Sam Flynn

So we went and saw the midnight showing of Tron last night. Evan was a like a little boy he was so excited about it. We went up to Jordan Commons so we could see it on the Imax in 3D. I must say, that even though Tron is not my type of movie, that it was seriously awesome. But more importantly, there was a preview for "Born to be Wild" a movie about baby animals in Africa that is narrated by Morgan Freeman. Yes, people it is also in 3D and it looked incredible. It is amazing how far technology has come and I can't even imagine what movies will be like in 20 years (However, Tron did teach me not to push the limits of technological advances).

On a different note, it is crazy how little progress we have seemed to make in other areas. On our way home from Tron we saw some smoke coming from the Center Street area in Provo. We drove over to see what was happening and realized it was the tabernacle that was on fire. We got there around 3:00ish in the morning and the smoke was billowing out of the windows and roof. We drove around to different spots and tried to guess at the damage. It was so sad to see such a gorgeous building and a state landmark burning to the ground. As we sat there and watched it burn (listening to a song from Inception which made the whole thing so much ore epic...) I was amazed at the fact there was nothing the firefighters could do. In the last 300 years we have moved from the town getting buckets to designated people using hoses...an improvement but still not impressive. I woke up this morning to watch the news and found out the Tabernacle roof fell in around 6:00am and was still burning at 9:00...it looks like it will be unsalvageable.

After these events I finally made it to bed at 4:30am then got up early to get trained for the new job and will be finishing the night working on my last paper. So ya. Everyone have fun celebrating....I will be done at six tonight.



Craig Scott

Today was  bit of an emotional break down. I went to lunch with my mom and sister that were doing some shopping in Provo today. My mom kept asking how things were and I kept saying fine so I could not have a cray girl moment in the middle of Zupas. By the time I got home I just went straight to my bed and curled up under the blankets. My sweet husband came in and started chatting with me, even his arm around me made the whole day seem better. As we were talking I said, "It is just too much. I can't deal with all of this at once." RRRRIIINNNGGG! Danny's phone goes off and it is an unrecognized number.....

Danny answered it and left the room. I listened closely to see if he sounded happy or disappointed but our concrete walls kept me in the dark. Finally he came back in the room with a big grin on his face. 

We got the apartment! What a relief. What a blessing. Here it is....

Not as cute as the house we are in now but there are some serious upgrades going on in there. The biggest thing of course is free rent but it also comes with two bedrooms, a HUGE living room (the picture only shows 1/3 of it), a dishwasher, a laundry room with washer/dryer, covered parking, air conditioning, a garden out back and Danny's favorite...cable.

It is incredible how in one day the Lord's hand can seem so far away and then in a matter of minutes how close He feels. The chain of events that got us here have been crazy but I am so grateful. It is so much pressure relieved and it came just in time to qualify it as a Christmas Miracle! It will be a lot of work going to school full time, working EFY and managing the Fluer De Lis but we are so excited!


Meredith Grey

So Danny and I have been watching a lot of Grey's Anatomy lately (go ahead...judge me). We saw this episode a few nights ago and it made me laugh. So true. (I couldn't find the exact clip so only watch up to 1:03)

I love my McDreamy....even if he always steals the sheets and always makes me turn off the alarm.


Neil York

 Entering my week in reverse

Saturday/Tomorrow:  I intend on writing my 15 page PLSC research paper and make my power point presentation for English. Saturday is also the official ward Christmas party catered by Magleby's-- holla for married wards with no kids and big budgets. Pray for me.

Friday/Today: Finals are upon us. Goo. I have approximately 24 pages left to write, three finals and one presentation before Christmas break begins. I can do it. I can do it. I think I can do it. As incentive to myself I will watch yesterday's Grey's (can they please just fix Christina already? Pathetic really doesn't suit her) and eat at El Rooster.

Thursday: Thursday was the last day of classes/ professors spending 50 minutes on their soap boxes/nothing useful was said/ I left both classes early out of annoyance. 

But it was also our ward pizza partywhich was delicious Brick Oven.

Also, we finally had our interview about the new apartment/managing position. I didn't feel great about it but Danny the eternal optimist says it went well.*sigh* I guess we will just have to wait and see. At this point I think it just comes down to if our schedule fits what they are looking for or not.
I have not been in to work this week as I have been overwhelmed with homework and other tid bits.

Wednesday: I took Wednesday off for my sweet husbands birthday. That was a good day. In the midst off all the pressure we had a pressure free day. I love that guy.We went and saw the Guardians, yes the movie about owls. We saw the preview awhile ago and really wanted to see it- don;t judge- but unfortunately it was just as lame as everyone else expected it to be. But dinner at Texas Road House was seriously delicious.

Me and Jordyn went to Sammy's since it was the skweez (still not a killer deal but at least it is an excuse to go). I love that joint. But neither of us felt great after.

I had a really mortifying experience at Barnes&Nobles while getting Danny a crossword book/book light. I am still not ready to share this with the blogging world---it was that bad. I'm a real idiot sometimes.

Tuesday: I started my trend of not going to work. I spent the day planning out the end of the semester hour y hour because I don't have time to stress and the only way that can be combated is with a detailed plan of action.

Monday: I don't remember a single thing about this day. (Later) I do remember something, it is the point of this post's title. Duh. Can you see why I am not accomplishing anything, I can't even focus enough to write a blog. Anyway, York is my professor that pretty much destroyed my faith in the American Dream. Me. I feel lost.

Sunday: We went up to Ogden (we do not go up there every weekend thank you very much Mrs.Barfuss) for Danny's birthday celebration. My madre made steak and potatoes in his honor. It was fun having the whole gang there as it is usually hit and miss. We also made gingerbread houses...there will be no pictures posted as me and Danny lost miserably....two year in a row now. Danny got some great gifts but most importantly he got these gorgeous, leather, black church shoes (They are my pride and joy of Black Friday! Started at $85 and I walked away with them for $23). I love the holidays.


W. T. Purkiser

I was going to write a blog about all the complaints I have now that we are entering the final push of the semester, which is always hard. I imagine I have nothing more or less to complain about than the next student at BYU so I started thinking about what else is happening in my life right now. 

What I came up with was this: I am so blessed. 

Danny and I seem to fall in to so many random blessings. We do things each day, we make decisions and we hope for the best but the accumulation of those decisions always seem to put us in the exact place we need to be to receive blessings.Here is the chain of events that led to the awesome things that happened this week:

I chose to be an EFY counselor --> I got hired as a BC --> Jill introduced me to her brother --> I fell in love with the greatest man alive --> I applied to BYU --> I got accepted and hoped for the best --> I got hired  by the EFY office --> I got a sparkly ring--> I got sealed to my best friend --> we got to manage the Riv all summer --> we found an adorable house for the fall--> we got insane grants--> my sister stayed with us--> we looked for a 2 bedroom--> my grandmother was unbelievably generous--> we applied to be apartment managers (which would save over $8,000 by the time we graduate)-->we wait on the Lord to guide us

So now we are waiting to hear back if we got hired for the managing position. We are keeping our fingers crossed we get it but today I realized whether we get it or not the Lord has been guiding my life so specifically the last few years that there will be a better opportunity for us in the future (but I would totally be okay with getting it....). I have been overwhelmed this week by the love and support of my family. I am a worrier and sometimes the future seems completely impossible. 

Today I am deciding that I'm no longer just saying I am thankful for my blessings but acting in faith on them.


Jordyn Canady

It is my dear coworker's birthday today. Since our office makes miniature sized birthday cards that force you to shorten birthday to "b-day", I didn't get a proper chance to say....


Here are 22 reasons that I love Jordyn on her 22nd birthday:

1. She refers to her crazy as "Canady Insanity"
2. She organizes her Facebook friends into Hogwarts houses
3. Her blog is hilarious
4. The greatest act of service you can do for Jord is giving her the scoop of guac of your Rio salad
5. She is the good cop but pretends like I'm not the bad cop out of kindness
6. She includes the Backstreet Boys on 90% of her playlists
7. She uses the word "literally" correctly
8. She introduced me to my (and husband's) very favorite spot in Provo - El Gallo Giro
9. She rushes to get ready for work, even though she hasn't blow dried her hair yet, because I need a ride to class since I couldn't find a parking spot in any Y lot (even though all the "A" spots in the Y lots are completely empty....ya right any professor is walking up those stairs).
10. She doesn't get annoyed when I show her the same pair of shoes off Urban every day for two weeks because I can't decide if I should buy them or not
11. She is not afraid of married people which can be really hard to find in single friends these days
12. She takes the time to crop my face from a FB picture and load it into a "What hair style should you have?" app since I don't have the courage to cut my hair off
13. She does have the courage to cut her hair off
14. She takes me shopping when I go to Colorado so I can have a break from Moose (Danny's monster of a dog)
15. She updates me on good skweez deals since my stupid phone doesn't get them
16. She wears different colors of everything, puts it all together and still looks awesome
17. She is dammit friendly
18. She leaves 7-Peaks on her day off to rescue me from disaster
19. "She smiles too much"
20. She rides a scooter
21. She makes the summer time bearable - through a snowy Riviera, me mixing up the stupid stickers on participant cards, serious housing trauma, complainy FCs, major head aches, crappy lunches (minus Mexi Bowl of course), and mothers that come from Hell - Jord may even make the summers enjoyable.
22. Jord was my only friend in Provo during the crappiest semester of my life and I will never forget her for it.


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