Thank you garden for the amazing dinner. 
Best tomatoes I have had all season, and your basil isn't bad either!


Dicksy Rhoads

Life has been a blur this summer. Summer has been a blur for the last four years. EFY has finally come to an end. While I will still be in the office until I graduate (so I can train up the newbies that have no idea what they are getting themselves into....) my summers will be wide open. It is a bitter sweet moment.

I have met some really amazing people and youth through the EFY program (including my hubs). There are a million stories I wish I could recount. Too many phone calls and angry parent to remember. Favorite catchphrases I will never forget. Sneaking out and staying up late and working on no sleep at all. Disasters and solutions and laughing and dances. Fights, make ups, break ups and dances. Drama, drama, drama.

But most of all I'm grateful for how much I have changed and grown since the first moment I stepped through the doors of the Conference Center for counselor training. I was a terrified 19 year old that had zero skills and zero confidence and I am a better person for being a part of this program. So here is a little self indulgent post looking back at some of my favorite moments (or least favorite at the time and hilarious later).

To: Cal. Matty J. Brittan. Hailey. Paige for understanding. Eric. Perfect Ben Hilton. Syd. Sambo. Fat Dan. Benji. Jill. Erin. Shanna. Sister Shupe. Suzie. Kelsey. Aaron. Kasey. Big Spoon. Eric D. Dru. Jaron. Shuan. Liz. Amber. Ryan. Brian. Sweet Husband. Annie. Michael. Jordyn for keeping me sane. Stevo. Jared. Mike. Chuckles. Jenna. Lindsay. DeeAura. Jenny. Karissa. Lauren. Dicksy for being the best boss ever. GT. Emily. Nicole. Amber. Ryan. Erin. SJ for always laughing. Katie for unfailing friendship. And B for more than you know.


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