Jill Catts

The Coordinator. The mentor. The friend. She has played many roles for me the past few years and it is amazing how much I have learned from her. This summer particularly being on her BC team, gave me the opportunity to be taught by Jill and pushed by her constatnly. I feel like a completley different person now than I was at the beginning of the summer and a lot of that has to do with the experiences I went through with her. One particular counselor changed us both. The look on Jill's face when I saw her at games night made me ill. We sat in a back room of the Harmon building and suddenly cheer off, polos, and fake life seemed terribly unimportant. I could never had made it through that with out Jills out pouring of love for me and for the others involved. Jill taught me how to lead. She hugely changed the way I teach, and she taught me how to be passionate about what is important to me. We went through hard things together this summer that welded us together but I love her forever for the way she was always a friend at the end of the day. I don't think I have never had so many ridiculous conversations with anyone and felt so validated. Happy text dancing, giggling like eight year old girls and laying on the floor with my legs in the air while being serenaded are fond memories that I am incredibly grateful for. While my EFY experiences with Jill have come to an end the influence she has had on me will linger a while longer. As for the ridiculous obsession that is obvious and almost embarassing at this point...it's justified. She really is that amazing and I really am that grateful for all she has done in my life. Huge love Jill.


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