Rich Uncle Pennybags

Last night Danny's foot was looking nastier than ever and the pain had become increasingly worse so we decided to head to the BYU Health Center this morning. What did we find out? It is not a sprained ankle at all, it is a spiral fracture to the fibula. Thank you Urgency Care Center at the Riverwoods for not even x-raying the correct part of his body.The biggest bummer is that D's leg and foot are so swollen now they didn't even have a split big enough for it! We meet with the Orthopedic surgeon this afternoon to figure out where to go from here but it is looking like a 6-8 week healing period. Maybe the boot will get him some pity point for his med school interviews??

The other outcome from the injury is our active participation in McDonald's Monopoly game going on until October 24th! I continually discover things about my husband and I think it is kind of adorable that he love playing McDonald's Monopoly. He is as sure today as he was 10 years ago that he will win the grand prize.

SO.....here are the pieces he needs to win for those of you that want to help Danny win since he has nothing going on for the next few weeks! (he says he will also take trades....ya he is serious)

Green: Pennsylvania Avenue
Light Blue: Vermont Avenue
Brown: Mediterranean Avenue
Red: Indian Avenue, Kentucky Avenue
Train: Reading Railroad,  Pennsylvania Railroad, Short Line
All of: pink, orange, yellow and dark blue

We will keep you updated on our collection.


Kid Rock

It is just one of those weeks where....

1. I miss class on Monday because I feel like garbage for the 8th day in a row

2. This guy tells me all of our brake pads are totally gone so now we have to pay $400 to replace the rotors

3. My husband jacks up his ankle so I miss class again on Wednesday

4. A bunch of idiots throw glass bottles around the Fleur-de-Lis so we have to chase them down at 11 o'clock at night

5. The idiots we find look like Kid Rock but I imagine Kid has better manners
(bring on the old adrenaline rush of the EFY days)

6. There is a pop quiz in the one class I did attend this week but the one class I didn't do the reading for. 

Happy Thursday everyone.


Johanna Rojas

What a beautiful night last night was! We were just sitting under the lights with the beautiful 'Y' mountain  as a back drop watching the husbands play some flag football. It was so fun hanging out with the awesome girls in my ward telling funny stories.....until people were yelling at me to turn around to see that my husband was broken.

Then we spent the rest of the night in the emergency care center at the Riverwoods (don't ever go there...) and then over at the ER and then on to radiology. It was a long night to say the least. Poor, poor husband.

I felt like a real wife though. I filled out all the forms and answered all the questions and I actually knew the answers without checking D's driver's license. However, I have been sick for about a week and I was coughing my head off while trying to answer the list of questions for the third person of the night. So what? I had to wear a stupid mask so I wouldn't contaminate the floor. Have you seen Contagion yet? Freaky but really good. 


His ankle may look like he contracted Elephant Syndrome but at least he gets to eat pizza and donuts right?


Elder Uchtdorf

What a wonderful weekend. D and I went to the BYU game with some of our besties and then got to hang out with long lost friends Syd and Spence. Seriously, it was so good to see  them!

 Saturday we met up with the Catts Family and went to Gourmandise, an awesome French Bistro that was delicious. The bakery was to die for so if you are in SLC any time soon you should stop by!

Then sisters and I went to the Conference Center to watch the General Relief Society session (and to get into the Ensign...). It was great to spend some time with them, it doesn't happen near enough. I loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk and appreciated the spirit that touched my heart. It was hilarious to sit in the Conference Center and listen to the women giggle at every thing he said. Mormon women just love him.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Dear Sophie

So D and I share our computers now. For awhile it was super annoying to have to re-log myself in every time I used Facebook or Gmail because he had been on previously. Yes, we have different user accounts but it is just annoying to switch every time we want to get on really quick. But then we discovered that he preferred Mozilla and I preferred Google Chrome. He swears Mozilla is more user friendly and that I'm just a sucker for Google ads....I think he might be right about one of those things.

These are my top three favorite Google Ads. Adorable. They maybe made me cry the first time I watched them. Enjoy and happy Friday!


Elizabeth Bennet

I have been feelings really...just....restless.

This probably comes from worrying/dreaming about the future so much. Maybe it is just because I am sick. Either way, my sweet husband decided we just needed to get out of town yesterday. So we headed up the canyon to see the fall leaves (we were a little early but it was beautiful! I love the fall) and walk around Heber City. It was so great to just get away, even if it was just up the valley for a few hours. 



Chick's homemade chicken noodle soup was just what I needed. 


Sterling Slocum

Life in the Catts house is crazy. Usually crazy fun but also just plain crazy sometimes. Danny finally finished up his secondary applications and is starting to hear back from schools. His first interview is in Chicago....is bad for me to be jealous? I wish we could afford for me to go to all the interviews with him. But alas I will stay in Provo and dream about the days we will travel together.

Speaking of medical school and expenses.....lets talk about the U.S. Airforce. 

Danny and I have been studying up on all the options to pay for med school and after months of consideration I think we are going with the Air Force. Yes, yes, I have claimed to be very patriotic for the past decade but now I know that I'm not. So much for being an American Studies major, I now know I do not have what it takes to be a patriot.  I am really excited about it! No, seriously I am. I never thought I would feel good about the military but I have been at peace about this for awhile now and feel really good about the decision. It will take a lot of the pressure off and make it more possible for me to be at home with the kiddie catts (just like my pops) and for us to be more financially sound.

We have talked to a few friends that are in the different branches that are in medical school and they all really love it. The pay back is not too bad and Danny is actually really excited about it. He would have said yes from day one if he wasn't worried about his basket case of a wife crying for the next ten years. But I am still researching and trying to find more people to talk to, know any one doing med school through the military we can talk to?

Keep your fingers crossed I stay sane enough to graduate this year, sometimes it feels like I will never make it.



As an American Studies major I have spent the past four years trying to understand our country, its history, our culture, our beliefs, our values and so on. We learn to ask the hard questions, to research, to form our own opinions and try to find answers based what we learned and from our own human experience. What is an American?What did the founders mean? What is racism in America?  What is patriotism?

I was in the 7th grade on September 11, 2011. I was only 12 years old. I was in the gym locker room when the older girls started talking about planes and New York but I didn't understand. My friends and I laughed all the way to 3rd period. As we entered the classroom I noticed how quiet everyone was being because that was very unusual for the drama room. Then I saw the TV at the front of the room and my teacher sitting in the corner crying. Even as I watched the footage I didn't understand what was going on or why Mrs.Long was so upset. In my next period, Utah History, there was no TV set. Ms.Sly just sat in front of the class and told us about when JFK was shot. She told us how you could have heard a pin drop in the lunch room. How sad even the small children were. But at a young 12 years old Ms. Sly explained to me what patriotism is. She said, "Patriotism is believing that the good in this country will always overcome the bad. When we hurt someone we will recognize it and make it right. When we are hurt we aren't afraid but courageous."

The urban dictionary says about patriotism, "Patriotism is perhaps THE single most effective political tool. This concept of patriotism, of being proud of one's country, is used to control and condition the opinions of the general masses." This is a common understanding of patriotism in our day and age. Everyone gets sick of the overdone statements, Facebook statuses, TV shows, songs, etc. Patriotism becomes flashy and commercial and we shy away from it. Mark Twain said, “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” Some disagree with our governments wars, elected leaders, laws or programs and so patriotism fails in frustration and discontent. You cannot study American history and ignore the wrongs that have been done. Many have suffered unjustly and found themselves unprotected by the great ideals that founded the United States. Tolstoy said of Patriotism, “The time is fast approaching when to call a man a patriot will be the deepest insult you can offer him. Patriotism now means advocating plunder in the interest of the privileged classes of the particular State system into which we have happened to be born.” It saddens me to realize how much negativity surrounds the word patriotism. My favorite quote on this subject is by Adlai Stevenson, “Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”

President Monson was a guest voice for the Washingnton Post just a few days ago. In his reflection of 9/11 he calls for consistency from people of faith. The same steady dedication that patriotism requires is required for faith as well. I loved this message about 9/11 from President Monson, everyone should read it and  reflect on this day.


James Taylor

Fall is finally in the air. I wish it would stay for months and months but maybe I wouldn't appreciate it so much if it wasn't so fleeting. I love walking around campus with crunching leaves, James Taylor playing on my ipod, boots on my feet and the crisp feeling in the air. The fall makes me want to live in Vermont and watch You've Got Mail and give someone a bouquet of "newly sharpened pencils". I feel more calm and more content, funny how a change in weather can do that to you. All the anxiety and drama surrounding the summer has gone with the new breeze and I am free to take long drives and dream about my life. I can curl up with a book and think of nothing but my future children's Halloween costumes and watch double features at the dollar theater with Danny. Oh, fall. How I have missed you.


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