Natalie Bliss

I have an eight page paper that was due yesterday....and I still haven't started. So I think blogging would be the most beneficial way to spend my time.

This is not an anti-BYU post. I have come to accept and enjoy my life here in Provo, Utah (something I never thought would happen). There are a lot of wonderful things about this school that I would have missed out on if I had stayed at Utah State.

Six Things about USU that BYU needs
6. Dr.Pepper:  Seriously. This is officially driving me insane. How am I supposed to get through finals?

5. Poetry & A Beverage: This is an event that I really loved and regret never having the guts to participate. I love how chill it was, how legit the performances were, how outrageous some performances were, the delicious coco and wonderful company on many a late evenings in the TSC.

4. Lunch For A Buck: Seriously. I ate so much better at USU. Lunch for a buck was delish and kept alive during finals. I also miss the Marv & Joe offered at the Hub. So good! I have started making them at home because I miss them so much. Hooray for walking tacos!

3. Test Vending Machines: Why don't they have these at BYU??? I have tests at 7:00am but the Twilight Zone doesn't open until 8:00 and my classroom is another 10 minutes away. There are vending machines all over campus, it would be very easy to just put a few blue books in them. Throw us a bone Samuelson!

2. Quadside Cafe/Library:  I LOVE. L.O.V.E. LOOOOOOVE the USU library. It is gorgeous and there are so many windows! It is an art form. I never truly appreciated that library until I came to the old, smelly, dark HBLL. Also I loved the smell of the USU library (it smelled like coffee from the cafe so I don't expect BYU to fulfill this wish) and it was so comforting. But how awesome was it to have a cafe in the front of the library with soup, cold sandwiches, paninis, coco, drinks...etc. I love that USU actually believes its students are adults and won't run in to the computer section and pour soda all over the key board. The NOSH is a total joke. They say you can have food in there but I totally got kicked out for having a Jamba. Oh, Quadside Cafe how I miss you! I also miss Saturday morning cartoons in the big viewing room where we could bring cold cereal and watch classic old toons with other Aggies.

(I couldn't find a great pic but here is just one side, look at all the windows!!!)

1. Natalie Bliss: I seriously miss my Logan friends. I need more girlfriends in my life. Big Spoon and SJ Lost date nights are sorely, sorely missed.


Stephanie Tanner

So I really like TV. Lets talk about TV families. We have the Tanners, the Mathews, The Bradys and now the Dunfeys. What do all of these families have in common? Lame middle children.

Why is it that screenwriters can't make a really funny, cool, stylish middle child? Instead we get Jan Brady with her nasty braces and glasses that is never funny and never has a date. It's all Marsha, marsha, Marsha.

Then we have Stephanie Tanner who is the biggest baby, always tattling on someone, always following DJ and her cool clothes and boyfriend around, and is always saying, "How rude." which is annoying not funny.

Cory Mathews may have a girlfriend but he has the worst hair, no clout and is a total geek. Good thing Shawn is his bestie or he would have gotten beat up everyday in high school. Shawn, ya he is not the middle child.

And with all the progress this world has made the newest "Modern Family" has followed this horrible trend and made Alex Dunfey a total bust. Alex is only on every few episodes as she is frantically running to her room to do homework. Modern Family is the funniest show on TV and they can't even make a middle child funny.
Apparently, we middle children have no hope. I wish I had a picture of myself in 6th grade. Unfortuanatly I match the "middle childe" trend. I think I should watch less TV as it seems to have become personally offensive. Everytime Alex comes on the screen I force myself to laugh hysterically and watch Danny from the corner of my eye waiting for his reaction. He doesn't laugh. But as soon as Hayley or Luke or even Lilly come on he is laughing his head off. I give him the silent treatment for the next 30 minutes and nurse my wounds. I mean I'm cool....I'm funny.....but my huge glasses and braces all through middle school looked a lot like Jan Brady's.....


Farouk Shami

                                         In loving memory...

I must take a moment to mourn the passing of a good friend. My heart is broken. To lose a friend that has been with you for so long and seems impossible to replace weighs a heart down.

My dear friend that has seen me in my good moments and my bad moments. She was there for all my dances, big dates, key moments, graduation, college, and even my wedding. She was my favorite roommate, and she has been there for it all. She has grown up with me. She will be sorely missed as I have already discovered in the past two days. We knew each other so well and I am confident I will never love another like her.

If I see you in the next week or so please understand my appearance as this is a great loss and will take time to recover from.

Here is to you my dear friend.

You are missed.


Frederick Keonig

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, 
but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”

I'm just happy. We have had such a good week. It has been one of those really humbling weeks when the Lord seems to make a point of showing us how blessed we are. 

On Friday me and Danny went on a craft date. We went to the DI which is always so much fun. I got some things for a craft I have been waiting to do for ages and Danny found a DVD/VHS player for $15 that works like a charm. Then we went over to Hobby lobby for a few  hours minutes. I got some awesome fabric and a few other things and finally finished off my gift card I got for my birthday. I am not a HUGE crafter but there are some things I have been wanting to make. I think making things is therapeutic and makes me feel more accomplished than just doing my everyday work. 
[But there were a few women there making crazy things that would be so much easier and so much cheaper to just buy at Walmart. I am all for crafts if I am saving money or making something that is really awesome and not to be found at Target but sometimes people should just skip the crafternoon and buy something. ]
My husband is so sweet and so patient and didn't even complain when it took me  45 minutes to find just the right combination of fabrics or the hour we spent matching paints. I love him. 

WARNING: This has Festival of Colors pictures so you haters can skip this part if you want.

On Saturday, like 10,000 other people there, we went to the Festival of Colors yesterday. We went to the Indian Palace for lunch. I was nervous because I am a HUGE baby when it comes to new food and the place smelt really weird. But in the end I actually loved it, who knew? I am a grown up! We got out of there a little late and the traffic was horrible the entire way to the Festival. We got there just as they were doing the countdown to throw the chalk. I forget every year how much I actually don't like this event. I feel like I am going to die as I inhale bright yellow chalk and I won't be surprised at all if we all get cancer. But it was so wonderful to see friends. Selaina & Jason came up from Layton, Syd and Spencer came from Salt Lake, Evan and a few friends met us there and we just had a great time being together. 

How could i not fall in love with this guy....

Poor Lania got a mouth full of it. Make a note to never laugh during this event.

After the festival we went home and tried to get the chalk off us forever. Then we went bowling (I actually didn't suck as much as usual), went to Maceys for groceries and ice cream and then watched Mega Mind. We love dates with Evan.

Anyway, to continue on with my happiness we move to Sunday. On the way to church we realized we hadn't cleaned all the chalk out of the car so I had to sit in the back seat while Danny drove. The ward gave us a really hard time for that since everyone thought I was just really pissed at Danny (even then we didn't manage to show up to to church chalk-less). I am constantly surprised by how awesome our ward is and how loved we feel there. I really love Sundays. Also we are going to Sydney and Spencer's house for dinner tonight! So excited to see there new place!

So here is just another post about things happening that aren't all that interesting to anyone but me. What a wonderful life!


May Whitman

I have been contemplating cutting my hair off for at least three years now. I feel like things are finally coming together and now is the time! I need to just do it before I talk myself out of it again. So here is what I am thinking about:

So really the decision is just how short to take it and how to cut in my bangs....I worry because my hair is curly so I'm afraid I might look like this in the end but I have to do something. My hair has been driving me crazy and it is finally time. So wish me courage!


Paul, Yash, Marty, Sahil and Ben

Lets talk about Pinterest. What was at first bored, then fascination, then inspiration, then obsession has now moved into the implementation stage. This has all happened within a week. So all you bloggers out there, listen to me now. Pinterst.com is the greatest website ever. There is so much great stuff on there and then you save it to different boards and you have all the great ideas in one spot. Thank you Paul, Yash, Marty, Sahil and Ben for this lovely invention. Anyway you have to use it to love it. I'm done advertising now.

Tonight I implemented my first Pinterest find. How great are these nails?? I didn't think it would really work but it is so easy and they really look great! I will give instructions here since you have to be a member of Pinterest to get the full details (plus the website was in French so I had to Babble the whole site pretty intensely to get the actual meaning).

Steps to Sweet-A nails:
1. Paint your fingernails a solid color as usual (I would suggest a light color so you can see how dark the print is getting)
2. Let them dry completely!
3. Seriously, let them dry, dry, dry (you should see my thumb)
4. Cut up strips of newspaper*
5. Dip a single finger in rubbing alcohol (it should be pretty wet, don't blow on it at all--you should see my index finger...)
6. press a peice of newspaper to your nail, make it match the curve of your nail
7. Hold it for about 3-5 seconds (this takes some experimentation, too short and you only get a few words, too long and the paper gets stuck to your nail and you have to start all over again).
8. Repeat on each finger
9. Put on a clear top coat

*I found that black and white works best. I tried to put a color picture (okay, okay Jimmer's face may or may not be on my finger) but it was really faint even though my base oat was a pretty light pink.

Happy painting and Pinterest-ing!




“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else.”

I really doubt that Budda said this but the internet says so. But you get the point and my hands hurt too much. 


Nat Cope

My cousin once gave me this recipe and I will love her forever for it. So if you can't decide what to make for dinner, this is it! So delish. They make me feel like a somewhat healthy person (maybe because Nat is ia size -3) and Danny eats them like apples (and he gets full!). He is messy just like a little boy no matter what he is eating but it is adorable. Sometimes in little moments like that it almost knocks me off my feet how much I love him.

6 large green peppers
1 28 oz can diced tomatoes/ S&W ready cut tomatoes are excellent
1 lb. beef
1 large onion
1/2 cup water
3/4 long grain rice
1 tsp. worcestershire sauce 4 oz colby jack cheese

Brown meat and chopped onion
Add tomatoes, water, rice and sauce
Cover and simmer for 15 minutes
Then stir in cheese

Cut off lids of green peppers and boil peppers for 6 minutes

Fill peppers and bake for 20-25 minutes at 350


Steve Chen

I really love YouTube.
Thank you Steve Chen for giving the human race access to sharing their stupidity.


Anton Chekhov

"People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy."  ~Anton Chekhov

What garbage. This quote, I am certain, is why no one knows who Anton Chekhov is. 

I am going to have an awesome garden this summer made entirely of basil and tomatoes. I plan on all meals being made in big bowls and eating off pieces of bread. No utensils required in the summer time. 

I always want to wear a big beach hat but never have the confidence for it. Maybe this year.

If summer had a taste is would taste just like a Dole Pineapple Whip. 

I can't wait to get my flip flop tan lines back. 

I love sitting on the cement when it is warm and licking my push up pop. Perfect day. 

I plan on going on lots of picnics this summer. Lots of playing in the park. Lots of playing catch. Lots of bike rides. And lots and lots of picnics. 


Nick Johnson


Forgetting my BOM exam was Monday was as devastating as I thought it would be.
Constitution went pretty much as expected as did New Testament.
Revolutionary America is awesome.
American Folklore is for hippies.

I was so stressed out with midterms I totally ruined the surprise I planned for D. I have never successfully achieved a surprise because I am incapable of keeping a secret. i can't not tell him because I am so excited! But not this time, i sure did not tell him my plans. I bought tickets to Chanticleer, a mens a'capella choral group, for March 1st. That was yesterday.  I had a horrible migraine so i went home and did a little homework, took a shower and slept while Danny was at MCAT prep. He came in around 6:30ish and told me that his sister was coming down for the Chanticleer concert. I held back my horror because clearly march 1st was Wednesday , right? I grabbed my laptop looked at my confirmation email and you guessed it - the concert started in five minutes. So I had to cancel all my sneaky plans to completely surprise Danny, yelled at him to put a tie on while I wrapped my soaking wet hair into a bun. We raced over and got seated about 20 minutes late. SURPRISE!

Oh, well.midterms make me crazy.

"What do you call a doctor at the bottom of his class? Doctor. What do you call an American Studies major at the top of the class? Unemployed. So what does it matter if we get C's?" - Nick, a kid in my major that made me not feel bbad about being an idiot.


Jim Elliot

A co worker sent me to this site today. So great. 
On this particular blog there is a quote by Jim Elliot that I really love.

Wherever you are, be all there.

I think this is a good goal for me.

We had stake conference this past weekend which was really fantastic. The choir sang the most beautiful version of "We Thank Thee of God for a Prophet", a kid in our stake write it which makes me sad because now I can't buy it off ITunes. How about being that talented?

Anyway it was one of those meetings that makes you feel like you are being repeatedly hit in the stomach with a two by four. The seventies wife, Sister Peiper spoke twice and I loved her. She told us about having six kids, a beautiful home in Virginia and loving her life there. Then her husband went on a business trip and came home and suggested they move to Kazakhstan. She told him no, no, no.

I don't want to move far away for medical school. I continually tell my Danny no, no, no. I love being close to my family and I don't want to have my first baby so far away from them. I don't want to miss out on things. I don't want to be all alone in some city I don't know, with no friends, no family and a husband that works a million hours every week. No, no, no.

Sister Peiper had a lot of really good reasons to not move her family to Kazakhstan. For one, it was Kazakhstan. She had six kids, one of which was going into his senior year and another with serious disabilities. But she finally said yes just to pacify her husband and when she did she knew it was right. 

As a little girl I dreamed of the red brick house with black shutters, a big back yard with the white picket fence. I dreamed of fruit trees and a garden and big birthday parties with all the cousins. I hoped my siblings would all stay somewhat close together and our kids would be best friends and we would have Sunday dinner at my parents house once a month. No, no, no.

When she finished speaking we sang this hymn:

"It may not be on the mountain’s height, or over the stormy sea;
It may not be at the battle’s front my Lord will have need of me;
But if by a still, small voice He calls to paths I do not know,
I’ll answer, dear Lord, with my hand in Yours,
I’ll go where You want me to go."

Yes, I'll go where you want me to go. 


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