Hermoine Granger

I just bought midnight tickets to Harry Potter! I have been holding out telling myself I don't reeeeally need to see it at midnight. But that is what I told myself last time and what happened?? Danny, Bessi and I drove to Spanish Fork at 11:30pm and stood in a huge line in the freezing cold....so worth it. So I have officially caved and I am so excited! We got lucky and found enough seats to go with our besties at a Megaplax (since I do not want to stand in line for four hours) in South Jordan! Woot woot!

Doesn't it look awesome! I am so excited. Also what is the deal with JK Rollings new website/count down? She is such a tease.

Travis Wall

Everything Travis touches turns to gold. I'm in love with his latest piece and I am loving this season.


Little Kate

I can't believe it is already June! How time flies. Danny took the MCAT and applies for med school in just two weeks!! Here are just a few things we have been up to

We went to the Real game with some ward friends,

we had a barbecue with my high school besties (how I miss seeing them!),

and we went to the Zoo with Kate (she is so adorable and so hilarious). 

Now we are off to Colorado for the weekend to see Danny's folks, move my sister/brother-n law 
to Colorado and check out the med school there. 
Keep your fingers crossed for a Rockies win and good weather!


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