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This is a very rare occasion as i have made a point to not discuss politics on this blog. But today my anxiety of the future is directly related to the our government. The healthcare bill passed. I am marrying a man that wants to be a doctor. What does this mean for us? Frankly, I'm not sure. The little bit of research I have done while at work...and in class...(no wonder I don't do well in stats)...has given me a few ideas but then the internet is always biased. From articles on both sides and many articles read written by doctors or medical associations this seems to be a very bad thing for me personally. Med school is terribly expensive and generally people do it counting on the fact that doctors get paid well and can pay it back. But with these changes maybe we will be doomed to be in debt until we are fifty, something I have always been terrified of. I was raised by a father that hates debt, was responsible with his money and incredibly blessed by the Lord. Debt is not something that I have known nor did I plan on it. So healthcare.....what does that mean for us? anxiety. Lets all hope it plays out before we graduate so a decision can be made.

I think Glen Beck is hilarious. Yes, even for me sometimes he can get a little too far right and very depressing in his views about the future. But this video I'm attaching I think is legitimate. I don't know enough specifics about the health care bill to have some huge argument about the affects it will have on the future of America, but I do believe that how it got passed says huge things about America today. The fact that the only bipartisanship was found on the opposing side makes me very nervous about this bill. When all of republicans and a portion of democrats are saying no to the bill along with 76% of the people and it still passes...I don't care what your political affiliation is that is something that should make you pause and think about the direction we are headed. And we won't even begin to get into the people that changed their votes under huge amounts of pressure and ridiculous deals that left them morally bankrupt. As i said before, I don;t know the ins and outs of the bill and I'm not discussing if it is a good thing or bad thing or what it will do to America...though I have my views. I just find the way it was passed disgusting.

The One Thing: 3/22


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