Evan Peterson

Evan is my husband's BFF. We were originally enemies since Evan hated me for "stealing" Danny through marriage. This was not a joking kind of hate where somewhere deep down he was happy for Danny...he was legitimately pissed about Danny leaving. Evan gave a toast at my wedding and I think one of lines was something like, "I guess I like you both". But I think having a little time away from each other this summer (as Evan was in Alaska) gave us new perspective. Since then we have spent a day or two a week at Evan and Brit's (Brit is the one that I always loved hanging out with when Evan was mean). Slowly Evan had become one of my best friends too. He is one of those guys that tries to have a hard outer shell but he is one of the sweetest guys out there. I know he would do anything for me and Danny, and he already does a lot of service for us voluntarily. I didn't know when I married Danny I was getting three people out of it. But really it works out, Danny is the perfect husband and Evan is the perfect handy man. I am always coming up with a project for him and he is always happy to do it. Brit is still the husband I would take to the opera because Evan would show up in tye dye and Danny in a baseball hat.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving Danny, Evan, Brit and I cut down a Christmas tree for the house. We got up early (I brought doughnuts so the men wouldn't be too surly) and headed up Price Canyon to find me and Danny's very first Christmas tree. I was somewhat choosy as I was raised on perfectly fake, perfectly green, perfectly full and perfectly pre-lit trees. But eventually we found it! I love it. It smells so great and Danny looked like a proud papa butting down his first tree.

As we were carrying the tree back to the sube Danny started singing carols at the top of his lungs. I love that boy. But I also thought about how much I loved all my husbands. We are a little family down here in Provo and Brit and Evan are living proof that true friends are always there-- even if you get married.

On a side note: When we cut down the tree even cut off the rest of the stump we didn't take with us. He is a carpentry major and is always looking for good wood. Later that night they came back to the house to have dinner and Evan brought us a little snowman ornament made of the stump from our first Christmas tree. I loved it! How great is that? Now we have an ornament not just from our first Christmas but made out of our first Christmas tree. Yeah....it is pretty great being Elaine.


Harry Potter

So the plan all along was to wait until Thanksgiving break to see the new Harry potter movie. I was busy. Danny was busy. Bessi was busy. All in all, there was just no time to see it and the midnight showing would be incredibly stupid for us to go to since Danny had a big test the next day and I had a paper due.

This is a picture of us at 10:30 on Thursday night. We took this about a half an hour after deciding to go to the midnight showing. We had been playing Wii and having on so much fun and just didn't feel like going to bed so Bessi says "let's go". So we went. We drove 15 minutes to Spanish Fork, bought tickets, waited in line for 45 minutes, got awesome seats, bought lots of caffeine and loved every minute of HP.

What I learned from this experience: I love living with my baby sister again. I love watching her and Danny interact because they are both just so silly (and insanely good at Text Twist). They make my life happy. But I also realized the next day that Danny still did great on his test and I felt good about my paper. It is time to stop stressing out and choosing to live a happy life instead.

School is hard. School is stressful. School takes up way too much time. But school is just school! So here is my Thanksgiving resolution....start having fun again.

So a big thanks to my sweet husband and awesome sister for reminding me to throw my worries to the wind occasionally because I really need to.


Henry Stephen Catts

So. I have moved into the freak out mode of the semester. Between all of my courses I have about 55 pages left to write, two presentations, several interviews, five exams and six books. 
All before Christmas.

So. Today I made a decisions to dream about the future (very far future that is far away from this semester). I made a list of my babies names. I have decided on five kids. Noah, Emma, Henry (kudos to him for having a blog named after him before he is even born), Will and Lilly. 
I hope Danny is okay with that....

But more importantly I looked through pictures of houses and kitchens 
to decide on what my home will look like eventually.
I have made a habit of making Danny the car over so I can take pictures of old houses. 
I love old houses. I love the old house we are living in. 
I think I love them because they have character.


I love these pictures for the wood. How great are these old wood floors? 
And regardless of what my mother tells me I am going to have white cabinets and wood counter tops.
It may not be the wisest decision but I will have them anyway.
I am a sucker for beautiful wood and a pastel palate.

So here is to avoiding homework and begging for the future.


Gregory House

I really enjoy Dr.House because he tells it like it is. So all you very unique, hipsters running around on campus with scarves, messy hair, skinny jeans, black rim glasses and studyingn the Earth/English/Graphic Design LOOK AROUND so. does. everyone. else.

I will no longer listen to you in classes that you think some how relate to the ocean and Obama. I don't want to go to some really awesome underground band this because I like Sara B.even if she is on the radio. Nor do i want to go to Urban to look around and decide not to buy anything because it has gone too "mainstream". You aren't misunderstood. Your life is no big secret. And sadly you are not a free thinker and a nonconformist because the person sitting next to you thinks the exact same thing.

Dr. House and tattoos from Bernard Kolobara on Vimeo.



So a girl (woman/lady/person? I don't know what to call married people with babies that aren't old....) in my Relief Society has a babysitter that is out of town for two weeks thus she needed the RS sisters to help her out. Well today was my day to help and it was a horrible thing for me. Grayson is the most adorable, perfect child. He is about one and has the chubbiest cheeks I have ever seen on a kid.

Seriously, how adorable is he? And on top of that, he never cried, was hilarious to play with and fell right asleep when I wanted him to. How can I not want one of these?! Danny was so cute with him and my heart was melting the whole time. I love how little kids just can't stop staring at D's bright, orange hair.

So ya. I am baby hungry. I know in my mind somewhere that it is a bad idea at the moment....but for now it is all I want for Christmas. Check it out:


Jeff & Carrie

So I am obsessed with Basic Bites it is best, quick-n-easy, trustworthy, cheap recipe blog ever. There are a bunch of different contributors but my favorite recipes always come from Jeff&Carrie. Last night I made this:

Crock Pot Chicken w/ black beans and cream cheese

4-5 boneless chicken breasts
1 (15 1/2 oz) can black beans
1 (15 oz) can corn
1 (15 oz) jar of salsa, any kind
1 (8 oz) package cream cheese

1. Take 4-5 frozen (yes, frozen!) chicken breasts into crock pot
2. Add black beans (drained and rinsed), can of corn, salsa, and cream cheese
3. Keep in crock pot on high for 4-5 hours or until chicken is cooked
(I also seasoned it a little with chili powder, cumin, and garlic powder to give it a little extra kick)
4. After cooked all the way, let stand for 1/2 hour to thicken a little

It was delish. Danny and Jess loved it! Not very surprising that D was a fan (since he will eat eveything) but Jess is harder to please, and she ate all of hers. I just served them in tortillas I had melted cheese on, but Jeff&Carrie serve theirs over rice. To each his own. Either way this was so good and ready for me when I got home from work. Perfect.



Mr.Boogedy is the best Halloween movie ever. At least I thought so when I was five or six. It use to play on the Disney channel and it was a Godfrey family classic, it still seems crazy that no one knows what this movie is. What a deprived childhood everyone outside our family had. My sister bought a black market version (since it was never printed by Disney) this year so we could relive our childhood. It may not be a high quality, award winning film but the parts I did stay awake for were thrilling.

So this Halloween was basically rad. Danny and I has a small party with Britt and Evan on Thursday. We carved pumpkins, watched the Skeleton Key and ate chili.
(Aren't my new girl friends awesome? Seriously, they are my best friends in Provo)
(I'm a prideful being, whatever. My pumpkin was rad! And my husband is adorable)

On Friday we went to the ward Halloween party which we did not dress up for along with our married besties. Yes, we were the only couples that were lame. I was seriously surprised by not only the amount of costumes but the intensity of costumes. There were three couples of Jedi's, a few ninja turtles, and my personal favorite batman and cat woman reversed (The tiny little wife was batman and the not as tiny husband was in a skin tight cat woman costume). It was great company, great cornbread and great chili.

Saturday was the perfect Halloween day. Kate my little cousin tried on several Halloween costumes in order to pick one for trick or treating. I love her. She went with the angel, though the bunny was my personal fav. She hopped around the living room while Danny hunted her with a nurf gun.
Then we ate chili again. I love chili but I am good until next year. Then it was finally time for the big event. The Godfrey Family Spook Ally. It was almost a disaster when the storm hit but Tara saved the day and I must say our house was a hit. It is amazing what sheets, plastic table cloths, strobe lights and a few ridiculous adults can pull off. Some people seem to think Halloween is only for children. But I think that is a sad view on one of the funnest holidays of the year. Halloween isn't for children; its for the people that throw daily expectations and insecurities to the wind for one night and celebrate. Celebrate being a kid again. And I for one, wouldn't miss it.

So Happy Halloween from the very childish, immature, unsophisticated Godfrey children....I hope all you grown ups had fun handing out candy and worrying about retirement. Because I know we had a blast.

William Hazlitt

"Man is the only animal that laughs and weeps, for he is the only animal that is struck with the difference between what things are and what they ought to be." - William Hazlitt

During work I did some quality blog stalking. I stumbled upon a friends, friends, friends sister's friends blog. Seriously. At this point I don't know that is qualifies as "stumbled" because it seems like too much work to be something so casual. Anyway....I found this quote. I love it because it is true..

Interesting things lie ahead. I have been praying for a lot of things lately. A lot of different things that don't apply to me directly, and I'm not sure why they have been on my mind so much. So instead of thinking, I finally took action. So some new things are headed me and Danny's way for they next few weeks....months....who knows? I'm really excited but nervous about it. But I think it is finally time for things to be the way they ought to be and not the way they are.


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