bags off and you guessed it went straight to get some deep dish pizza.

Giordano's is the best. It is super atmospheric especially during game six of the world series at the bottom of the 8th. Ya, I think it was Danny's dream come true. We ordered a 12 inch deep dish pizza that was ridiculous. When Danny saw it come out his face fell and he looked so sad. I asked him what was wrong and in the sulkiest voice said, "we should have ordered the 14 inch". haha crazy boy. But it was so fun to just be away, eating pizza, watching the world series and haning out with my boy.

The next morning was the big med school interview. D just got a new suit and he looked amazing! The picture did not do it justice. I dropped him off on campus and he was gone from 8-2. I went back to the hotel and read my textbook, finished my quiz and got a great start on my paper  and took a nap and hung out in the "business lounge" and a read a book. It was so relaxing.

 D's interview went really, really well and he loved teh campus and the university. It was pretty funny when everyone found out he was from Utah. One kid asked him about Jimmer, another about non caffeine and two about that "kid that got kicked off the team for having sex with his girlfriend". Then we went and just explored the city. There was so many amazing stores and restaurants and it was just gorgeous. It seemed like a place we would actually really love to live. 


We stopped and got a Christmas ornament for our collection (a total of three so far). I love that we are starting to collect things from places we have gone together. Danny gave me his heart, or just a really cheesy foam anatomy heart he got from the school, but I liked it either way.

So there is one option for our future life. Many more to come we hope!!


Rachel Cope

I'm currently enrolled in American Christianity and while I don't love the professor I do love the topic. Tonight while studying for the midterm (that I have to take tomorrow morning and haven't started on yet...) I came across a quote from Elder Holland that really moved me earlier in the semester and again tonight.

The Mormons have been thrown into the spotlight the past few months while Mitt and Huntsman duke it out for the Republican nomination, and with that comes positive and negative commentary on our faith. Ignorance is hurtful for all parties involved. Latter-Day Saints have been misunderstood from the beginning and I'm sure that won't be changing any time soon regardless of how many "Mormons are perfect and should be in charge of everything" articles the Washington Post pumps out. But often times the members offended by being called a "cult" are equally ignorant and equally hurtful to members of different beliefs, faiths and backgrounds. I'm sorry to say that some of the most hateful language that I have heard has come from the ignorant mouths of my fellow Saints and classmates here at BYU.

I hope the American people rise to the challenge facing us in the 2012 election and tolerance comes from all parties.

“To be sure, there is a risk associated with learning something new about someone else. New insights always affect old perspectives, and thus some rethinking, rearranging, and restructuring of our worldviews are inevitable. When we look beyond a man or woman’s color or ethnic group or social circle or church or synagogue or mosque or creed or statement of belief, when we try our best to see them for who and what they are, children of the same God, something good and worthwhile happens within us, and we are thereby drawn into a closer union with that God who is the Father of us all.”  - Elder Holland 


Michelle Collins

So my friend Jordyn posted these pictures on her blog today and I just had to share.  
They come from a haunted house in Canada that snaps a pic at the most terrifying moment. 

And then the necessary close up: 

Happy Halloween Week!
View more here


Jason Broderick

What a lovely fall day it was yesterday! We went to the BYU game with my best friend and her husband yesterday. Again D's broken leg got us some sweet hook ups. We were still in the upper bowl but we were on the very first row which meant extra leg room and a great view. 

We sat next to a dad and his three boys (two  gingers) and they were hilarious. The youngest one had BYU stamped on his forehead and spent the majority of the game flicking his $7 worth of fruit snacks at people. I hope we have a boy first. 

Selaina and I loved the game. I slept through the second quarter, the sun was just perfect, and it was possibly the best nap I have ever had. Laina walked back to the car to get her Anthro book so she could study. But we were both up for the marching band and they were seriously awesome. We took off during the 4th quarter and went to Texas Road House for some dinner.

Unfortunately, Danny's leg was killing him by 5:00 from walking all the way to and from the stadium so we missed our friends Halloween party. Bummer. None the less, it was a seriously good day. I miss seeing those Brodericks!


Christopher Robin

A while ago D and I went on a movie date. These are some of my favorites days, when we wait for all the right movies to be in the dollar theater and spend our entire Saturday at the movies. All we eat is popcorn and m&ms. Anyway, we saw Winnie the Pooh (I had been waiting and waiting) and it was adorable as promised.

While there I had a wonderful epiphany. Danny would be a really great Christopher Robin. My family is a little obsessed with Halloween....pictures to come in 10 days!! So I have a list of costumes that require children but I think the Pooh cast is now near the top of the list.

Of course it requires two children and a baby on the way so you will have to wait a few years for those pictures. Anyway if you haven't seen it yet, you should.



Today while in class I thought to myself, "life sucks".
So naturally I typed in "life sucks" to my google bar.
This is the first link that came up:


On this site people write little explanations as to why their life to sucks. Then other readers read it and vote on whether their life actually does suck or not.

While ignoring listening to the lecture on "The Blues" I started writing a paragraph on why my life sucks. It included things like three midterms, EFY, Fleur-de-Lis, stupid girls at FDL, being poor, Danny's broken leg, Danny's stupid crutches, medical school interviews, expensive travel, driving to Colorado instead of flying, our crappy broken down car, etc. It think you get the picture.

Anyway, thanks to this uplifting website and others pathetic stories....I came to a conclusion.

My life, in fact, is pretty awesome. Thank you internet for reminding me.


James D. Sinegal

An ode to things that make me very happy.

The monthly trip to Costco. Though today was a little bit of a bummer because all the motor wheelchairs were gone so I had to push the cart and D just had to wheel around behind me. But there were some delish samples, I restocked my diet coke store and there were some dang adorable children running around. We ran in to this kid several times and he was out cold the ENTIRE time! Hilarious. I can't wait to have kids (except that I am).

I know I have talked about this already but seriously the handicap pass is AMAZING! Last night we went to Panda on University and the parking there is horrible, but not for us. It also made out Costco experience even breezier. SO not to brag, but seriously you should consider breaking a leg....it might just be worth it. 

Did you notice the expiration date on this guy? April 2, 2012! Which means we will basically only have to walk to campus to take our finals.

Also, I really love my floral design class. And I love that D took it with me. He is the best and he is actually pretty good at putting arrangements together. Having flowers around the house all the time makes it seem more cheerful. Why did I go in to American Studies when I could have been dealing with plants this whole time?

And lastly, the weekend.  


Lena White

I am addicted to painting my fingernails. I went YEARS without painting them and even when I did paint them it would last about three days before I would pick it off. Then my curiosity would be satisfied and I wouldn't attempt painting them again for six months. But Jordyn got me started on it and now I can't give it up. 

Anyway the problem is is that I don't have the patience to wait for one coat to dry before I start the next. I blow on them and blow on them but I just put the next layer on whether they are tacky or not. I end up with bubbles or I go to sleep and they get imprints on them from the sheets so I'm forced to take it all off the next day and restart the whole process. 

Well last night as I was sitting with Danny watching Parenthood (isn't that show the best?) I started painting my fingernails gold. He knows I have a problem. I finished my base coat and my first coat of gold and blew on them for half a second. But as I started going for coat number three Danny just grabbed the hand closest to him and started blowing on my nails.

 It caught me by surprise. 

He didn't even look at me, he just kept watching the show and kept blowing on my nails. It is small moments like this that make me fall in love with him all over again. He helps me correct even my smallest flaws and thanks to him I have beautiful, bubble free, imprint free, golden nails today. It may be a silly thing but it brought tears to my eyes and I just sat and thanked God for letting me have a man that cares about the smallest details of my life. 


Betty Draper

I am loving this collection from Shabby Apple.
  I never really buy anything from there, but I would actually buy one of these if we weren't poor. 
So would Betts



 Ooooh. One day. This is what med school is for right??
Happy fall dresses day!


Dean Martin

I had a lovely day today. The weather was the perfect fall temp and it was so refreshing to be outside after being in with D for a week and a half.  I cleaned the house, made banana bread and listened to some classics before heading to class. Today while listening to a little Dean one of my favorites came on and it made me think of home. We love the movie Return to Me, probably because Bonnie Hunt's family is so similar to ours.

Over General Conference weekend me and my mom canned a bunch of spaghetti sauce and salsa. I got stuck blanching to tomatoes (I feel ya Becca!). So tonight I am making some spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and the sauce is delish. My mom is a wonder. She just throws everything together without a recipe and it is always amazing. Sometimes I see her in myself as I learn how to take care of a house and a husband. I hope that only becomes more true with time.

Bon Appetit!


Kristin, R.N.

Danny's surgery went great! It was routine and he hasn't had any complications. While he has to be in bed until Sunday and he will be on a scooter/crutches until Thanksgiving, we are feeling pretty lucky. He is already off his pain meds which is sad for me (he really, really, REALLY thinks I'm wonderful when he is on drugs). Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers!

Danny thinks he wants to live in a hospital forever. He has two "maids" that he only has to push a button and they dash to his side, he gets room service (he ordered two shakes, chocolate pudding, strawberry jello and sprite for dinner) AND they have the Game Show Network. Heaven.

But the best part of this whole ordeal is that we get two handicap parking passes that allow us to park anywhere.....yes ANYWHERE on campus. We will be parking in JFSB underground  ALL. WINTER. LONG!! Thank you husband for taking one for the team. I love you madly.


Jeffrey Smith, MD

What a wonderful weekend of making salsa with mama, playing BANG! with the sibs, making Halloween decorations, eating lots of yummy food and listening to inspired men. Too bad for D that the one time my family plays baseball in the backyard he is laid up in bed with his leg. General Conference was much needed in the Catts family and brought us a lot of peace and direction.

Danny goes in to surgery tomorrow afternoon. They are doing general anesthesia so it makes me really nervous. I have found out this week that I'm not great with personal crisis.  I cried the moment they said surgery and have cried every moment he has been in serious pain (which is about every 2-3 hours even with a cocktail of pills). I never knew I was such a baby. I guess I have changed more than I realized in the past year and a half. He is everything.

Keep Danny in your prayers!


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