Reed Tanner

I just got out of spin class and feel like puking. Seriously, Reed kicked our butts today. The thing I love about spin class is that you are in so much pain you can not possibly think about the troubles or stresses of your own life. My laptop screen is cracked, I lost my camera, my phone is broken, I have a fat speeding ticket to pay, 1000 pages of reading to do, a quiz to take, a paper to write, I missed institute, I didn't go to Colorado, interviews are coming up and I don't live in Provo...start pedaling. Keep your legs pushing, add some weight, increase intensity and magically stop thinking. A solid hour of therapy. Things look better after spin, a new clarity.

Yes, all of my technological deices are broken I'm sure my FB page will get hacked next. But maybe I'm to attached to technology and this is just a way to get me away from bad habits. School can be overwhelming but at least I'm learning a lot and interested in the material, I changed majors for a reason. I hate missing institute but hey I got to talk to my mom one on one for an hour which was just what I needed. I didn't go to Colorado, maybe I will go later maybe I won't but either way I had an wonderful weekend and I needed to be home. What do the interviews matter? I get it or I don't. I will end up where I need to like I always do. I don't live in Provo...I don't really want to and the situation seems to be working out so I will just be happy with it until I have a reason not to be. Yes, I feel like throwing up but I feel a lot better about my life it seems. Thanks Reed.


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