Michelle Catts

It is a new life. A married life. And while marriage is a new adventure, nothing much has changed. I still get up in the morning, work, read a little, talk a lot and spend my day waiting to see Danny. People said it would be amazing how much I would learn about Danny in the first few months of marriage. I would finally open my eyes and see all the little things that bug me about him. So here are the things I have learned thus far:

I am incredibly selfish.
I have never been more comfortable in my own skin.
I am more stubborn than even my mother thought.
I love the temple.
I worry SO MUCH about the future.
I feel like I will never see anything in Europe.
I love school.
I love reading next to someone.
I take work home with me.
I miss Utah State more and more.
I am someone new.

In all of the scheduled, stressed, repetitive, seemingly boring, average, black and white, day to day...I find color. A little color. Something that takes me by surprise and makes me realize it is the big picture that I am painting. One stroke at a time. A new apartment that is slowly becoming a home. A little league baseball team. Camping with our best friends. Reading a new book. The summer coming to an end. Medical school on the horizon. Three months of marriage.

It is a new life. A beautiful life.


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