Shaun White

The Olympics. Finally! I L-O-V-E the Olympics. I could write a whole post on all the reasons but any one that knows me can probably narrow it down to one reason....America. I love America and the Olympics is one giant opportunity to interact with many other countries, see their flags and spirit, appreciate their athletes, join hands and sing kumbaya.....blah blah blah. The Olympics is one giant opportunity to kick the rest of the worlds butts and show that democracy will always rule. People may judge me for that statement but everyone knows that is why we watch, to get medals in our greedy little hands. What is better than a medal? A gold medal while standing on a podium listening to the nation anthem....I would guess. Other than my American pride here are some things I have loved bout the Vancouver Olympics so far:

Shaun White

Was his first run in the half pipe insane or what?! When they should the still image of him 15 feet about the next highest guy.....ooooooh yes! That is what I'm talking about! Also thank you Shaun for not always making fashion statements by wearing random colors, I appreciate a guy that wears a flag headband and sticks with USA.

The Podium

I love it when we have multiple people up on the podium. I am still waiting for a sweep. I would love to look at all US flags and the anthem....I may cry a little.

The Style

I love the snowboarders outfits this year! It can't believe how many people I have heard hating on it. I mean what is more American than blue jeans? And plaid, yes the more the merrier! In elementary school we sang a song called 'All American All the Way", this may have influenced me as at a young age. Anyway some of the lyrics were "We like mom's apple pie on the 4th of July, we are all American all the way. WE love faded blue jeans...." You heard me. FADED BLUE JEANS! They have been included in American culture since the beginning of my educational career. Thus, I think they are a valid choice in the Olympic apparel.

These are my Olympic ramblings for now. Up next, Ode to America via sugar cookies.


Brittan Jacklin

Brittan is the best friend. It has always been that way. So much of who I am is defined by her. She is a sister. She knows me better than anyone in this world. I really have no words for the love I have for her. We have been through it all together, there is no secret, no event, no memories she doesn't know about. BJ thank you for always being there. Loving me through the awkward stages. For knowing when to say no and when to push me forward. For believing in me always. For understanding. For letting me go. I love you. I love you so much. Happy Birthday!


Robert Browning

I'm engaged. It's crazy to think about, I'm turning 21 on Thursday and I'm finally engaged. I'm in that stage of life I have always waited for. When I was a Miamaid we made lists of qualities we wanted in our future husbands, two of my qualities were "I need him to be able to skip rocks farther than me" and "Jet black hair required". Needless to say the qualities I got in a man are slightly different. What can I say, sometimes things end up so much better than you ever would have guessed for yourself.

Friday night Danny picked me up at the apartment wearing his old FBI hoodie, a tip off that he wasn't proposing that night. A major disappointment since I took a long time to get ready so I would look cute in pictures. The drive home was the usual listening to music, laughing and ranting. We pulled into my driveway and headed inside. On the door a poem was posted (the same poem from my blog on Danny's birthday) followed by instructions to head down to my room. I didn't think I would be surprised but I definitely was. I booked it down to my room where the second poem (by Robert Browning) was sitting on my bed. I read it and turned around and Danny wasn't behind me. I went out to the living room to find him sitting at the piano (in my favorite sweater of his) and then he started playing our song (That's All by Micheal Buble). The ring box was sitting on the piano and Danny's hands were shaking like mad. I admit this is the point I started to get emotional, maybe there were a few tears. When he finished he got down on his knee and quoted a final poem (i carry your heart, e.e.cummings). Then of course asked me to marry him. I, for one of the few times in my life, didn't have anything to say. I barely got out "Of course I will"....poetic I know. All I can say is that I have never been that happy. But again I don't have the words to explain how much I love him or how I have felt everyday when I see my ring and think about our life together, so I will imitate Danny and leave it to Robert Browning.

“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be,
the last of life, for which the first was made.
Our times are in his hand who saith,
'A whole I planned, youth shows but half;
Trust God: See all, nor be afraid!'”


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