Ted Ryser

Today is the big day.

Danny takes the MCAT at 1:00 and then our fate is decided. 



Jane Eyre

I love summer because I finally have time to read good books again. This past week I read the Hunger Games again since it is this month's book club selection. Of course I got hooked and read the whole series, I forgot how miserably good it is. It will be interesting to see how the movie turns out, I hate when movies fail and ruin what I first imagined about the book. Here is a picture of Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) for the 2011 movie:

I read Jane Eyre in high school and don't remember much about it other than really loving it. My mom and sisters came to Provo yesterday and we went and saw the movie.  It was gorgeous but I really did not love Mia Wasikowska. Luckily, Mr. Rochester (Michael Fassbender) was a total fox. I would recommend seeing it 
though, it was beautifully done. 

Anyway, I need more books to read. Suggestions?


Emily Stott

I love great deals for things that I really want. I have been waiting to make a wedding book for ages and now I finally have the chance! But I have to order by tomorrow so the crunch is on!

Check it out! I really like the site (even in its beta phase) better than Shutterfly. More options, cuter layouts, more pictures and better prices. Wahooo!

Thanks for the tip Emily!


Zev Glassenberg

I love this commercial. I laugh every time it comes on. This is one reason we tell ourselves we don't need to spring for a DVR. Anyway speaking of Travelocity...

Are you watching the Amazing Race? Because you really should be! Zev and Justin are our favorite team and we are really hoping they at least make it to the finale. Zev has Aspergers and is possibly the funniest person on television. I wish I could find a better clip of him but here is a sample:

Any good summer shows that people are watching? We need a new something to watch....


Uncle Scot

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Anniversary weekend was so wonderful and just what I needed after a stressful semester. Danny had been planning the surprise for a while (he doesn't have a great track record for surprising me) and he totally pulled it off! Thank you to my AMAZING Uncle Scot for hooking us up and making this weekend possible!! I will spare you the details (maybe) and give you the highlights.

First we went yo dinner at Cucina Toscana in Salt Lake. It was amazing and such a fun evening. We had the waiter order our first course which made me nervous. Then I had the best ravioli of my WHOLE LIFE! not that pre-made, Olive Garden crap but that really thin, fresh, spinach and cheese kind. They cover your plate with shredded parmesan at the table then dish the ravioli's onto the plate and pour this red sauce made in heaven over it. I thought I was going to start crying the first few bites it was so good. I'm sure this is the reason Europeans eat slowly, they don't want to miss a bite or minute of the experience. Seriously, this place is amazing! 

Next time you have a really nice event and want an amazing and unique experience this is the place! The waiter explains all the sauces and smells and ingredients and the whole ordeal. They check your coat and drop the napkin on your lap, brush the crumbs off the table before the next course and serve each table a different house compliment from the chef (luckily we got the best bruchette of my life). It is just so fun to get all dressed up and go to an amazing restaurant every once in a while. I wish I would have taken pictures so you could see it dish by dish. At the end they bring you these little tiny mugs of a rich chocolate drink and a few pieces of piscotti - AMAZING. When we left the restaurant the parking lot was fun of BMWs, Maseratis, Porches and Bentleys. Our old, dirty suburban was easy to find...

My favourite part of the restaurant though was the mad hatter walking around. The owner is this insane guy that walks around the place kissing everyone like every guest is his best friend. The place was so homey and I can't wait to go again next year (because we could definitely only afford to go once a year). 

Then we drove up the mountain to Snowbird. It is so exciting staying at hotels and getting away from the house. I didn't appreciate travelling like I should have when I was with my parents. Even though it is spring time it was magical to spend the weekend up in the snowy mountains. Our room had a view that looked like we were inside of a snow globe and it was so peaceful. But my favourite part was the Spa access we had. We spent 80% of our time there pretending we were rich. We loved the rooftop hot tubs and pool looking over the mountains. Danny loved the eucalyptus steam room but I felt like I was getting water boarded, I suffered through 10 minutes of it before I left panicking that I was going to die. We spent time in the Solarium Relaxation Room drinking herbal tea and looking at statues of Buda and dreaming about what the future would bring. We finished the weekend with a personal Yoga lesson, the weekend turned me in to a granola I admit it. It was just the most relaxing and hilarious weekend ever!


We watched Burlesque (even worse than I imagined) and a few other movies. I brought a bunch of pictures of our first year and we went through and picked out our favourite memories and but them in our new "anniversary photo album". This is a new favourite tradition of mine. It was so fun to look back at our first 5K, Halloween, cutting down our first tree and so on and write about the experiences. We played battleship, put on fake tattoos, ordered room service (we split a hamburger and fries and lived off a bag of chips for the entire weekend, cheers to being poor!) because and just laughed and enjoyed being together.
                  On a side note, the next best tradition we have come up with is our coin jar. For the last    year we have made sure to put all our spare change in the jar with the agreement that whatever we have on our anniversary would be our anniversary budget. This year we had $118.60, not much left to feed ourselves with after our really nice dinner---so worth starving the rest of the weekend! Thank goodness for the free herbal tea in the spa room!

 I love being married. If we are as happy as we have been in the first year of marriage then I will be the most blessed woman in the entire world. 

And again thank you Uncle Scot for making this weekend possible for us!


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