Lindsay Wilson

Lindsay is the administrator for EFY Provo teams. And this year she put together a little something we like to call Team Algae. A team of 15 young single adults trusted to run eight sessions with over 7,000 youth through out the summer. I went into this summer as one person and came out something totally different. People often ask me if I like my job, and I do love it. They then ask me to describe what it is I do, now looking back I think the best description only needs two words...refiner's fire. I had incredible experiences this summer with the youth, with my counselors and with my team. But I think the most important lesson I learned is that anything is possible with the Lord. So many things I was asked to do I knew I was personally incapable of but I saw, through many small tender mercies, the Lord make them happen. It was the funnest summer of my life. Full of laughter, love, spooning, pictures, single ladies, squat dancing, walkie chatter, coco roos, chama, and polos. I'm forever grateful for the opportunity and I'm sure many blogs to follow will reference my amazing experiences. Team Algae...I love each of you! Thank you for this summer.


Stacy Godfrey

Happy Birthday Mom! Today I dedicate a prestigious spot on the blog to my mother. I wish I had pictures of birthday cakes she has made for us over the years to celebrate. My favorite cake was a clown face decorated with an assortment of my favorite candy. The nose was made of red skittles (my favorite candy) and I remember her cutting out the nose from the middle of the cake before anyone got a piece from a more logical place. I felt so loved, but my mother has an incredible ability to do that for people.

One Sunday my oldest brother, Eric, was reading the funny pages from the newspaper and I asked him for the pages when he was done. He then informed me that I could not in fact read and so the pages would be going to Brian. My other brother who's intellect seemed to qualify for the depth of the comic pages. For some reason I believed my brother and got terribly upset that all this time I thought I had been reading when in reality I had not. My mom saw what was happening and took a different section of the newspaper and asked me to read it to her while she cut up potatoes. I don't remember what I read or what section it was but I remember how much my mom loved listening to me read and how much I loved her for that.

Everything in my home is beautiful. My mom has a way of making everything seem better than it really is. A $10 dress becomes a fashion statement, a old robe becomes the coolest Halloween costume at the elementary school, her sandwich seems to be ten times prettier and more fresh than everyone else's at the table so there is no way we could be satisfied after seeing hers. She makes Christmas magic and the house looks like the ending of Miracle on 34th street. A movie I only enjoy to the fullest when watching it with her.

But mostly I love that my mother loves being a mom. She has always loved us most. She always made us feel like she only wanted to be with us. If we got home from school and couldn't find her in the first 20 seconds we immediately started calling Dad and yelling at the top of our lungs around the house. In my wise old age of 20, I have found new appreciation for her. She is my best friend. I would rather go to lunch and shop around the good sections of Target with my mom than do anything else. She is the woman I have always aimed to be and if one day I am half the mother to my kids and she has been to me then I will be satisfied. So to my mother on her birthday, I love for a million more reasons than are listed here. Happy Birthday!


Thomas Jefferson

I love the Declaration of Independence thus I love Thomas Jefferson. Yes, we could go on to discuss the hypocrisy of his life or the problems with the document but instead I choose to love it in all of its glory and eloquence. I also love the 4th of July, it is rivaled only by Christmas. I got a little intense about America this 4th of July week and my patriotism seemed to irritate others. My work office was decorated with many flags, an over sized Constitution and Declaration surrounding a 5 ft. Statue of Liberty...it was beautiful. Now regardless of how you people feel about America, politics or the president right now that should not affect your love of the founding fathers and the inspiration in the creating of this country. Anyway....I had an amazing 4th of July, I dare say the best so far. It was a gorgeous evening playing at the park, passing the guitar around, a nice walk and great conversation. We watched the Stadium of Fire from a distance then played with sparklers for a hour or so. Sparklers make me feel like I'm 7 years old again out in front of the house when I did't dare to light anything else. I have always loved sparklers most. The night ended with the reading of the Declaration and sprinklers turning on. A perfect 4th.


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