So someone (Brandon, Brian, Eric or Jessica) got on Danny's Facebook last night and wrote his status as "Danny Catts IS SO EXCITED WE HAVE A BABY ON THE WAY!!!" I know everyone gets their FB status hacked and this is not the first time a fake pregnancy has been announced but it still sucks. I went to bed early so when I woke up I had 5 messages from people freaking out that I didn't call them. Shouldn't people know by now that those statuses are 98% fake? Geez.

And people should be more cautious about stealing FB statuses. What if I really was pregnant and you ruined it for me by announcing it? I have the worst siblings in the world.

But mostly the whole thing just makes me baby hungry. I get so jealous of my cousins, girls in Relief Society and random people in the grocery store. Oh, well. So here is our 'morphed' baby....lets hope Henry doesn't turn out looking like this. But I must say I think this is one of the cuter Morph babies :)

This on the other hand is totally acceptable.

So give me a couple of years and I will be oh so happy to announce a REAL baby on the way.

P.S. We have officially been married for 9 months...and we just sent out all our thank you notes yesterday. Pathetic.


Justin Bieber

This is what I feel like. Unfortunately, I look much worse that this. You can avoid sick roommates but sick husbands are more contagious than Justin Bieber at an EFY dance.




So I'm a little obsessed with Craftaholics Anonomous. I can't for the day that I am finished with homework and get to craft instead. I am hopefully getting my first sewing machine for my birthday which is super exciting. I have a file full of things I have been waiting to make. Linda (head of CA) is giving away a Silhouette digital cutting machine, which I want more than my first child. But alas $300 is not something I can afford at this point. Here is to wishing!!

Check out these amazing things I could make with a Silhouette:

Oh.....one day.

P.S. Adorable pillow up there was made by my good friend Sydney. What a crafty woman.


Camille DeVries

In the midst of a bitter cold January, here are the things that keep me feeling like spring time:

Some else that thinks this is the best possible options for breakfast.

Planning our graduation trip (Spring 2012 baby).

The Golden Globes

Clean laundry (not the process but the outcome)

Reading this book

Drawing my garden plans for the summer/searching what plants survive Utah dry heat and are hardest to kill

Thinking about what to ask for my birthday (19 days people!)

Oh, and moving into our new AWESOME house.


Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice spoke at a forum yesterday at BYU. I absolutely loved it. I found her inspiring at rejuvenating. I wish I could do any justice to what she had to say yesterday but if you were there you get it. If not, you seriously missed out. Here are a few gems that stood out to me:

"America stands for the proposition that every man, woman and child deserves to live in freedom."

"It is necessary to integrate your knowledge of what is with your faith of what can be."

"What once seemed impossible, in retrospect seems inevitable." 

Rice also encouraged students to do three things:
1. Find your passion, not just your interest or major - Check.
2. Study abroad, learn a language - Why didn't I go to China? Why didn't I learn French?
3. Do something hard - Econ/stats....check. But I think a stipulation was to do well....half a check?

I loved Rice's words to the students but I also loved the end when she talked about so many events of the past like the Revolution, the Berlin wall coming down, the Mormons, etc. and how at the time it seemed so impossible but now they all seem like inevitabilities. I loved it. I love a speaker that understands who her audience is and appreciates their strengths. I love a speaker that has had incredible experiences but focuses on the smallest moments of her life instead of the things that make her famous.

It made me sad to see the protesters. Don't get me wrong, I love that people have the right to protest and that people are passionate enough to do it. I don't care that they disagree with some policies that Rice agrees with or even if they disagree with what I believe in. What makes me sad is that people choose to ignore the good in people they disagree with. So much of what Rice said yesterday was about the American Dream, about being students, about being people of faith. That is something that the protesters could agree with. If I have learned anything this year in my classes it is to find the common ground between the two sides and take as much goodness from both as you can.We may disagree on the way we implement law, freedom and equality but we all stand for those things. Republican or Democrat. Black or white. Male or female. The sooner we stop suggesting that the OTHER side is too ignorant, unintelligent, stubborn, close minded, greedy, etc. to understand that OUR side is right, the better.


Ali Fedotowsky

So we have been watching The Biggest Loser lately and we really like it. I think Jillian is terrifying but I am seriously impressed that people will go on national television, act like normal people (unlike the crazies on the Bachelor right now) and totally expose themselves. I respect a person that can admit they are out of control and need help and then work their tails off to make their lives better. But someone please explain to me why the women have to wear sports bras for the entire weigh in and the guys get to keep their shirts on??

The green team, not my favorite, but has anyone else noticed that Jen looks like a bigger version of Ali Fedotowsky from last year's Bachelor? Now these pictures I am posting don't do either of them justice but if you are watching these shows...check it out. I am serious. Sisters.

They look more a like when Jen smiles.  It is more than the blond hair. Check it out for yourself. 

p.s. We move TOMORROW! That means we can actually watch TV and not have to wait until the next day to watch it on Hulu! Woot woot!


Rachel MacAdams

I love Saturdays. Yesterday, when we woke up I asked Danny what our plan was for the day. Danny said "W,ell lets go to the dollar theater". So I got out the laptop and we sat in bed and looked through our options. There were a couple we have been waiting forever to see and a couple that sounded fun,...hard decision.I wanted to be nice and let him go to Secretariat, he has been so excited about seeing it. I also wanted to be selfish because I have been waiting FOREVER to see Morning Glory. I told him to make a decision.

We went to a 1:20, a 3:35 and a 7:40. We laughed like little kids the whole day. It was a perfect day.

p.s. Two of us saw three movies for the price of one of us going to the regular theater. Best $7.50 we ever spent. Also I love Rachel McAdams. And Harrison Ford.


Jill Rudy

I am completely in love with my classes. I love when I can do class reading at night and feel like I am absorbed in the Hunger Games. That is when you know you picked the right major. Here is my amazing schedule:

8:00 American Revolution (Best thing I could wake up to)
9:00 Book of Mormon (I went through five teachers in two days....)
10:00 Constitutional History (We watch To Kill a Mockingbird today. Best approach to the Constitution ever!)
11:00 New Testament (Bro.Griffin from USU is teaching....couldn't be happier.)
12:00 American Folklore (My 20 page paper is on my grandmother, we eat food every Friday and my text book is a childrens book about Johnny Appleseed)

NOTHING! Woot, woot! This is going to be the best semester ever.

Jill Rudy is the head of the American Studies department and the professor of my American Folklore class. I have had two classes with her and she is already on my top 5 favorite professors of all time list (not to be confused with the top 5 funniest professors of all time....in which case Professor Sedarholm take 1st, 2nd and 3rd place). Today, we signed up to meet with her for an introduction meeting. She wrote one question on the whiteboard and said we would talk about the answers for 15 minutes but think about them for the rest of our lives.

What are you doing with your degree?

At first I thought, nothing. Danny is going to med school which eliminates me going to grad school. Not only would it be next to impossible to get accepted to the same school or some school near each other, it would also be somewhat impossible to get out of debt afterwords. 

It would be amazing to attend George Washington University (the original dream) and get into their historical preservation program, live in the heart of my homeland, continue going to school (which I love the majority of the time), get a Masters Degree and end up working in some amazing museum on the east coast. So why did I give it all up so easily? 

I have this image in my mind. It becomes more clear everyday. I can almost  hear the crowd chattering. I can almost see my parents a little older and a little grayer. I can almost feel the antsy child on my lap. I can almost feel myself holding back the tears that have built up over years of stress, frugality  loneliness, the long hours and the impossibilities. I can almost see that orange hair popping out among the schools of black robes.

What am I doing with my degree?

Something much bigger than I ever dreamed for myself.


Katy Perry

Why does everything Katy Perry sings become immediately addictive? They are horrible lyrics and horrible messages directed specifically to my beloved youth. But I listen to her songs anyway. I justify the songs in my head, I sing them in the shower and I put them on my playlist. Today I found a cover of "Teenage Dream" done by Boyce Avenue.


Boyce takes a catchy tune about sex and turns it into a beautiful song about love. I am impressed. I honestly like this version better and not just because the he changed the words. I listened to a lot of his other covers today and any song that was once offensive gets cleaned up. I appreciate an artist that makes good choices and does not fall to the filth around them. So thank you Boyce Avenue for making great music and reminding me I need to clean up my own music. Hollywood should really take a cue from these guys.

p.s. If you like his stuff BUY his CD. Don't steal it. He totally earned it.



So I was going to do a "looking back on 2010" post, then I was going to do a "the end of a decade" post, then I thought of posting a few of my New Years resolutions.....but none of that happened. I did look through pictures from the last ten years and Danny had a lot of laughs at my expense.
        - I graduated from high school
        - I went to USU and found some amazing new friends and amazing experiences
        - I got involved in the EFY program, that changed my life. (And not just because I found Danny).
        - Three of my siblings went and returned from missions   
        - I took the jump and transferred to BYU
        - I went to Vegas, Hawaii, the Cayman Islands, Florida, California, New York and Mexico.
        - My two best friends got married
        - Two of my siblings got married
        - I fell in love and got married

Then we looked through pictures from this past year and I think I fell even more in love with him looking back through the year we found each other. I never dreamed I would end up this happy.

Then I read through all my new goals for 2011 (I know some say resolutions are dumb but I feel like this is one bandwagon I am proud to be on. Better to try and be better than stay the same in the name of non conformity). I then read through my goals from last year and realized my goals this year are pretty much the same. So I decided to throw out my list of weight loss, scripture reading, thank you notes, journal writing, better grades, kinder words....etc. I made one goal.

"Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not"

I am a person consumed by fear. Consumed by worry. Consumed by doubt. This year is going to be different. I am going to trust my Heavenly Father more than I ever have before and let Him take away my worry. It won't be easy but neither is living like tomorrow our house will burn down, my husband will die, we won't get in to medical school, I won't ever be as thin as I want to be, I won't pass my courses.....and on and on and on. This is the year of optimism.This is my year of Nephi.


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