Cassi Doom

Cassi Doom, I have never met her. She is an EFY counselor in Logan that got sick and had to drop thus I got to replace her. It was such a blessing to get to a counselor week, it has been over a year since working with my own youth. It was hard to come into the week late when the girls had just adjusted to their counselor. The first meeting went something like this: "Hey are you Cassie's girls?" "ummm...yeah." "Well Cassie is sick so I'm replacing her for the rest of the week" "........(glances at each other and then at me)...are you serious?" It was awkward to say the least. I had some girls that were a bit of a challenge but we had incredible experience. I was learned so much from them and so much from the Logan team. I have never worked EFY anywhere other than Provo and it was a big change. I missed my team like crazy but I learned a lot in Logan that I hope to incorporate when I get back to Provo. They had such a love among their team and counselors and I loved every minute of it. It also reminded me of how exhausting it is to be a counselor. Always teaching, entertaining the youth, duties and more duties. Not to mention the constant concern for your girls. All in all I love EFY and I loved being a counselor again, loved my cos, loved Logan and especially LOVED my girls!


Mitch Godfrey

When I was a little girl I loved having such dark hair because it was just like my dads. I learned to play the guitar because my dad always played the guitar. I did however avoid imitating his corny puns. Now that I am dating I am constantly comparing all men to my father. That is probably part of why I have yet to use the "M" word in any of my relationships. My whole life has been based on my fathers. To disappoint my dad is one of my worst fears and the moments I make him proud are some of the very best. So to my dad: I love you. I'm so proud to have such an incredible man in my life that makes me better and makes me feel stronger. Your example has been an overwhelming influence through out my life. I built off your testimony and your guidance has helped me become what I am today. Happy Fathers Day from a daughter that is forever grateful for your unconditional love.


Michelle Lee Godfrey

So I turned twenty this February. I don't particularly like it. I feel like I should be older. My Nana has told me for years that I'm an old soul. No one else seems to agree. Age doesn't seem to be a very good indicator about people. I have gone to Utah State for the past two years. I love it, minus Spring semester that never seems to end and never stops freezing over. I love the drive through the canyon, few things are as enjoyable as driving alone with music blaring up Sardine Canyon especially in the Fall. Maybe the only thing I enjoy more than the Fall is America. I tend to fall on the side of obsessive about things I love. It is a real toss up if I love Election Day or the 4th of July more. Either way my children will grow up with a healthy amount of patriotism. I think my patriotism roots from two places. First, the fact that Mr.Stewart made our elementary school sing "I'm Proud to be an American" every morning and though we complained I secretly loved it and still get chills when I sing it. Secondly, it could root from Pocahontas. I loved that movie, and I still watch it more than I will admit. But that may be why I am particularly obsessed with the colonial period. Pocahontas poses the questions "How loud are the drums of war?" and the melting pot of America began. (We will ignore the reality of Native American history for the sake of the blog.) Anyway this is the beginnings of my ramblings about my life and about the people I obsess over in my life...maybe even you.


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